• new vegan-friendly convenience store opens in hollywood!

    January 25th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, locali

    the newest addition to los angeles’ rapidly growing vegan scene, locali conscious convenience, is a one stop shop on franklin avenue for all your animal-free needs. the small store puts an emphasis on health-conscious and eco-friendly items, and sells loads of vegan ready-to-eat meals, faux meats, and frozen products. locali’s selection is also awesome because it consists of really unique and organic products from several local and sustainable suppliers…stuff you won’t always get at, say, whole foods. seriously, this place is too good to be true, and exactly what this city needed.


    on thursday, locali opened with a soft-launch and started selling all their vegan goodies along with fresh bakery items and hearty soups. by next week, they will be launching a full deli with sandwiches and salads, some of which will hopefully be vegan.

    here are just a few of the things that caught my eye at locali today, stuff you can’t find anywhere else (that i’m aware of) in los angeles.

    taste of life ready-to-eat meals. that’s right, our favorite vegan soul food restaurant has tons of little items packaged up on the shelf at locali. i’ve seen their stuff before at other health food stores, but locali definitely has the best selection. there was even a taste of life hoagie on sale that looked delicious. vegan hoagies?!?! what will taste of life think of next? i can’t even keep track of their menu…!

    sheese vegan cheese. you may remember sheese from our vegan pizza challenge…it’s a very hard to find vegan cheese that comes all the way from scotland. i’ve never seen it for sale in los angeles, and locali offers it in several different flavors.

    tons of goods from the sensitive baker, la’s only gluten-free bakery. locali carries a large assortment of bagels, breads and muffins at the counter…plus vegan pizzas, bread sticks and cookie dough in the freezer for you to take home and bake yourself.

    vegan condoms. yes, for all you party people, vegan condoms. i didn’t get any, so you will have to try them out and let me know how they hold up. here’s a pic i snapped with my iphone…it may be a little blurry because i was giggling too much to steady it.

    do it for the animals.

    do it for the animals.

    those are just a few of the really special things locali has to offer. they also your typical items like tofurky, soy bleu feta, and  tons of other ready-to-eat meals from local vegan restaurants (including some mouth-watering ethiopian wraps from rahel’s). it’s quite incredible.

    in addition to being all around awesome and having enough vegan products to make me want to eat there all day, locali has some the sweetest, friendliest staff around. the minute we walked in, they greeted us with a complimentary re-usable bag and thanked us for visiting. the dude behind the counter was able to answer all our questions about vegan products, and even offered us samples and a free bagel. and the cool thing is, they had no idea i was going to blog about them or anything, they were just plain nice for no reason. they really care about customer satisfaction and make you feel welcome in their wonderful little store.

    so that’s it, locali conscious convenience is definitely worth a visit if you are a vegan who cares about the environment. it’s a great addition to our little vegan community here in los angeles, and i think they’re doing a super job. i wish them much success—in a world of 711’s and circle k’s, locali is a breath of fresh, clean, unpolluted air.

    locali conscious convenience
    5825 franklin avenue
    los angeles ca 90028

    open 7 days a week
    7am – 11pm

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  • No WAY! That is right by my old apartment!!!

  • Ahh! I spend a lot of time over in that area. This sounds so much better than spending $7 on a Nature’s Express wrap at Real Live Raw.

  • Whoa! I’d never heard of this place and now I’m very excited to go check it out. I wish I’d known yesterday when I was sort of in the area. Follow Your Heart also sells ready-to-eat Taste of Life products, but you’re right…I’ve never seen Sheese locally (I’m also not really a Sheese fan, but maybe I’ll give it another try). What a great addition to our vegan community!

  • P.S. I’ve been to the Sensitive Baker and they’re very nice there.

  • They just let me sample the Sheese smoked gouda flavor. I am floored! Smoked gouda is one of the few things I ache with longing for as a vegan. This version is so good… my days of missing it are over. Now that I’ve had the Sheese it blows all the other vegan cheeses I’ve tried so far out of the water.

    Locali is awesome, and you can tell they are just going to get even better as they settle in. Wish I lived closer (I used to live a block away), I’d be there every day!

  • Oooh this is good news! I too used to live a couple blocks away from there (did everyone else move away for the same reason I did–the parking!!!)but I will def stop in the next time I eat at Pimai, one of the best thai restaurants in town. Foodeater has me really excited about this Sheese gouda. I was just wondering why I’d never seen a vegan attempt at gouda while at Whole Foods yesterday.

  • WOAH! No way how did you hear about this? Just random drive by?

  • so I have zero self control and drove there tonight! Such a fun and awesome place! The Ginger Agave Slushie is fantastic! Did you try the vegan Cavi*art? Too much fun in one place!

  • Ooh, awesome! I wish we had something like this in SF.

  • vegan for many years..have only been going to Nature’s Mart on Hillhurst who are not totally vegan. My daughter and I are both allergic to wheat and gluten, also some soy bothers my stomach. Glad to know that we have a new kid on the block.

  • Thanks for the heads up about this place.

    I stopped by earlier tonight, and like you said the staff were super friendly.

    Lot of neat little items.

    They also have a lot of different tamales in their deli area, of which I think 3 are vegan. I tried the fig na-na tamale(vegan) and it was really tasty, more of a sweet treat.

    Looking forward to going back, once they get their deli in full swing.

  • thank you so much for this post! i’m over in that area all the time but wouldn’t have stopped by.

    i got a chocolate muffin and some soy feta. both great (not together).

    they were super nice and very excited that i found them through your blog. they gave me free soup and vegan caviar samples.
    and she said she’d try to twitter every day with the soup specials.

  • “Do it for the animals…” My new catchphrase.

  • BTW, I’ve used the glyde ones before. They’re not too bad; maybe a little thicker than the typical US brands. The fact that they have the “maxi” ones is good if that means they’re bigger size, because the normal ones are a little on the small side.

  • Will! you’re getting me all hot under the collar with that bug condom talk. Cold shower time.

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