• the return of LA’s famous vegan twinkies!

    September 16th, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers


    about a year ago, los angeles was buzzing with the news of amazing vegan twinkies that tasted way better than the real thing. these twinkies were so popular, not only did they get rave reviews from the vegan blogs, but also the non-vegan foodie blogs, as well as the LA times! however these fluffy, delicious, cream-filled vegan twinkies disappeared completely earlier this year when the bakery that made them decided to take a break.

    well now it’s with much excitement that i announce to you, the original LA vegan twinkies are back! that’s right, starting today no whey vegan bakery will be accepting private orders for a short time through their website. if you never got a chance to try these amazing baked goods, now is the time.


    and it’s not just normal twinkies no whey specializes in! the bakery offers a whole slew of vegan desserts ranging from cookies and pies to galettes and specialty twinkies including chocolate, red velvet, corn bread & lemon poppyseed! i’ve had the chance to try the red velvet and chocolate flavors, both of which were decadent and amazing.

    being a chocolate lover at heart, the chocolate flavor is by far my favorite. the cake is so moist and filled with the thickest, fudgy-est frosting ever.


    my other all-time favorite dessert from no whey are the pinwheel cookies. the baker behind no whey, jennshaggy, adapted an old family recipe to make these delicious bite-sized cookies that are crunchy, sugary, and buttery all at the same time. yumz.


    so vegans in los angeles, i can’t urge you enough to get some twinkies (and other stuff too) from no whey bakery while they accepting orders. these goods will only be available for a limited time. if you have never eaten a no whey vegan twinkie, you are missing out on one of the great things in life.

    check out the no whey website
    their mouthwatering menu
    and also jennshaggy’s recipe blog!

    now let’s eat some TWINKIES.

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