• January 25th, 2011quarrygirlvegan bakers

    there’s no shortage of vegan cookies here in los angeles, but i can say without a doubt that the oversized chocolate chip treats from mardy’s munchies are some of the best.

    the small neighborhood bakery based out of northeast LA was started about two years ago by montecito heights resident steve rossen, and his partner jana. while they only have one vegan item on the menu at the moment, it’s a damn good one and worth trying out…

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  • January 21st, 2011quarrygirlvegan bakers

    when brody’s bakery in kansas city contacted me and asked if i’d like to receive a shipment of their baked yummies, i was like, “HELL YES.” the all vegan and gluten-free company offers an insane selection of treats: donuts, brownies, cookies, bars, truffles…it’s madness! the online menu is so huge, i couldn’t even begin to decide what to order. i told brody’s i trusted their judgment and to hook me up with something good. …and boy, did they ever!

    i couldn’t even believe it when the massive box arrived, just overflowing with good stuffs. loads of rich, decadent baked goods that all happen to be vegan and gluten-free. WTF? how do they do it?

    Oatmeal Pies: Just like the ones from Little so-and-so, right down to the thick creamy middle, only bigger, better and yummier! 8 for $10

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  • December 8th, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers

    sometimes you want a dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth but not bog you down with loads of fat and sugar. enter tia’s bakery—a company focused on making healthy treats that are agave-sweetened and gluten-free, with plenty of vegan options.

    vegan cookies from tia's bakery

    recently, tia’s bakery hooked me up with a lovely lot of samples…and after being bummed out by some gluten-free food in the past, i was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed their goods. they gave me a box of each of their cookie varieties—peanut butter, almond tea, and oatmeal raisin—all of which were delicious. the almond tea was my favorite, with a very unique and nutty flavor.

    vegan macaroons by tia's bakery

    tia’s also supplied me with a box of vegan macaroons, which were absolutely awesome. these bite-sized balls are like yummy vegan crack rocks made of coconuts, dates, and agave. once i started, i couldn’t stop eating ’em.

    now keep in mind, tia’s bakery does not make insanely decadent desserts, but scrumptious treats that taste great and light at the same time. these are the kind of healthful snacks i could eat a ton of and be satisfied, but never feel guilty. with a low calorie count, and pure simple ingredients that you can not only pronounce, but have used in a sentence, there is no reason not to make them a regular indulgence. i can’t wait to go get more of tia’s goods…especially the almond cookies and macaroons! oh, and they also make VEGAN CAROB TRUFFLES which i haven’t tried but sound so good.

    and for those of you who can’t eat gluten, i can imagine these sweets are a godsend!

    tia’s bakery products are available at wholefoods, santa monica co-opportunity, erewhon, rainbow acres, follow your heart, locali, earth bar and pc greens. yum time.

    vegan desserts from tia's bakery

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  • September 16th, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers


    about a year ago, los angeles was buzzing with the news of amazing vegan twinkies that tasted way better than the real thing. these twinkies were so popular, not only did they get rave reviews from the vegan blogs, but also the non-vegan foodie blogs, as well as the LA times! however these fluffy, delicious, cream-filled vegan twinkies disappeared completely earlier this year when the bakery that made them decided to take a break.

    well now it’s with much excitement that i announce to you, the original LA vegan twinkies are back! that’s right, starting today no whey vegan bakery will be accepting private orders for a short time through their website. if you never got a chance to try these amazing baked goods, now is the time.

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  • July 21st, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers

    there are new vegan treats in town, and they are comin’ straight outta the fakery bakery! the vegan baker whose whoopie pies, cinnamon rolls and peanut butter cups have been making a huge splash among some lucky eaters, has now opened her own bakery and started selling her goods to the public online.



    the fakery’s new website is up and running with a full on menu, ordering info, and absolutely gorgeous photos taken by foodeater of ToLiveAndEatInLA.com! seriously, this stuff is all super drool-worthy. the fakery has everything from cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bars….to whoopie pies, muffins, cheesecakes and breads. and if you feel like putting the fakery bakery up to a challenge, you can email them a special request.

    before the fakery bakery was official, i got the chance to try some of their cookies, cakes, and even pound cake. everything i sampled was absolutely amazing, i am so stoked that these goods will be available to the general public. these are some of the best vegan baked goods i’ve ever tried.

    i will be ordering something from the fakery bakery ASAP and will post a review here for you to read. i am thinking it’s gonna have to be some peanut butter cups. what do y’all think looks the best? here’s the menu.

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  • August 17th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, the vegan spot (closed)

    UPDATE: since this post, the vegan spot has CLOSED. a new vegetarian cafe has taken its place. this is very sad news indeed. there is no more vegan spot…but i will leave the original post up below for those of you who want to reminisce.

    update! since the time of this post, the vegan spot has CLOSED, but these amazing twinkies are available for order from no whey vegan bakery. i highly suggest you get a batch! now, read on…

    well, you may have already read my last post…the one where i ventured into uncharted territory, in search of vegan twinkies. although i struck out the first time, i kept trying and eventually found them. damn, they were so worth it.

    vegan twinkie from the vegan spot

    vegan twinkie from the vegan spot

    you see, jenn shaggy is a fellow vegan blogger, who also bakes professionally for the latest hip vegan eatery to grace my fair city with its presence, the vegan spot. her vegan twinkies and cupcakes are so popular that they are getting tons of yelp buzz and are selling out within days of delivery. i feel lucky to have caught her twinkies when they were available.

    jenn emailed me the same day she dropped off the batch of piping hot treats, and within 12 hours, they were almost totally sold out. i high-tailed it from my job in hollywood, across town, to buy up the remaining pastries. that meant 5 twinkies at 3.50 each, $17 plus tip of vegan sweets on my lunch break. with only a $20 in my wallet, i couldn’t even afford a sandwich. whatever, it was totally worth it. i just hope jenn saw her rightful share of that small fortune.

    the twinkies were chilled when i got them into my car, and i couldn’t resist opening the box and digging into them then and there. oh, so much better than hostess..sweet confectionery bliss. they were crafted perfectly—tiny holes in the sponge cake oozing with frosting.

    the presentation was spot on, identical to the childhood treat…but the taste was above and beyond.

    goowey details after the jump.

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