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    March 18th, 2010quarrygirlother, products, vegan cheese

    as i mentioned in my re-cap post of expo west, one of the most exciting companies present at the convention was vbites. already huge in the uk, the company produces some of the best vegan meats and cheeses in the world, and makes everything ranging from deli slices and burgers to fish fingers and frozen dinners. there’s even an entire vbites restaurant in brighton, and it’s pretty much my definition of heaven on earth…so imagine how stoked i was when i heard these amazing products were finally coming to america!!

    animal rights campaigner and owner of vbites, heather mills, was serving up pizzas and spreading excitement about her new products at the booth all weekend.

    the new vbites food i tried at expo west was so fantastic, i decided it needed its very own post. just have a look at what the company has in store for the united states…

    last summer heather acquired redwood foods, the makers of one of our favorite vegan cheeses, cheezly. i am happy to say that she is bringing this amazing product the states, re-branded with the vbites name.

    also making a debut over the weekend were vbites’ new pizza toppings including beef, pepperoni, ham, chicken, and chorizo.

    these products are, without a doubt, the best vegan meat toppings to date. they blow all the fake meat toppings away with their rich flavor and realistic texture. side note: the pizzas at the expo were being served on crust made by none other than LA’s cruzer pizza, and i’m happy to say that heather mentioned she was interested in teaming up with the local restaurant to make a vbite frozen pizza. whoa, i really hope that happens.

    while all the new vbites toppings are excellent, the very best of the best would have to be the chorizo.

    this is quite possibly my favorite fake meat ever, and it really tastes just like spicy pepperoni. i am counting the days until this hits grocery stores in LA, because it seriously brings the vegan pizza experience to a whole new level.

    also debuting at the expo were vbites’ new line of ready meals…

    i tried the chicken madras curry and the beef curry, both of which were phenomenal. ready-made curry is huge across the pond, and i am really hoping the trend takes off over here as well.

    for those who are not down with the soy, vbites is also introducing a completely soy-free cheezly. check it out in it’s snazzy new re-branded packaging:

    i tried this and it tasted just as good as the delicious soy-filled cheezly i know and love.

    other new flavors included smoked cheddar and pepperjack; i cannot believe how many different varieties there are, and they just keep adding more!

    i had a moment to chat with heather while she was serving up pizza to the hungry expo crowd, and she was super nice and enthusiastic about her products. i can’t freaking wait for all this incredible food to be available in LA, and you know i will keep you updated!

    check out vbites’ new usa website.

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  • Hells yeah! That “pepperoni” is seriously the best knock-off I’ve ever eaten. And I like Daiya a lot, but Cheezly I can actually just eat uncooked out of the package. It’s so much tastier. Can’t wait!

  • I was also at the Expo (have not finished reading your other epic post yet), and I agree that VBites was the highlight of the show. Whomever is behind the product formula, branding and marketing is doing a great job.

    I can’t wait until this stuff is available in the US. Say what you want about Heather, but Redwood would be a niche local food producer if it wasn’t for her involvement and resources.

    Also, it’s nice to see some Beatle money being spent rather than hoarded for a change.

  • yeah, im a huge fan of everything vbites. every time i visit london i get the train to brighton and walk all the way to the restaurant just to eat. also, i’ve run into heather twice there, and she is the nicest person you could meet.

    praying for a vbites franchise or chain here in the us.

  • I love how she’s spend’n Paul’s $$$ I approve!

  • I need some of those fish fingers.

  • Vegan pepperoni pizza sounds fantastic!!

  • How did I miss this booth at the Expo?!?! Everything looks amazing!

  • YES!! I really really hope the fish fingers make their way here…I’d be in heaven!!

  • this looks so goood!

  • I want to know more about the fish sticks. SERIOUSLY.

  • VBites was my favorite booth at the show too. I tried a slice with chicken on it and it seriously tasted like…cheese pizza with chicken on it. Not fake or weird or healthy, just straight-up awesome. I can’t wait until their products are available in LA!

  • I might have to forgive Heather for stealing Paul’s money if this is what she’s doing with it. Paul made a new Video w/ Peta – but Peta pisses me off too.

    Every time I mention a vegan diet in a chat forum – someone says I am from Peta and starts in with the people eating tasty animals bit – seriously sick of it.

  • I’ve been to Vbites in Brighton, but I’m afraid the majority of the food in my opinion was not good. However the sandwiches are worth trying as these contain the old Redwood deli meats that Vbites are rebranding. Overall thought the place was not good as the many of the vegan places in LA but for England its ok.

    The cheese is not as good as Daiya in my personal opinion but have not tried the frozen food yet so will reserve my opinion till then.

  • Heather rocks and it’s her money, she didn’t steal it. The food is really fantastic.

  • I LOVE CHEESLY!!!! Daiya is just ok,it melts but Cheesly actually taste like cheese and so many different flavors!I can’t wait until the veggie meats are available in the south.By the way,I am on a campaign to stop using the term FAKE meat and begin using the term Veggie meat.It is meat after all just not flesh meat and who wants to eat something fake.The word meat originally meant food as in Genesis God said to eat “fruits,nuts and grains,this shall be meat for you”

  • WHAT?! Pepperjack?! Soy free? Man, I just picked up some Pepperoni & Red Cheddar over in the UK, but I would have looked for these other items had I known!

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