• fatty’s in eagle rock to reopen this week with a new menu!

    September 12th, 2011quarrygirlfatty's & co, LA restaurants

    this is such great news! fatty’s, one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in LA, is officially re-opening thursday evening after a 9 month hiatus. we are so freaking stoked. the restaurant sent us sneak peek of their new menu, which we’ve posted below, and it includes many of our old favorite dishes as well as loads of new vegan options. in fact, fatty’s has shifted its focus from being a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options to having a mostly vegan menu with a few dairy options. how rad is that?!

    if you haven’t been to fatty’s yet, trust me: get over to eagle rock and treat yourself. it’s one of the very few nice/fancy/gourmet/classy joints to get a vegan meal in los angeles, and the food is positively stunning.

    paella: Trumpet, oyster and shitaki mushrooms, wild rice, corn, hearts of palm, heirloom tomatoes, olives and sweet peas with saffron. $18

    official word from fatty’s and a peek at the menu after the jump…

    Fatty’s will be returning starting thursday 9/15/11. The whole staff has returned along with Chef Aude who has designed a new “Vegan menu with Vegetarian options.” Several Fatty’s classics will still be offered. The beer loving staff has put together a new beer menu featuring family owned craft breweries from Germany, Belgium and California. The wine menu focuses on California boutique wineries as usual. We will be serving dinner Wed. through Sunday.

    here’s the first draft of fatty’s new menu:

    and the old classics they’ll be offering:

    i don’t have the dessert menu yet, but i know for a fact that the FUDGEY WILL BE BACK! aaaaaaah! the fudgey alone is reason enough to visit fatty’s! the fudgey is fucking epic.

    fudgey: a two layer chocolate bundt cake with chocolate ganache, toasted coconut and pecan frosting with a creamy center. $8

    fatty’s should be posting the official new menu on their site sometime this week, so look out for it. call and make your reservation for thursday or this weekend asap. let’s celebrate the return of fatty’s by eating the hell outta their new menu.

    fatty’s & co
    1627 Colorado Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90041
    (323) 254-8804

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Okay that dessert looks amazing

  • YAY! I love Fatty’s and am so glad they’re reopening!

  • I love you Fattys!!! Welcome back and I look forward to spending my money at your fine establishment very soon!! 🙂

  • The paella looks sooo good – nom nom. Reminds me that I haven’t had lunch yet. Why oh why do I not live in LA? 😮

  • What’s a guy got to do to get some VEGAN ravioli in more than one restaurant in town? 🙁

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ I’d second that.
    Good cruelty-free versions of vegetarian pasta dishes (ravioli, tortellini, fettuccine etc) are up there with non-animal Cheetos for me as far as vegan requests go. Dear universe, please make this happen soon tyvm:p

  • I never made it there before they closed and can’t wait to try it. I like that they have more vegan options than before. YAY!

  • Oh man, I love that freaking Fudgey!! I hope Fatty’s reopens with bigger portion sizes and/or reduced prices. The times I have been there the portions were so small it’s like they were out of an SNL skit. It’s very strange since the Fudgey is the size of a child’s head!

  • We live very close to Fatty’s…

    My wife and I drove by the other day and saw people in there – we said “hmmmm, I thought it closed. I guess not. We’ll have to give it another try.”

    We went there MANY times. Then got tired of it and it fell off of our radar even though it’s soooo close.

    Thanks for the update regarding the new menu options. We will definitely go there soon.

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