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  • Tell me they’ll be outside so those of us under 21 can still have some tacos??

  • sorry, I just asked and it’s 21+… 🙁

  • Looks yummy! Could you PLEASE come to Lancaster, ca and find out where the vegan food is LOL
    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE by the way 🙂

  • How many years do you have left? It probably is worth the wait? 🙂

  • i’m sure you can convince someone to smuggle some tacos out to the sidewalk for you.

    kinda surprised they’re cooking inside the bar, though? johnny’s doesn’t have a kitchen, last time i checked. hell, i don’t think their sinks even work.

  • I stopped by last night and the tacos were delicious! The “meat” and the different sauces “estuvieron deliciosos”!!! Thanks again Janese for the amazing food!

  • i stopped by late last night and got a taco, too. was delicious as always. i wish i could get them every day. let’s get these guys a permanent kitchen soon!

  • My boyfriend and I stopped by last night and the tacos were delicious! He’s an omni and thought they were good, but I thought they were fantastic! 😀

    Loved the tomatillo salsa and the spicy vegan mayo!

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