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    March 9th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, locali

    it’s no secret that i love sandwiches, so i was super stoked when i heard that locali was adding two new ones to their already impressive menu. of course i had to get over there asap and try these suckers out. have a look.

    first off, i got locali’s take on the vegan club sandwich…

    locali's #1 vegan fan club: tofurky, tempeh bacon, avocado, arugula, vegan aioli, and mustard on sourdough. $10.95

    the #1 fan club as they call it, comes piled high with tofurky (be sure to tell them you don’t want real meat), tempeh bacon, and argula…all finished off with a good smear of vegan aioli and mustard. this is not your standard club, because it isn’t a double-decker…it’s more of a typical sandwich with ingredients between two slices of bread. what makes this sandwich extra special though, is the large helping of leafy arugula. i am usually not a fan of greens on a sandwich (i’m known to take lettuce off and discard it), but soft and fresh arugula is always amazing. plus, whatever they use for tempeh bacon is really top notch. this truly is a high-quality artisan sandwich, and locali does not skimp on the ingredients. my only complaint is, it’s probably a couple dollars too expensive. nearly 11 bucks for a sandwich with no side seems pretty steep to me—other than that though, it’s perfect.

    next up, i tried locali’s vegan take on the traditional ham and cheese…

    vegan happy hammy sammy: vegan ham, cheddar daiya, and dijon mustard on sourdough. $7.45

    this came with delicious melted daiya cheddar and thick strips of soy ham all grilled up in a warm panini. locali definitely did a great job with this, but whenever i buy any kind of grilled cheese type thing, i always feel as though it’s something i could have made with my sandwich press at home. still though, it was super tasty and if you are a ham and cheese type of person, you should definitely give this a try. when ordering, just be sure to specify you want this made vegan because they also make a version with real cheese.

    so there you have it, new vegan sandwiches at locali! check them out—the club especially, i really think was excellent. and while we are on the subject of locali sandwiches, don’t forget to try their incredible reuben or pick up a taste of life breakfast sandwich from the deli case while you are there.

    5825 Franklin Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90028-5609
    (323) 466-1360


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  • both of those sandwiches kind of look like a rip off :/

  • OMG that club looks sooooo fantastic.

  • $4.95 for a beast of a sandwich at the meet market , im never going anywhere else 🙂

  • a bit over priced but i never mind spending an extra buck or two there. every time i’ve had a sandwich from there it’s literally over flowing with goodness aaaannnd delicious as hell. i agree with the tempeh bacon. **this is the only fake bacon i have ever liked
    (loved)** plus the service and employees are amazing (even on xmas eve). always so friendly and not only happy to serve you but enthusiastic to do so. i’ll pay a couple bucks for the service alone and not have to deal with frowny man @meet market.

  • I gotta say, the last time I was at Locali, I got a vegan BLT and the tempeh bacon was blackened to a tooth shattering crisp. Mucho sad, because it would have been great otherwise.

  • Both sandwiches look so good! I live on salads and sandwiches, so always great to find more options. And I can’t wait till a sandwich place with vegan options opens up over here in Pasadena!!

  • i had the ham and cheese one today. it was good but for the price i wouldve felt better if it came with a side or atleast a big kosher dill pickle or something. its not that big of a sandwich, especially compared to the reuben which i can only eat half of, so i dont mind the price as much.

  • miss anthrope

    @scott: whoa you can only eat half of the reuben? i can’t believe a sandwich has actually defeated you!

  • not that i cant eat the whole thing, its just too greasy to eat in its entirety

  • Yes, looks like a total rip off. $12 with tax and tip for that thing? Firstly, Tofurky is horrendous. Secondly, that is probably about $2.50 worth of food cost. I love how restaurateurs think they can rip people off just because they serve something vegan.

  • *er make that over $13 with tax and tip

  • Locali is doing a great job keeping on top of all things vegan!

  • The Daiya doesn’t look very good in this sandwich. Is it cold?

  • @holly, no the daiya was melted. 🙂

  • Had the Tempeh BLT yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. Perfectly toasted sourdough bread, lovely leafy lettuce, crispy Tempeh Bacon, the perfect amount of mayo, mustard, tomato… and a few slices of avacado. I was TOTALLY stuffed (the sandwich was GI-NORMOUS) The guys working there are really really nice and friendly. Completely worth the price. I’m totally going back.

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