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    of all the places i’ve dined in london, pogo cafe is definitely one of my favorites. the small co-operative acts as a hub for activism, a book trader, and one of the city’s few 100% vegan restaurants. there are a couple dining tables in the place as well as comfy couches, computer stations, and coffee tables covered with anti-government literature. all this stuff is really rad, but the best thing about pogo cafe is of course the delicious food. i’m talking really good, cheap vegan fare served in huge portions.

    punk burger: served with cheeze, mayo, rasher, tomato and lettuce in a bun. with potato wedges and a salad. £4.95

    punk burger: served with cheeze, mayo, rasher, tomato and lettuce in a bun. with potato wedges and a salad. £4.95

    when fellow vegan blogger melisser of the urban housewife heard i was going to london, she insisted i visit pogo cafe. after finding it on the map, i was put off by how far away it was (i had to take the tube plus a 45 minute bus ride to get there), and showed up with my husband not expecting much. however when the giant portions of appetizing food arrived, we knew pogo cafe was a winner, and our lunch there ended up being one of the best on our entire trip.

    my husband ordered a punk burger, which was hearty and tasty beyond belief. the thick vegan patty came topped with cheezly, mayo, vegetables, and a meatless “rasher,” or bacon as they call it here in america. he upgraded his burger to the meal option, which means they served it with a huge pile of spicy potato wedges and side of leafy greens. clocking in at under £6, this thing was a deal and an awful lot of food.

    nacho plate: organic corn & sesame tortilla chips, with homemade salsa, guacamole, sour "cream" & melted cheeze. (GF) £3.90

    nacho plate: organic corn & sesame tortilla chips, with homemade salsa, guacamole, sour "cream" & melted cheeze. (GF) £3.90

    i ordered the nacho plate, which was an impressive mound of chips topped with fresh salsa, guacamole, vegan sour cream and melted cheezly. i was so excited when my plate arrived and it was covered in cheezly, one of my favorite vegan cheeses that is almost impossible to come by in the states. it had an amazing rich cheese flavor, and it actually melted. i seriously think this is the best plate of nachos i’ve ever had in my life, and it was only £3.90! how is it that a couple of DIY kids in a tiny kitchen can make me a lunch this amazing, but fully staffed restaurants in fancy facilities can’t turn out something half this good?


    one thing to note about pogo cafe, although it is awesome in almost every way, is that some of the staff can be snobby cunts. you see, my husband is english, and i’m american and we both placed our orders out loud. the minute i placed mine, the dude taking them turned to his fellow co-worker and started bad mouthing americans and barack obama. it’s like he was being intentionally rude and shit talking the (soon to be at that time) president, in hopes to offend me. whatever douche, i don’t care if obama is too conservative for you, i just want some fucking nachos. phew, rant over.

    all rude staff aside (and just one dude was rude, mind you, the rest of the staff were lovely), pogo cafe serves such good food you would be a fool not to eat there when in london. i didn’t get a chance to try their desserts, but i hear they are amazing as well. i can’t wait to return to pogo cafe again, i will definitely stop by there on my next trip across the pond.


    pogo cafe
    76 Clarence Road
    London E5 8HB
    020 8533 1214
    Wed-Sat. 12:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
    Sun. 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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  • Well he’s a fine one to talk … with Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s cabinet members resigning like rats on a sinking ship! Phew, rant over, too.

    So glad to hear the food was good!!!

  • Yeah, these CRAZY fanatical-leftish Brits are insane. I nearly said something to him. Ugly, tall cunt he was too.

  • Aww, Pogo! I miss it. Not shocked about the snotty kid working there though. I hope someday you can have the Knickerbocker Glory, SO good!

  • I went there last year during my study abroad semester in London!!!! I think I went there about 3 times, which was probably because I only discovered it late in the semester. The desserts are DEFINITELY worth trying — especially the cheesecake. I loved it, since it was cheap AND delicious. Did you know that the place is volunteer run? That’s what the tip jar’s actually for (and probably explains the snobbish attitude)

  • Jamestwizzle Jay-Dog

    Every Time I read this post I’m like, Oh, I should eat something here, it looks delicious. OH WAIT I DON’T HAVE A PLANE!

  • I had to leave a comment – albeit it almost 2 years late – to firstly agree that pogo is indeed an awesome place to go to eat, drink and hang out 🙂 but most importantly to reassure you that noone who currently works at pogo would be in anyway snobby and/or rude to customers – you are our lifeforce! we are a notforprofit cooperative run with the sole purpose of providing vegans with delicious (and yet cheap) food and fun times 🙂 I can’t speak for the people who have worked there in the past – but i suspect that if they treated you in anyway badly they didn’t stick around for long – we simply don’t tolerate it!

    Next time you’re in london make sure you come back and say ‘hi’ – we always love to have non-londoners come to visit us. we want to spread the vegan love far and wide!

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