• your weekend in vegan food: bake sales and bottomless biscuits & gravy!

    April 30th, 2010quarrygirlnews, other, vegan bakers, vegan events

    hey vegans, clear your calendars for the weekend, because there are a few delicious activities that you should definitely attend.

    here’s your weekend in vegan food….

    first off on saturday, be sure to hit up the ARME bake sale from 11am-5pm. the event is located at 4300 melrose is one block east of heliotrope, so you can dine at pure luck after you get your fill of vegan cupcakes.

    they are gonna have a slew of delicious vegan desserts donated by companies including sprinkles, isabella’s cookie company, mani’s bakery, whole foods, babycakes, sunpower and more! plus hush bakery, an all new vegan bakery from san diego that i’ve been dying to try, will also have treats available. so please go eat a hush cupcake in my honor (that’s one pictured at the top of the post!).

    and of course the proceeds from the sale will go to benefit a great cause, ARME. the non-profit organization strives to end the suffering of animals through rescue and education. please check out their latest powerful documentary, skin trade (directed by shannon keith), if you haven’t seen it already. check out the trailer below, and for more info visit arme’s website and skintradethemovie.com. there is a los angeles screening of the film coming up, so be sure to check it out!

    clear your stomachs out by sunday though, because that will be a day of epic feasting. start off your morning at the meet market’s very special ALL YOU CAN EAT BISCUITS AND GRAVY BRUNCH! yes, yes, yes, it’s true! lately the meet market has been doing benedict brunch buffets, and due to their huge success, they’ve decided to branch out. i think this has the potential to be the best brunch ever. meet market rules, and so do biscuits and gravy….so DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT. it starts at 10am and ends at 2pm, but i advise getting there as early as possible.

    all you can eat biscuits & gravy: artist's impression.

    lastly, be sure to swing by bake me up, which is takes place on sunday from 11am-5pm at locali. there is going to be all kinds of deliciousness there from local vegan bakers who are raising money for paws la and kitten rescue. bake me up held some bake sales last year at locali, and i am still hearing about how awesome they were….so be sure to go scope them out. and while you are there, you can pick up the best vegan reuben in los angeles!

    that’s all, folks! hope you have a tasty weekend.

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  • BISCUITS AND GRAVY? ALL I CAN EAT? Oh god. That’s it. I can die now.

  • I’ve been waiting and waiting for the biscuits and gravy. Now I can die a happy, satisfied, well-fed broke-ass 🙂 Especially since I live within rolling distance of Meet Market – wooooot!

  • how much biscuits with gravy do you think i could eat in, like, 10 minutes? i’m going to guess 300.

  • Haha. Love the drawing!

  • Those are some tantalizing and appetizing cupcake photos. I am now completely in cupcake mode for the rest of the day. Hehe.

  • I didn’t like the idea of a vat of hollendaise sauce, but i do like the idea of all-you-can-eat biscuits and gravy.


    vegan cupcake story is all over the web…cnn, etc.


  • I would like to nominate your cupcake photo for the “Best Cupcake Photo of All Time in The Universe” award! 😀

  • Is that sausage gravy? I told my friend eating gravy isn’t unhealthy, it is just lubricating your veins.I’m sure the stroke was from the fried chicken.

  • I’ll be baking all day tomorrow in preparation for Bake Me Up on Sunday! Come on out and buy some sweets for a good cause!

  • miss anthrope

    @Sunny: i wish i could take credit for that picture! it was sent to me by hush bakery. 🙂

  • Hi – the wish I could be there for the biskits & gravy-a-thon, bua right now I’m in WI so I’ll just have to do some Californis Dreamin’.

    I’ve been a vegan for years, and have finally started to blog with intention, basically because I finally have a camera. Thanks for the great post!

  • Miranda Megill of Flore

    HAHAHAHA!!! Those are the cutest little biscuits ever.. makes me happy to get up before the sun to bake them 🙂

  • Miranda Megill of Flore

    .. and yes! The gravy will contain our very own sausage. I’m so hungry now!

  • I misread the post and went to Meet Market yesterday. Since I’ve bashed their brunches in the past, I have to say Saturday’s combo of pumpkin pancakes, tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, and fresh-cut fruit was delicious!

    Bummed I missed the biscuits/gravy, but I was stoked about the pancakes!

  • Dammit, I missed this! Was it white country gravy? The only vegan gravy and biscuits breakfast I’ve been able to score round here was in the OC and it was sadly swamped in awful, congealed brown gravy. Sorry, I was born in the South and remain a stickler about such things…

  • I baked for the ARME bake sale! Awesome turnout!

  • Well I’ll be… that slider looks damn good!

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