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    January 2nd, 2010quarrygirlfollow your heart, LA restaurants

    UPDATE 1/7/10: ok, so i got an email from the staff at follow your heart saying the wheat bread is VEGAN. they also said the burger bun is the only bread-type-thingy with honey in it. so do with that info what you will!

    UPDATE 1/6/10: i have heard from a couple people that the wheat bread at FYH contains honey (not vegan, duh)! although i have been told twice by servers that it is vegan. since FYH has a sketchy honey policy, i would definitely avoid the wheat bread. be safe and get rye, yo.

    so…since we have declared what appears to be an undefeatable winner in the vegan reuben wars, maybe it’s about time we move on to another sandwich, eh? and what could possibly be better than the vegan club? the traditional double-decker sandwich comes layered with several pieces of turkey meat and vegetables between 3 slices of bread, and is so big that each quarter of it has to be held together with cocktail sticks.

    los angeles, being a great town for vegans and all, has several restaurants that offer animal-free versions of the meaty sandwich. we set out in an effort to try all of them, and first on our list was follow your heart.

    Club Sandwich: The Classic Triple Decker on Toasted Whole Wheat Bread with Turkey-Style Wheatmeat, Vegetarian Bacon Bits, Lettuce, Tomato, Thousand Island Dressing, and Vegenaise. $8.50

    the all vegetarian restaurant in the valley is known for its massive unconquerable sandwiches, and the club is no different. basically two meals in one, it comes with double layers of seitan, wheat bread, green leaves and fresh tomatoes. unlike most clubs this comes with bacon bits instead of sliced bacon, but it’s surprisingly good!

    at $8.50 it’s reasonably priced and too big to eat in one sitting. by default it arrives with a side of carrot chips, but you can upgrade to fries for an extra charge…and you can also add avocado to your club, which i’m totally gonna do next time.

    as with everything at follow your heart, be sure to specify you want your sandwich vegan. while they don’t serve any flesh at this restaurant, if you aren’t careful you may end up vegetarian animal products. i always just tell the staff i am vegan to avoid any slip-ups.

    so there you have it, a damn good sandwich. so far, so good. who will be next to join the club club? wait and see.

    Follow Your Heart
    21825 Sherman Way
    Canoga Park, CA 91303
    (818) 348-3240

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  • I think FYH wheatmeat has honey in it…
    I saw the pre-packaged sandwich in the market and the ingredients for the wheatmeat said honey….and I’m not surprised they wouldn’t mention that to vegans since they use breads with honey as well.
    But, I may be wrong, I never asked because I don’t eat faux meats…it’s something people should check up on though.

  • @rachel: i will check on that! if you are right, that means the reuben isn’t vegan either…and i think all hell will break loose.

  • Don’t worry, there’s no honey. The wheatmeats vegan. I’ve checked 🙂

  • @amanda, whew i was just about to pack up and leave LA!

  • Ever since I discovered the FYH Reuben, I haven’t ordered the Club, but I do recall trying it once many years ago. I used to absolutely love the Club at Real Food Daily; however, I was there for the first time in well over a year last Wednesday and it was bland…they must have changed something in the formulation when they revamped the menu and increased the prices. It was such a disappointment. 🙁 Looking forward to your assessment of all the other vegan clubs in town!

  • @amanda- I’m glad someone has checked 🙂 what I saw must have been some added honey in the pre-packaged sandwich and not the wheatmeat.

  • the rfd club is the best.. ever

  • Get the Flore club!

  • I’ll be interested to see what you think of the M Cafe club sandwich. For some reason, they use about an inch of sliced carrot, which seems to be the most impenetrable substance known to man. Seriously, they should armor tanks with layers of sliced carrot.

  • I LOVE the M Cafe club. To be fair, I haven’t tried any of the other vegan club sandwiches around town, but the M Cafe club is just amazing… crap, now I’m hungry 🙂

  • Mother’s Market has a pretty good club. I don’t know how much of a contender it is in a war situation, but I like it.

  • the one at Mother’s Market and Kitchen in Huntington Beach is hand’s down, the BEST mother fuckin club you will EVER sink your teeth into. Whether you’re vegan or veggie or a meat eater, it’ll make you crave it..it must be all the cute waitresses that serve it to you there that give it that extra umph! 😉 and then if you get it with one of that locations signature vegan shakes( choc brownie,almond amaretto mudslide,ed’s oaxacan armageddon,strawberry shortcake shake to name a few) it makes the meal SO much better.

  • While I fully declare FYH’s Reuben #1 OF ALL TIME, for Clubs, I gotta go with either Real Food Daily or Mani’s Bakery on Fairfax. Mani’s has a hearty pieces of breaded seitan which I prefer to the thin slices of FYH’s. RFD’s is similar to Mani’s…but if I remember correctly it’s a bit smaller.

  • the only thing worth ordering at Real Food Daily is their yummy club besides the nachos and enchiladas

  • I order the club sandwhich all the time and I am not even a member. Mitch Hedberg

  • Kelly – the Lentil Walnut Pate at RFD is awesome. I also like the Yin Yang Salad w/ blackened tempeh.

  • Does the sandwich in the picture have wheat bread? Whenever I order a sandwich at FYH, and I specify that I want it made vegan, they always make it on rye bread because their wheat bread contains honey. Maybe things have changed since I last ordered a sandwich. I, too, questioned the honey in the wheatmeat. Apparently, they use honey in the pre-made sandwiches that are in the refrigerator section, but not in the restaurant.

    I don’t know…I live close to FYH, but have gone there less frequently over the years, as more vegan places have popped up. I have become increasingly annoyed with FYH for remaining vegetarian, when it is so darn easy to be vegan now. ..And they recently inflated their already ridiculous prices.

  • All the bread at FYH has honey/is NOT vegan, beside the rye. I have tried a million vegan clubs and FYH is my favorite. Delish!

  • Have you tried the vegan club sandwich at Mani’s on Fairfax? It’s DELICIOUS!!!!

  • This is still my favorite of all the Clubs I’ve had. Madeleine Bistro’s is fucking awesome, but there’s something about the FYH club that makes me want to drive across the Valley every few weeks. Must be the baco-bits.

    RFD club, seriously. Don’t be bringing that in here. Lame.

  • The ONLY bread at FYH that is NOT vegan are the burger buns. They’re working on changing that but it takes time. The breadsticks that come with the soup are vegan, as are the pizza crusts, rye, sandwich bread, bagels, etc. The buns are the only things with honey. FYI.

  • I haven’t tried any vegan sandwiches at this place yet!! Must go back soon and order them.

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