• pure luck to close today?

    June 4th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    that’s the word on the street! for a few weeks now, the staff at pure luck have been telling customers that their last day in business will be june 4th. my advice: get your ass over to pure luck TODAY, because you may not have another chance.


    although the official last day is supposed to be today, i’ve heard some rumblings that there have been escrow dramz and we may be able to squeeze another week or two out of our beloved restaurant. fingers crossed. either way, after today pure luck will be living on borrowed time, so get over there while you can. because once they shut, these are the only potato pals you’ll be seeing:


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  • On my way now. Will be very sad to see this place close.

  • was in there earlier this week and was told the same thing about the escrow. wont stop us from getting there today, though.

  • went there Thursday and it was SWAMPED!! i wonder if now they are regretting closing..

  • I went there last thursday…..I hate to admit it, but there service has gone really downhill the last times I was there. I mean i guess because they know there closing and all, but that doesn’t mean you have to act rude, like why are you hereeee? Thats the impression I got. Not to mention that the food has not even tasted that good. I will never forget my first jackfruit sandwich. But Im looking forward to forgetting my last, there was no taste, and seemed to be not that fresh. Its either them, or after I went to SAGE and tried there food/jackfruit sandwich, no comparison.

    Pleaseee go to Sage, and trust you will not be disappointed. Best vegan restaurant Ive tried so far. Very fresh, not to mention kindkreme for dessert and my girls fav babycakes 🙂

  • they have been rude because of assbags who come in when it’s fucking busy and expect perfect service

    in the words of lady gaga don’t be a fuckhead

  • I think Jake might be one of the bitter servers haha… there’s never a reason to be rude to customers… unless you happen to hate your job and life…I got your back Stephen 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ I hope they eventually re-open elsewhere else. Seems like too many LA vegan places are closing this year.

  • Hmmmm, sounds like your right. Yea dont bring your problems to your job. No matter how much of a bad mood, or in his case, how much of a douche he is on his own time, I at least fake it at work. And why would you get mad when its busy?!! The time goes by faster, and you make more money. I’ve been a server, and happened to love it when it was busy. Oh its busyyy so lets treat the customers like shit. Maybe if they were a little nicer they would get better tips and there restaurant wouldn’t be closing. I’d rather go to SAGE anyways. Honestly, there jackfruit and food in general, blows away Pure Luck, even on bad days. And trust me, the service was never perfect at PL. Keyword-Service

    And anyone who listens to Lady Gaga, should just not even speak.

    Thanks for backing me up, fellow friendly vegan 🙂

  • I tried to hit Pure Luck Saturday night after a show but I guess they closed early. I wish more vegan places opened late. I don’t normally eat dinner until after 12 or so.

  • I stopped going there after quarry girl postings saying it wasn’t all vegan. Did that change?

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