• plant food for people vegan drive-thru preview! YES, it RULES.

    June 11th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, plant food for people

    earlier this week we reported on a new vegan fast food joint coming to highland park called plant food for people. well, we just got back from their unofficial debut/preview and it was incredible. if you are reading this post tonight (saturday 6/11), get over there! not only is the food delicious, but it’s served up with a smile by an extremely friendly team.

    they were scheduled to start serving at 6pm, and when we showed up at 6:03, there was already a line…

    tonight’s menu at plant food for people was simple. “carnitas” jackfruit tacos for 2 bucks a pop with a choice of 2 toppings, plus an optional side of homemade pinto beans for $1.

    we went for 2 tacos (pictured above) with a side of beans. the taco on the left came with pico de gallo and xhot new mexico chile salsa, while the taco on the right was doubled up on salsa (tomatillo and new mexico chile). both were un-freakin-believable. plant food for people has boasted that their tacos are a veganized version of  “real street food on york blvd,” and they exceeded my expectations. the jackfruit was so thinly shredded and perfectly seasoned…plant food for people really took it to a whole new level. i mean, i’m a jackfruit fan in general, but these tacos made me fall in love with it in a whole new way.

    homemade pinto beans. $1

    our side of beans was also stellar. homemade and slow cooked, plus a generous portion for just a buck.

    the whole family was helping out 🙂

    not just the food was amazing at plant food for people, though. the service was exceptional as well. it was a full on family affair with the owner’s cute kids helping out, and lots of smiles all around. even though there was a crowd, the food came out quickly, and the staff made friendly small chat with customers and handed out free stickers.

    spot the rad customer in a herbivore shirt!

    overall, i really can’t say enough nice things about plant food for people. it seems to be run by some genuinely nice folks, the food is drop dead awesome, and it’s coming to an area that is in desperate need of vegan options.

    power to the plant food for people!

    let’s hope they open real soon.

    for more info, stalk them on twitter and on facebook!

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  • I was JUST THERE about an hour ago. I agree that the food is amazing and the people so nice. The dude serving had his whole family there, they were all helping out (the older boy was even collecting money from the customers and shoving it in his pockets!).

    Some of the best food I’d had in this style as they know how to make Jackfruit.

    I also can’t wait for them to open. Thanks, quarrygirl, for turning me on in general, and specifically to this place.

  • Fuck yeah NELA!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा


  • I got there at 7 and the line was longer, but the food came out pretty fast. Can’t wait for this place to open!

  • Ew, I think it looks disgusting. Like big blobs. Hopefully it tasted good!

  • Ew Jocelyn, have you ever seen a taco before? Because that’s what they look like, moron.

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