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    November 10th, 2009quarrygirlcafe muse, LA restaurants

    vegan reuben at cafe muse

    as you probably know, there’s a bit of a vegan reuben sandwich craze going around los angeles. a good reuben seems to get everyone all excited, and right now their are several pretty decent ones around town. we’ve talked about the sandwiches from flore, cafe flourish, and follow your heart…and today we bring you one more to add to the list: the vegan reuben from cafe muse.

    the muse reuben is by default vegetarian, so when you order be sure to mention that you want it made vegan. they will fill your sandwich up with delectable “ham,” follow your heart cheese, loads of sauerkraut and gooey thousand island. this makes for a super hearty and satisfying sandwich that will keep you going for the rest of the day. unfortunately, there isn’t a rye bread option at cafe muse, so the sandwich comes on your choice of wheat (pictured above) or pumpernickel.

    vegan reuben: veggie ham served warm with soy mozzarella, thousand island dressing, and sauerkraut. with your choice of side. $8.50

    vegan reuben: veggie ham served warm with soy mozzarella, thousand island dressing, and sauerkraut. with your choice of side. $8.50

    while cafe muse’s reuben may not appear to be as special as some of the others on the list, and i definitely wouldn’t call it the best in town, it’s a damn fine sandwich at a very reasonable price. it clocks in at only $8.50, and that includes a generous side of sweet potato fries. and the sweet potato fries, well they are fucking incredible. they are thin, crispy and flavorful…with just the right amount of grease. the fact that you can get a big old sandwich and a mound of fries for under 9 bucks sounds pretty good to me.

    if you aren’t in the mood for fried stuff, you can also get your sandwich with a side of salad or crispy tortilla chips. pictured below the muse vegan reuben with greens on pumpernickel. while it may not be quite the steal that a large helping of sweet potato fries is, the side salad at cafe muse is awesome. they use dark leafy greens, and also give you a generous amount of tomatoes and cucumbers. pure yum any way you look at it.

    cafe muse vegan reuben on pumpernickle

    so there you have it, the cafe muse reuben is one decent sandwich. it certainly isn’t going to win any awards or anything, but i would order it again and i don’t think you can get a better reuben for under ten bucks!

    cafe muse
    6547 Santa Monica Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90038

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  • i might go get one of these fuckers today!

  • yikes! hope ya like it.

  • I will testify that Cafe Muse’s reuben is pretty damned good. Even better than Cafe Flourish (better sauerkraut-to-creaminess ratio). And while it is good on the pretzel roll (which I love), the pumpernickel is closer to the traditional rye.

  • Little known fact… You can get it on PRETZEL BREAD, which is the bomb. I usually order my Reuben veganized, on pretzel bread, and I ask for the sauce on the side – that way it doesn’t get all mushy on the way home. It. is. AWESOME.

    Trust me on the pretzel bread, guys – it makes all the difference.

  • Friendly suggestion – check out the vegan reuben at Locali…just discovered last week, without question my favorite version of the sandwich in LA. It is incredible.

  • you really have to get all sandwiches on the pretzel bread it makes them all 10,000 times better. this is probably my favorite non-valley vegetarian food place ever. also the vegan chai latte is amazing and they now do endless coffee and iced tea!

  • thanks y’all for the pretzel bread advice. damn, i didn’t even know about it. i will get that next time.

    david, will do!

  • Krissy and Tiffany, I’m with ya on the pretzel bread. I sometimes crave it. But for the reuben I like pumpernickel because it comes closest to rye bread and pairs well with sauerkraut.

    Tiffany, hell yeah. Cafe Muse’s vegan chai latte is the best I’ve ever had. I could swear it has lavender, even though they’ve told me it doesn’t. So freaking good.

  • I did a mini-reuben showdown on a recent trip. I had a vegan reuben at the Cup & Saucer in Portland, OR, which was amaaazing!! I followed that up with a reuben (with special Paul Reuben menu card!) at the Spiral Diner in Dallas, Tx. The PDX reuben won for taste, but the Spiral Diner was still pretty good, and I got to giggle at the PeeWee Herman pic on the table!

  • it would be hard for me to go to cafe muse and not get that buffalo wrap! those pictures look good, though, i may have to try it!

  • i went and had this today.. not overly impressed. considering how awesome the buffalo wrap is I had high expectations. i got it on the pumpernickle with the sweet potato fries (best sweet potato fries period). the bread was good, good kraut, good sauce but the fake ham or whatever they used was bland and spongy. bread is not going to save it.

    i still have yet to try the cafe flourish reuben, or the flore (gross) reuben, or the locali one… so for now the FYH reuben with the cottage tofu is still the local favorite in my book. the paul reubens from Ike’s in SF is still my all time fav.

    yo brit… nice dress

  • The Chicago Diner will always win!

  • So, the wheat bread is vegan? I remember hearing that it isn’t. Does anyone know which breads are vegan and which aren’t?

    I want to run by at lunch soon but am still trying to figure out what is vegan. I don’t get when restaurants offer “vegan” sandwiches but the bread isn’t vegan. Seems to be a common thing, though.

  • wtf may be in the bread? honey?! jeeesus christ!

  • I think foodeater has it in her blog that the bread is not vegan. I need to go back and check.

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