• madeleine bistro in…eagle rock?!

    July 30th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, madeleine bistro

    hey everyone, i’m gonna go ahead and spread a HUGE RUMOR here. it appears as though madeleine bistro is expanding/moving their main restaurant to eagle rock.

    it’s no secret that the vegan fine dining establishment has been looking for a new location for quite some time—the internet is abuzz with rumors that santa monica or hollywood may be madeleine bistro’s new home. well i’m sorry west-siders and tourists, but hipsters can rejoice! …i have it on pretty good authority that madeleine bistro is moving east. as of now, they are in negotiations with an already vegetarian establishment in eagle rock, and hope to move into their space.

    new maddy's?!

    the madeleine bistro takeover may start happening as early as next weekend. stay tuned.

    BTW: if this doesn’t happen, DON’T LOOK AT ME! as i said in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE of this post, THIS IS A RUMOR! believe at your own risk. jeez. if i AM RIGHT, though…you heard it here FIRST, suckaz!


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  • new maddy’s with a huge wine selection?! HMMM!

  • As a resident of Eagle Rock, I’m getting my hopes up! I’ve read your reviews of Madeleine Bistro and would like the opportunity to finally try it now that it would be in walking distance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Still far, but it’s way better than Tarzana.

  • Fatty’s?!?

  • I’m a Pasadena girl, which is next door to ER, so I hope this is true!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • oh i hope this turns out to be true!!!

  • Boooo! Fuck that shit.

  • I hope it’s true. I’ve never gone cause I fuckn hate the valley, especially the traffic trying to get up there. Eagle Rock I can do.
    And of they replace Fattys, good. Had crap experiences both times I’ve gone there.

  • I will quote “Greg C”…..”Boooo! Fuck that shit.”

    And Mary….The Valley has some awesome vegan joints….so stop the hate.

  • i know that location and it is very nice. It would also be a BIG improvement of the current operation. Make it happen universe!

  • Valley haters can bob on my knob ….we’ve got Garden Wok, Lenzini’s, Follow Your Heart, Vegan Plate, Vegetable Delight, Cafe Graikos, Hugo’s, Hugo’s Tacos, and probably some others I’m forgetting….

    …and if this move is true, I’m sure it’s based on a solid business decision, so I can’t cry about it if it benefits Dave and Molly. I’ll still go, of course…just not as much since it’ll be further.

  • Wait, Fatty’s?? I love that place! As much as I’d love to see Madeleine in a new place, I would be really bummed if they were replacing Fatty’s.

  • This is incredible news! Oh oh oh I really hope it’s true, and not just a rumor.

  • Wow – Fatty’s might be closing? Been to both Fatty’s and Madeline many times each – both excellent, but Fatty’s is better! Plus they understand and treat the service of tea much better than Madeline (where it feels like they just grab whatever tea bags are on sale). Curious – can anyone offer specifics on why they don’t like Fatty’s?

    Would be a shame, we’ll go to whatever ends up there – as long as it’s Veg…

  • PlasticOnoMan

    Sweet! Now I won’t be able to afford going to a restaurant that is now a bit closer to me.

  • If this rumor is true, I’m dismayed because it would mean 1) my beloved Madeleine’s would not be as near to me as it is now and 2) Fatty’s would cease to exist, taking its chocolate fondue with it. ๐Ÿ™

  • P.S. Greg C., you forgot Vinh Loi Tofu!

  • I don’t care HOW many vegan places are in the valley, it’s too much of a nightmare to get to, making none of it worth it. #1 reason why I’ve never been to Madeleine Bisto (not money).

  • Fatty’s is way better, the location stinks, though.

  • @Vegyogini – VINH LOI! How could I forget them…I am ashamed….I owe you a bowl of noodles!

    @Gregalor – …it’s a nightmare *for you* …some people act like no one lives in the valley, and anything cool in the valley is just a big fuck you to the rest of the world. Sorry, people live here and we like having places like Madeleine’s near us. That’s L.A….it’s big…and there are lots of cool places all over. You don’t see me crying about Purgatory Pizza being a nightmare to get to (or that it’s right in crazy gang territory) …it is what it is. Valley hate is cliche.

  • @Greg C

    I owe you a bowl of anything…..Screw the Valley hatters….they act like the valley is some crap hole. If they tell me where they live, trust me I can find just as much crap in their town.

    Vinh Loi Tofu!!!…FTW Biatches!!! Kevin kicks ass!!!!

  • I served my time in the valley. Lived in Tarzana/Reseda for a couple years. Glad I’m out, won’t ever live up there again. WeHo 4 evah, it’s clean and nice, and vegan places everywhere, all walkable.

  • We ate at Madeline’s last weekend and asked our server about the limited hours. His response was that they are opening a second location in Eagle Rock and they are focusing all of their time on that. Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Greg C: Vegan Plate — LOLZZZzz

  • AND. the valley is full of people who wish they lived in LA proper. I fucking hate the valley, and most people who live there.

  • Burbank is awesome. Other than that, the valley is a wasteland.

  • skeboo – you and me both, brother (or sister). The valley is one of the worst places on earth. I hate going there, and most valley-dwellers are assholes (or poor, or both).

    Living in the valley is like driving a Lexus: the only reason you would is that you can’t afford a Mercedes.

  • As someone who has lived in the Valley her whole life so far, I can safely say that the Valley sucks.ย 

    The school system is absolutely horrendous, the people are obnoxious and rude, too many ritzy suburban families who think they’re better than everyone else.ย 
    I’m still living at home with my parents to save up money so that I can move out by this time next year.ย 

    Having said that, the only things that make me proud of living here is the Valley being mentioned in Tom Petty songs and knowing that Paul McCartney has seen the shitty streets of Tarzana to dine at Madeleine’s.ย 

    If Madeleine Bistro changes locations, well good for them. I hope they have loyal returning customers, and new ones alike.ย 

  • Santa Clarita is the best valley, and we love everyone.

  • Rachel, I love you.

  • The traffic in the valley is nowhere near as bad as WEHO, Silverlake, Echo park, anywhere else in LA really. It may be a pain to cross the hill from Hollywood sometimes, but the valley’s central location makes it easy to reach any place in LA. Yes, there are some obnoxious people, but spend a few days in echo park/silverlake and douchbaggery will overcome you.
    If you live close to Ventura Blvd you don’t have any of the Hollywood seediness within miles, and there are tons of great restaurants and bars that are vegan or vegan friendly. It’s also sunny all year long, unlike the west side which is buried in fog. You can also buy amazing property with privacy, a guest house and plenty of parking for under a million. And yes, I know it’s friggin hot in the summer, but this year has been amazing, probably only a dozen days above 90 degrees so far.

  • I see Rachel still lives at home, Go live in other cities around the US, come back and remember how great the valley is.
    People who bash the valley are ridiculous. Bullshit snobbery.
    As an LA native, i’ve lived everywhere in the city, and i’m proud to call the valley home. Most valley bashers are transplants from other states who live in a shithole apartment in Hollywood.

  • [dating myself…]

    … Like my mother is like a total space cadet!

  • Oh ya, Dave Grohl said it best.
    “Don’t give me any of your silverlake bullshit, all hail 818! My neighbors are Dr Dre, and Ronnie James Dio.”
    If it’s good enough for the hipsters wet dream band “Nirvana” it’s good enough for the rest of you.

  • @ kevin – drinking again?!

  • I must have missed something. What is the relevance in loving or hating the Valley?

    Might it be interesting to discuss why some vegans are fat and unhealthy and some are very fit and bright? Or might we discuss the obsession with pizza and deep fried foods?

  • Burbank is fine, I don’t really even consider it the valley. Although there’s practically nothing to eat in Burbank. Too bad I work there.

  • Burbank’s vegan food selection sucks other than Z-pizza and Tony’s Darts.

  • Screwdriver, just cause the valley has some places you like to eat at, doesn’t make it suck less.
    The valley still sucks.
    Didn’t realize ppl were gonna get so pissy about it. It’s not like I said “your mom is an ugly whore!” now that’s something to get fussy about.

  • Madeleine Bistro in my opinion is overrated and far from being fine dining. The presentation and bill might suggested that but the food is bland. Millennium and Ravens are California only vegan upscale fine dining and sadly we don’t have one yet in LA.
    I live in valley and I rather drive to M cafe, Real Food Daily, Veggie Grill, Native Foods, Le Pain Quotidien… (non are upscale fine dining) for more flavorful food then waist money on decorated bland food that is over priced.


  • @Nabil – the fact you’d rater drive to veggie grill (where they throw gardein on sysco buns and price it up the ying yang) PROVES you are a valley-dweller. Only somebody stupid enough to prefer veggie grill over madeleine’s woud live in the 818. Stay there, PLEASE, and keep away from the miracle mile where I live.

  • @Spike – exactly. There’s a vegan sushi place in burbank which is pretty cool, but burbank is a shithole. can anybody honestly tell the difference between the streets? they’re all full of 70s dilapidated buildings, strip malls and fucked up fat white people.

  • I’d have to disagree with Nabil, Madeleine Bistro has amazing flavor. Veggie Grill is great too, but it’s junk food.
    Dave’s comment that “proves” Nabil is a valley dweller because he’s stupid enough to live there tells me that Dave lives in a 500 SQ ft apartment on the Miracle Mile and is from Arkansas. Makes about the same sense.

  • I’ve lived in the valley for 20 years, and I ache to be able to afford a move over the hill. I’d love to walk down Santa Monica Blvd., hang out in WeHo and chill in a wine bar in Hollywood – all a short walk from my apartment. I hate the valley, but I can’t afford more than $1100 a month for rent.

  • Funny how the people judging valley peeps as assholes sound like the biggest assholes themselves.

    Meanwhile…saying “The Valley” is just as vague as “L.A.” …it’s quite a large area….every place has its good and bad parts.

    Anyway…I’m gonna go eat at Madeleine’s while the rest of ya are beating up small children or whatever it is that makes you happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I live in a nice apartment, a stone’s throw from Wilshire right behind the E! building. It’s about 1000 sq. ft. and I love living here. There’s a turtle pond close to me, and I can walk to the farmer’s market and any number of vegan restaurants. It’s a pity that Cafe Flourish closed down, but I’d never live anywhere else. My apartment costs $1850 a month, and I’m very happy with that. If I ever fell on hard times, I’d sell blowjobs in weho to afford the price difference between the valley and where I live. No question (and no pun on HARD times!!)

  • @Dave I respect your love for MM, and the lengths you’d go to stay there.
    I live in Sherman Oaks. I can walk to Casa Vega for drinks, or to Hugo’s for great food. I love it, and it doesn’t make me stupid.

  • Dave, you live right behind my office. I get to enjoy the turtle pond and Ethiopian food during the week…and I get to enjoy my house in Sherman Oaks for not much more than you’re paying in rent ….and I don’t have to blow anybody. Win-win! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (…and Spike – HUGO’S, fuuuuck yeaaaaah!!!!)

  • Dave, I will not go in to this living in valley debate, As I see it’s a subject discussion between kids and retarded vegans. If you travel the world, you would realized in general that all of LA sucks and does not matter where you live. I like veggie grill, not because it’s the best food, but it delivers what it sells, better alternative for fast food at good price.
    At least they don’t pretending to be some 5 stars restaurant. I been around and I have the chance to try the best food all around the world, so I don’t need to defend my opinion.
    Quarrygirl, I always fallow your blogs and I have great respect for your reviews, other then Madeleine Bistro. Having some form of connection with the owners, should not influence your opinion on their food. You know well that their food need improvement and their is nothing wrong with pointing that out, so they can work on it. I’m not against them, that is just my personal opinion.

  • “If you travel the world, you would realized in general that all of LA sucks and does not matter where you live.”

    lol That’s true enough!

  • I’ll follow Madeleine’s Bistro anywhere!

  • The valley blows, but the Son ov Seitan has love for Vihn Loi & Garden Wok. I have spoken.

  • Boo!! Move Madeleine’s to Hollywood and keep Fatty’s open where it is!

  • You wanna hurt me?
    Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better.
    I’m an easy target.
    Yeah, you’re right, I talk too much.
    I also listen too much.
    I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you… but I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings.
    Well, you think what you want about me; I’m not changing.
    I like… I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me. ‘Cause I’m the real article.
    What you see is what you get.

  • Noone got my frank zappa reference, boo.

  • I thought that was Moon Unit’s part/song.

  • @The Valley: Del Griffith!

  • I love this rumor!!!

  • Ate there this morning ….two words for you mathafackos:


    Hooooleeeee shit. Dave should open a donut joint while he’s at it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am going to miss having Madeleine’s in Tarzana. I’m a cardiologist, and I’ve had lunch meetings with other physicians and sales representatitves at Madeleine’s. It is right around the corner from one of my hospitals, Tarzana Hospital. It was a convenient place to take my colleagues in medicine to show them that you can have a gourmet meal that is healthy. While I love Garden Wok, Vinh Loi, Juicy Ladies, and Follow Your Heart, I think it’s a huge loss to the Valley to see a fine establishment like Madeleine Bistro move elsewhere. That said, I want only the best for Molly and Dave, and I wish them the best.

  • The good news is that it’s going to be way closer to where I live… the bad news is that it’s going to be way closer to where I live. My taste buds and stomach will rejoice. My wallet will not. Maybe I’d better get a second job… Madelieine Bistro is worth it!

  • If this is really true, I am going to get VERY fat. I will miss Fatty’s though, although with their limited hours, I don’t get there very often. Our customers will be thrilled though! They can come shop at Alternative Outfitters and go to lunch or dinner at Madeleine’s. That is if they have regular hours! I will keep my fingers crossed!!!

  • I live in the northwest valley in the canyon. I love it. I have coyote, owls, raccoons, hawks, and all sorts of other wildlife right in my backyard. I can see the entire valley floor all the way to Universal and see all the way west to Malibu from my back deck. Being in the northwest I deal with no traffic and my Trader Joes and Whole Foods parking lots are humongous and always have a spot for me (a big boon to me as I used to live in Los Feliz – anyone going to the Whole Foods or TJ in either the Fairfax or Silver Lake area could probably attest to how awful those lots are) I have it way better than any of my friends on the westside as far as that goes. Now, about the vegan food – why the hate???? I am happy to find vegan restaurants wherever they are and will try my best to support them. This is L.A.,dude!! Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

  • Oh – and BTW, I specifically moved from trendy Los Feliz to the Valley to get my daughter out of the shit hole that is Marshall High School!!! Both my kids got an A+ education in the valley, whereas my daughter’s first year of HS was a waste since most of the teachers were too busy corralling the kids and deal with severe issues. I know there’s a lot of the same issues in the valley, but, unfortunately I found that living in a nice area AND having a good school over the hill was not possible, whereas in the valley it was.

  • Wow this has turned into quite the philosophical discussion about the valley! Every neighborhood in LA has its pros and its cons peeps! But personally, if Madeleine moved to Eagle Rock, Id be there every weekend! Do I need to go eat at Fatty’s really fast before it’s too late?

  • I wouldn’t complain, since I live in Silver Lake.

  • They mentioned that to us as well when we went last week!!! YAY!!!! I’m so excited!!!

  • I hope this rumor is true. I do like the food at Fatty’s but the service is wonky. The woman who owns/runs it is seriously a koo koo bananas. She forgets you made a reservation, tried to defend a waitress who drew in an extra “1” in the tip section to pocket $10 more than I left (and I almost always leave 20%)…just batty. It’s such a great space…let’s hope this is true!

  • Maybe Madeleine would do better if people knew it was there. It’s dark, with a tiny little sign, really easy to miss.
    I know where it is and I pass by it sometimes!
    It’s almost like they’re trying to keep it secret.

  • I can’t afford for them to open in Eagle Rock! But I still wish they would. Any news?!

  • @The Valley: Amazing reference. Amazing.

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