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    December 2nd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, locali

    vegan reuben at locali

    you are probably aware that there’s a war going on in los angeles right now; an epic battle of vegan reubens. people go nuts over these sandwiches and there’s a constant search to find out which one is THE BEST. so far on this site, we’ve gone over the offerings from flore, cafe flourish, follow your heart and cafe muse, but now i think i‘ve finally found my favorite of them all…the vegan reuben from locali.

    locali’s vegan reuben is tasty for so many reasons, i don’t even know where to start. two thick slices of soft and delicious swirly rye bread are stuffed with daiya cheese, creamy russian dressing, sauerkraut, and mounds of thinly-sliced faux meat. before serving, locali toasts the sandwich so it’s all warm and melty when you eat it…OMFG so good!

    vegan reuben: marinated deli slices topped with daiya cheese, sauerkraut & smothered with homemade vegan russian dressing. $9.75

    vegan reuben: marinated deli slices topped with daiya cheese, sauerkraut & smothered with homemade vegan russian dressing. $9.75

    i love this reuben because it’s filled with pink deli slices that do a really great job at emulating corned beef. this is the kind of vegan sandwich i would feed to an omnivore to really knock their socks off. locali doesn’t skimp on the ingredients either—they use daiya, which is the best vegan cheese you can get in LA, and also an ample amount of dressing so the sandwich isn’t dry at all. they put so much faux meat and cheese in this thing, i was completely stuffed after eating just half of it. just be sure to specify that you want your reuben made vegan, because i think the default one is vegetarian.

    vegan reuben at locali

    sorry other reubens, as of now this one is my favorite.

    5825 Franklin Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90028-5609
    (323) 466-1360

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  • I’ve never seen a reuben look so, well, reuben-y. It makes the Angelica Kitchen version even more laughable.

    P.S. Daiya makes everything better.

  • damnit! After seeing that picture I MUST have a Reuben for lunch!!! The salad on the other posting bored me but THIS looks GOOD!!!

  • I must say, I have had most of the vegan reubens you mentioned and this definitely looks like the best.

  • It’s about time you wrote about this one! I agree, handsdown winner.

  • Whoa. What kind of fake meat is that? I need that!

  • I ordered this from Locali last week, and I think I can agree it beats Follow Your Heart, my old favorite.

    Like Matt, I’d really love to know what fake meat they use because it is so good. The menu says tofu slices, but I think that’s a mistake.

  • It is a bit thin for a Reuben but I will give it a try.

  • that sammmmich looks sexy!
    i think i want to roll around in a room full of them.

  • Yeah, the Locali reuben really is the best in LA. They just go above and beyond with the amount of ingredients, and Daiya makes a huge difference. If only Follow Your Heart were not married to using their own horrible cheese they could do a much better job.

    Rock on Locali!

  • i hearby declare this sandwich to be the best reuben in LA! it is the king of kings!! the future destroyer of my waistline!

    my kombucha made me a little drunk. weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Now THAT is a Reuben…and I want it NOW!

  • peeps who are asking, the faux meat is tofurky slices that have been marinated!

  • whoa that looks good.

    i sampled some quiche at locali about a month ago…damn it was good.

  • i don’t usually comment, but i actually got this today and it was uhhmayzing. i had never even been to locali b4 and didn’t know they served actual food. just great.

  • Besides great treats! The staff at Locali are very helpful and friendly! WOW, what a concept.

  • *drool*

  • Why does LA have 6 places to get a vegan Reuben and there’s not ONE in NYC??? WTF do we pay these rents for????

  • DUDE, that kinda looks like the Radical Reuben filling. The recipe is online, I wonder…

  • now THAT is a sandwich. will go there asap! thanks for finally declaring a favorite because i was waiting on it haha!

    i just posted about a sanwich too, check it out!
    <3 u quarrygirl!

  • I never would have thought to marinade tofurkey. I know what I’m doing this weekend.

  • Just had the Vegan Reuben at Locali with my girl last night. OMFG! It was AMAZING!!!! If QuarryGirl has a “Must Visit Vegan List” in the future, this place needs to be placed on the list!!!

  • Thanks to Locali’s Groupon, the boyfriend and I tried their Reuben sandwich on NYE.


    Best. Reuben. Ever.

    The boyfriend is still loyal to Cafe Flourish’s Reuben, but he agreed that Locali’s Reuben is pretty good.

  • My girlfriend and I ate here today. I got the Reuben and all of the reviews have been spot-on! This thing was massive in size and flavor. It was seriously amazing! My girlfriend got the Little Italy sandwich (tempeh meatball sandwich with Daiya and marinara), which was delicious as well. We spoke with the owner a little bit, who was an awesome guy and gave us a both a generous sample of the ginger slushies. Oh, and we say Jason Behr (of Roswell fame) go in and buy some vegan mac and cheese, so take that for what it’s worth!

  • Ok….Had my first Locali Reuben…..damn, damn, damn….

    I have always liked the FYH Reuben, but this just blows it out of the water. Now the wife and I are arguing because I am dissing the FYH one.

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