• Cool for Cats: Barna Pizza by the Slice on World Vegan Pizza Day!


    Ok, so you all know how much I love the Cat Bar here in Barcelona. And by now you also know it is Vegan Pizza Day on Saturday. Well us Europeans couldn’t stand by and let you “expats,” have all the fun, so we’ve nicked the idea… And come up with… WORLD VEGAN PIZZA DAY. Innovative no? And get this. Cat Bar have been beavering away on their pizza dough skills and experimenting with different baking trays and toppings… And guess what? Yup. Cat Bar now has pizza on the menu. The launch will be this Saturday, but as I’m one lucky Monkey I’ve had the chance to give them a go first!

    Now if you remember the Gopal review you might remember the vegan salami we can get here in Barcelona. Well those, combined with Redwood’s Cheezly make a mean pizza I can tell you. Shame you Americans can’t get cheezly now, but then we can’t get Daiya or Teese so tough all round! ;-0

    Spicy pizza with salami, tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheezly. 1.5€ a slice

    Roy (the owner) made this beauty last Friday. And boy was it good. A thin and crispy base, with a spicy tomato sauce, some sweet peppers, onions and a few slices of the Fry’s Deli salami. HEAVEN! The base is really good, holds up to lifting the whole slice so you can take a really good bite, and don’t have to use any implements except your fingers. Ideal for a few slices while supping a bar or two at the bar!

    I love these wooden serving boats! Perfecto! Spicy Pizza by slice 1.5€

    Roy also made a big old thick crust pizza with plain ole cheezly and tomato. Again, this was spot on and hit the nail on the head!

    Nice and chewy. Plain cheezly and tomato thick crust pizza. 1.5€

    Each slice was going for 1.5Euro so is great value. Cat Bar will be serving the new pizzas from about 8pm on Saturday 29th January, 2011.

    Yum in my tum thick crust tomato and cheezly pizza. 1.5E per slice

    Roy has also been trying out some unconventional pizzas, such as tomato, apple and banana. I won’t be going there though! If you are in Barcelona this Saturday pop in to Cat Bar and join in the celebrations. It should be a fun filled night. There will certainly be a lot of vegans around as Lujuria Vegana is also launching his new cake shop that day (again, refer to the Gopal review for a description of his cakes), the local vegan meet up group are going to Pizza Paco to celebrate WVPD, and a local shop (Vegania) is having a free feast up to celebrate launching a new line of foods! Looks like I’ll be busy on Saturday then! Better fully charge my camera up!

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