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    January 21st, 2011quarrygirlvegan bakers

    when brody’s bakery in kansas city contacted me and asked if i’d like to receive a shipment of their baked yummies, i was like, “HELL YES.” the all vegan and gluten-free company offers an insane selection of treats: donuts, brownies, cookies, bars, truffles…it’s madness! the online menu is so huge, i couldn’t even begin to decide what to order. i told brody’s i trusted their judgment and to hook me up with something good. …and boy, did they ever!

    i couldn’t even believe it when the massive box arrived, just overflowing with good stuffs. loads of rich, decadent baked goods that all happen to be vegan and gluten-free. WTF? how do they do it?

    Oatmeal Pies: Just like the ones from Little so-and-so, right down to the thick creamy middle, only bigger, better and yummier! 8 for $10

    we’ll start off with the oatmeal pies (pictured above). soft chewy cookies with creamy frosting in the middle…unbelievable! i couldn’t stop at just one.

    Snack Mix

    next up was the “snack mix”, a huge baggie filled up with nuts, check-style crackers, and pretzels…seasoned with the likes of brown sugar, molasses, and chili peppers. ADDICTIVE. snack mix is not usually my thing, but this stuff was straight up amazing. oh man, i wish i had some more of this right now.

    Carrot Cake Bars: Rich bars of carrot cake topped with a spiced vegan cream cheese frosting. 8 for $10

    then there were carrot cake bars. huge slabs of vegan gluten-free carrot cake smothered in silky cream cheese frosting. i die.

    Brownies: Large, moist and chewy, just like brownies should be! Classic chocolate, chocolate chip, cherry chip, and mint versions available.9 for $9

    next, the huge chocolate chip brownies. these babies were everything a good brownie should be: moist, chewy, and littered with big chunks of chocolate.

    Peanut Blondies: Sweet cakey squares packed with peanuts! 9 for $8

    not to be outdone, the blondies were spectacular as well! big cakey squares filled up with peanuts and chocolate chips. omnomnomnom.

    Donuts: Finally, a gluten-free vegan doughnut that tastes GOOD! Sweet old-fashioned cake doughnuts, made fresh and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. 6 for $7

    and lastly…vegan gluten-free donuts! these tasted JUST LIKE “normal” donuts, people! incredible.

    not only are all the treats from brody’s bakery ridiculously good, but the prices are right as well. i mean, just a little over a buck for each donut,$1 for each brownie, 8 carrot cake bars for ten bucks…these are NOT typical vegan bakery prices. i’ve been to joints that charge $3 per cupcake, and i’ve happily paid it.

    i just can’t say enough nice things about these goodies; you just gotta try them for yourself. next time your sweet tooth is acting up, order a huge box of treats from brody’s and you won’t be sorry! ESPECIALLY if you follow a gluten-free diet…this place is a godsend!

    check out brody’s site for more info.

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  • brody’s is the best! katie olson is like my blog’s best friend now. those oatmeal pies haunt my dreams…each time they disappear i cry. i put them in my freezer to last longer.

  • wow those oatmeal pies are calling my name.. I LOVE a cook oatmeal dessert!

  • Wow, gluten-free vegan carrot cake, blondies and DONUTS! They look and sound almost too good to be true! My partner and I may just have to order some of these, thanks to your fabulous review, QG! : )

  • Oh man! I’m vegan and my 11 year old was just diagnosed with a wheat allergy. We’re struggling to get used to this (I’ve only been a vegan for about 6 weeks!) and those look amazing!! The twinkie-like things are calling my name right now I think… and if my son sees the donuts I know he will want some… Wow. Thanks for the great info!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    This kind of items makes life worth living!!!

  • you should order some, fritz!!! they are SO GOOD!!!! treat yourself! <3

  • So glad they sent you stuff! I can’t wait to try!

  • Always nice to see more gluten-free vegan treats out there! These look great.

  • hell yes! thanks for featuring this website. the picture of that brownie really took made me think that i might be able to go all the way vegan one day. it looks so moist.

  • DUDE! i want to help you eat that shit!!! 😉

  • We received our first order Tuesday and were VERY PLEASED! I love those little donuts, and the Pecan Pie Brownies are also delicious! We’ve already placed a second order, because the donuts and brownies are SO GOOD! Thanks so much for letting us all know about Brody’s, QG! : )

  • Hello, My name is Shelly King

    I am a mother of 2 small children, Noah 7 and Ivey 4. Recently in trying to find an alternative to giving Noah AD/HD medicines, I had him tested for food and chemical allergies. Thinking that he would maybe have only a few allergies. WOW! What was I thinking? I was totally overwhelmed with the results. He has allergies to Egg, Corn, Wheat, Yeast, Soy and Coconut. He was not tested for peanuts or any other nut, except the coconut. The evening we found out about the Corn and Egg, I just didn’t know what we would do. Not thinking that he was listening and taking all of this in. He asked me if he would be able to eat hard boiled eggs anymore? He exclaimed, that just isn’t right, not fair. Then was the big kicker..Mommy, will I be able to eat deviled eggs? When I told him no, he literally started to bawl. I didn’t know what to do or say but, Lord Help me, how do I explain to him and tell him. Then I said to him, Noah, you know all those cook books that mommy has? I bet there is a cook book out there that has recipes in it that we will find that will have things in it that you will be able to eat, don’t worry about it, and we will discuss it with the doctor when the testing is done. So, here we are we have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor, and are in search of new ways to start our eating habits all over again.

    Do you have recipes that could help me?
    Anything that you could help me with as tips, hints, tricks, and/or recipes for a stressed and overwhelmed mom would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your time!
    God Bless!
    Shelly King

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