• daiya vs cheezly! which is better?

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    daiya vs cheezly. cheezly vs daiya. it’s an epic battle, and i don’t know who would win. have you tried both? do you have a favorite?

    daiya pizza on the left, cheezly pizza on the right

    i recently had the chance to eat both a daiya and a cheezly pizza back to back…and choosing between the two would not be an easy task. if only the new teese (which i love) would have been there, my mind would have been blown.

    so which one looks better to you:












    OMG MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t decide!

    i know i went pretty crazy for daiya when it first came out, and daiya definitely stretches better…but i think cheezly has a better flavor and texture. i just can’t make up my mind.

    right now we don’t really have to make this decision in LA, because only daiya is widely available. you can find it at ralphs, whole foods, and loads of restaurants. cheezly though, has to be special ordered from vegan websites. you can’t just walk into the store and buy it. if you haven’t had cheezly, definitely give it a try…it’s worth the shipping costs.

    so who do you think would win?

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  • Gotta say, the cheezly sure looks tastier to me. But, I’ve never had it yet.

  • Cheezly all the way!!

  • I never liked daiya. Cheezly for sure.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Have only tried Daiya, not the other one. Those vegan pizzas both look pretty great though!!

  • In comparison to its precedents, I was pretty impressed the first time I tasted Daiya. I play the middle with it though. I could take or leave it. I never tasted cheezly, judging by the picture, it looks thicker and more fulfilling.

  • I would not refuse either and would eat both…back-to-back. Especially if it could contribute to helping you (or anybody) making a well-educated decision. That is, in fact, how selfless I am.

  • For me, it really depends what you do with it. I prefer Daiya for melting (e.g. pizza) but Cheezly is my favorite vegan cheese to eat straight out of the pack (with or without crackers).

  • well, first of all, what is cheezly and your other new one made from?

  • Where did you get those pizzas from? I want to nom them!

  • Cheezly should be at an American store near you in 2011. Might be late 2011 though…

  • It’s tough – they’re both delicious and they have different strengths. The Daiya has a better texture and stretches when it melts. But I think the Cheezly has a better flavor -it’s rich and complex. Cheezly tastes good when it’s cold, but Daiya does not. In general, I prefer Daiya for pizzas and quesadillas or any situation where you want a melty, stretchy cheese. I prefer the Cheezly when it’s cold and on a salad or on a cracker. (I once tried putting cold Daiya shreds on a cracker and was quite disappointed.)

    So what I mean to say is . . . please don’t make me choose! They’re both yummy! 😉

  • I vote for Daiya simply because I can walk into the grocery store and buy it. I’d love to try Cheezly, though.

  • what kind of cheeezly did you use?? mozzarella?

  • I love Daiya and I have not tried Cheezly. I know one thing for sure, I need Pizza… They both look great!

  • Cheezly is by far my favorite! I’m not a huge daiya fan, it has kind of a weird fake flavor. But the cheezly is awesome, I just wish it was available in the states!

  • I’d love to try Cheezly, but since I can’t buy it locally….Daiya wins! What’s keeping Cheezly from quasi-mainstream stores?

    I love Daiya, and disagree w/ the comments that it doesn’t taste good cold…I’ve had plenty of cold pizza w/ Daiya and it’s still awesome. Still can’t figure out why you go to bat so hard for Teese …zero flavor!

  • I’ve never had Cheezly but it’s got my vote for looking amazing and because Daiya kills my stomach and the texture just isn’t quite right, it gets stuck to the back of my teeth.

    I’d say the best for eating cold is Sheese by far.

  • Can anyone explain why restaurants in Los Angeles, DC, and here in New York have started using Vancouver-based Daiya cheese more and more in the past few months? Pizza Plus in Brooklyn and Damiano’s in LA recently made the switch from Follow Your Heart and my friends and I are pretty disappointed. FYH is LA-based so I really don’t understand what’s going on over there. It seems like environmentalists and locavore crossovers would be into something right there across the county instead of across the Canadian border with the significant carbon penalty that comes with 1300 miles of commercial shipping.

    Not interested in debating flavor or stretchability or whatever, but I would like to know if there is some more insider reason Daiya is taking over, namely at places that were already using a different brand of vegan cheese. It’s not like the meat-eating owners of regular pizza shops are doing personal taste test comparisons, so the switch can’t be strictly about that. And whatever brand one prefers, Daiya isn’t the only vegan cheese that melts, and it wasn’t the first.

    Compassion Over Killing in DC explicitly shills for Daiya in their campaign literature, suggesting a relationship that in any other sphere would be called unethical. A nonprofit performing marketing duties for a private business under the auspices of “grassroots community action?” Kind of weird. I also can’t imagine organizations or even masses of vegan consumers coming out and imploring restaurants to drop their current brand of vegan cheese that the shops have been using for years and with which they’re already familiar — both in using the product and in their existing business relationships. Sales of vegan pizzas have been brisk enough for them to keep ordering the same product for years, so what big incentive do they have to risk a switch?

    Daiya wholesale prices seem to be on par with other vegan cheese products, so it can’t be simple economics. It even costs more on the consumer end at places like Whole Foods in terms of both unit price and weight. Is it something as simple as FYH and others generally not being available in shredded form? Are Daiya’s distributors just a lot more aggressive? Does anyone have any insight into the business side of this thing?

  • I was in Ann Arbor, MI this weekend and they had 3 kinds of Cheezly at the Whole Foods there. They actually had the best selection of Vegan foods I’ve seen in a market and I live in LA. Awesome Seitans and grain products and more. Just FYI.

  • @e. Simple. 1.) It’s a better product 2.) It comes in food service packages.

  • Follow Your Heart food service packs: . Teese food service packs: .

    In terms of being a better product, that makes sense if the restaurant caters to vegetarians and the owner or chefs chooses based on what one vegan cheese out of many tastes best, but not at an old school brick oven Italian pizzeria that makes most of their money selling old fashioned, arugula-less jumbo slices to their mostly meat-eating clientele, e.g. Damiano’s in LA, Duccini’s in DC, and Pizza Plus in Brooklyn. Although the latter probably does have arugula.

  • Of course this doesn’t allow links. Information on Follow Your Heart food service packs are at its online store website /product-p/bulkmozz.htm . Information on Teese food service packs are at the Chicago Soy Dairy website /foodservice/teese_vegan_cheese .

  • If a non vegan place is offering vegan cheese – I think that means they DO care which one is the best and which one will attract the most customers. Daiya melts the best, tastes the best, and is soy free for those who may have soy allergies or just want to avoid soy. I don’t think there’s a grand conspiracy …it’s just a great product.

    Sorry for being incorrect about the food-service.

    Now – I wouldn’t NOT eat a pizza with the other cheeses….I still enjoy FYH’s Pizza night on Fridays, and I just had a pizza at Tomato Joe’s w/ FYH. …but I definitely prefer Daiya and order from pizza places that use it more often than places that don’t.

  • Cheezly kicks Daiya’s ass for sure. It just doesn’t have the same PR skills or mad overexposure, but it should! I couldn’t believe it when I used it on pizza for the first time. It melted in a way that I had completely forgotten that dairy cheese does–modestly spread-out, with oil pooled on top. No other cheese does this. And it re-solidifies in a way that’s similar to dairy cheese. I think the biggest bummer about Daiya is that it only tastes good when it’s REALLY hot and totally melty, which is hard to acheive in a home oven. As it cools it develops a strong undertaste that I don’t really like.

  • It’s because more and more people are moving away from SOY everything, as vegans we get so many soy products, and the fact that it melts well and comes in two flavors, and it’s source is a root vegetable, they got me and many others. And I also would argue with those saying it’s not good cold, in fact i eat it on cold avocado sandwiches often and it’s AMAZINGLY great, even better than when i melt it in this configuration. I’d try the cheezly but since it’s soy i’m not too excited, there have been ok soy cheeses for years, this NON-SOY healthy alternative in Cheddar and Mozzerella WIN.

  • CHEEZLY baby, no contest!

  • just saw that daiya pepper jack is coming in mid-march!!!

  • which one contains Orang-Utan friendly Palm fat/oil?

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