• new vegan restuarant coming to highland park! preview this weekend!

    June 8th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, plant food for people

    hell yes, northeast LA!!! an all vegan drive-thru fast food joint called plant food for people has plans to open up in highland park, and on saturday they’re doing a special debut/preview of their jackfruit street tacos on york blvd.

    vegan jackfruit tacos. get 'em on saturday!

    DID YOU HEAR ME?! there is going to be an ALL VEGAN DRIVE-THRU in los angeles. i’m kinda MAJORLY freaking out with excitement. i never thought i’d see the day. what year is this? am i still alive? plant food for people already supplies their neighbor (and QG favorite) figueroa produce with vegan deli sausages, but apparently they decided to turn the awesomeness up to 11. details about their debut after the jump…

    VEGANS, show up on saturday and eat the hell out of some jackfruit tacos. we just lost our home team jackfruit-selling restaurant, so let’s give this newcomer a warm welcome. let’s prove that LA wants jackfruit as a meat substitute! PLUS, plant food for people is walkable from one of our favorite bars in the land, the york. (craftsman on cask, anyone?) i smell an alcoholic afternoon, followed by some tacos. enough of my yappin’, here’s the info:

    debut of plant food for people!
    june 11, 2011!
    street jackfruit tacos!
    4933 York Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
    6pm – ???

    see you guys there. i will be the one with the extra hot sauce.


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  • holy fucking vegan macaroni. this is AMAZING. i will pinch myself and go there saturday.

  • HOLY SHITBALLS THIS IS A FIVE MINUTE DRIVE FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!!! this is going to change my life.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Omg how cool, I’m the laziest girl in the entire world, I love drive-throughs. Can’t wait!!:-)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    If this drive-through happens, it means I can get vegan food in my car while wearing last night’s PJs, huge sunglasses, fuzzy socks, and horrid fake knock-off Ugg Boots. All of which are super comfortable but look absolutely horrendous. But it wouldn’t matter how awful my clothes look as I wouldn’t have to get out of the car to get my vegan fix for the morning. Which would be just terrific. Make way for the girl in the ugly clothes coasting into the drive-through line. [Yes I have no life and I am way too excited about this, hahaha.]

  • joel bartlett

    Pretty fucking exciting!

  • wheew, the google street view of that location is pretty shabby, hope they’ve been working on it for a while!!!

  • Putting this on my ‘must do’ list for my LA visit this August.

  • Seems someone has been eating off of the Seabirds menu and enjoyed the jackfruit tacos, but still a drive thru vegan spot is clutch.

  • This is AWESOME news. That is like a 5 minute bike ride away from me! Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Lex — yeah, you’re right. Wow, super dilapidated. I’m not even sure how they plan to do a drive-thru since they only have one street entrance.

    Beef — Pure Luck originated the jackfruit taco. Seabirds just riffed (some say improved) on it.

    I don’t make it out to that area much, so I’ve never had their Figueroa Produce foods, but I wish them the best. Just wish they were taking over the Pure Luck spot instead. 😛

  • “drive-thru” best be allowing bicycles

  • Just found out that I am moving to Highland Park, it’s an another reason to love my new place.

  • Samosa House had seasoned jackfruit before pureluck

  • Don’t forget about Orean over in Pasadena….still wonderful Vegan drive through stuff there too!!! Wow vegan 2 drive-thrus on the Eastside, we are SOOOOO better than W of the River = >

  • Which one the old ice cream store (zesto) or the Taco treat?.

  • There’s also another great bar that has been around longer than “The York”, and that one is “Johnny’s” you can’t forget that one! Also, there’s another vegan drive-thru in Pasadena, called “Orean”

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    For the people mentioning Orean, I’ve been informed numerous times that the food there is not entirely vegan? Can anyone verify? No idea if they’ve changed since I heard that though.

  • Gauri Radha is right. Orean is not to be trusted. They used to call themselves vegan, and they weren’t. They got busted, so now they just call themselves vegetarian. None of the ice creams, cheeses, or buns are vegan. Oh, or the hot dogs. Don’t trust em.

  • I don’t remember Orean’s claiming to be vegan, but I could have missed that. However, they do claim to be healthy (they’re named Orean’s Health Express) yet they serve predominantly unhealthy food, most of which is processed, fatty, carby. They should just call themselves Orean’s Meatless Express.

    The next time you find yourself on Lake St just zip right past Orean and head a few more blocks up to O Happy Day for some truly healthy vegan cookin.

  • Oreans is NOT all vegan, the cheese has casein, tho the sign says non dairy. He’s working on making his own vegan cheese tho.

    Drove by the HP address this am…sure doesnt look ready to open. There ARE 2 driveways but both to left of building so will be a sharp u turn to get out. And the car repair next door has several old cars parked in their lot…if they r serving tonite, it will be very casual…
    no sign or anything…doesnt look inviting, IMO.

  • If i’m driving to Highland Park, i’ll be going to Cinnamon for fajitas instead. But a vegan drive thru sure is cool.

  • The tacos weren’t bad however I was 10th in line and it took nearly an hour to get my food. Not worth the wait.

  • Wasnt able to go last nite, drove by this am…the place looks pretty funky to me. Are they planning to be open regular hrs or just special occasions to start or what? I would find it hard to believe this location has health code approval yet.

  • Read ur report, ok, I get it now…I didnt read carefully to realize this was just a sneak preview. Nice to hear they’re nice people. I’m NOT a jack fruit fan but down the line I may check out their bean burger.

    Oh & I second Jeffro re going by O HAPPY DAYS on Lake (westside of st, x from Ralphs, N of New York Blvd, just before, ugh, Jack in the Box, who’s red box sign int he sky can be seen from a mile away). Closes at 630 weekdays, 6 on Sat, closed Sun. John who owns it is a sweetie. I’m hooked on his baked yams. He has casseroles & chunky veg soup & stir fry & salad. Great organic produce & nearly all his packaged goods are organic. Bulk bins with grains, herbs, nutritional yeast etc. And the prices are SO reasonable!
    I used to pick up food from him for Dennis Kucinich that he donated, when DK was running for Prez. (John still has DK’s sticker up! 🙂 His food is low fat, low sodium, very basic & hearty. I like supporting this very simple, independant store/restaurant. John has great energy.

  • fucky yea, i go to oh happy days about 3 to 4 times a week. Best after workout food IMO. Nothing like some bomb vegan soooooo foooooo 😛

  • I had the best red burrito last week from there. He also had a corn cake tamale another day with chipotle sauce. I wish there were more homestyle cooking like oh happy days. My go-to restaurant

  • I pledge constant future support for this vegan drive-thru. I promise to be there, purchase in droves, and then sloppily eat all over the front seats of my moving car. Seriously.

  • all you gentrifying hipsters can take your rabbit food and shove it up your ass. go back to the midwest, the westside, silverlake, or whatever vintage store you happened to crawl out of.

  • mars (where are you from), Haters gon’ hate!

    To your health!

  • Ay, pobrecito, this was a middle class white neighborhood for many years prior to it becoming a working class and poor latin- and mexican-american area. Prior to that, it was full immigrants from across the U.S. hustling next to the train lines between LA and Pasadena. Prior to that, it was occupied by aboriginal people – all of whom your punk ass displaced.

    So, why don’t you take your hate and shove it back in your ass? As long as the people starting businesses here and moving here respect the neighborhood and it’s history, what problem do you have with it?

    Sigue le cabron!

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