• oh no! fatty’s in eagle rock to close down today?!

    December 31st, 2010quarrygirlfatty's & co, LA restaurants

    nooOOOooOo! could this be true?! eat/drink/see eagle rock reports that today marks fatty & co.’s last day in business.

    we will miss the vegan chartreuse and all the other wonderful food at fatty's!

    we have been fans of fatty’s for quite awhile, and we even named the meatless restaurant as one of our top vegetarian picks in 2009, so we are devastated by this news. the cafe has been scaling back its hours for the past few months though, so i really can’t say we’re too surprised…

    according to eat/drink/see eagle rock on patch.com, the restaurant’s “last supper” will take place tonight on new year’s eve and will include “Stuffed Portobello Steak with Potato Coulis with Cavulo Nero and Carrot ribbons.” i don’t know if they have sold out or not, but if i were you, i’d definitely try to get in.

    the article also mentions that the owners of fatty’s are merely taking a “creative hiatus” and that “throughout the break they will be working on an innovative new concept for Fatty’s ‘triumphant return.'”

    i don’t know what to make of all this. if fatty’s really does close down today (which i think is going to be the case), i hope it comes back bigger and better and as soon as possible. this is a great loss to the los angeles vegan community.


    the fudgey is one of the best desserts known to man. it will be missed.

    PS: for those of you who are curious about that old madeleine bistro rumor, i don’t have any more info on that. i haven’t heard anything else.

    PPS: if you go to fatty’s tonight for new year’s eve, email me pictures and i will post them on the blog!

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