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    June 30th, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants

    last week i was fortunate to attend an awesome event hosted by LA’s only vegan bakery, babycakes. the party was held on june 24th to officially celebrate their opening, and to introduce a new concept to the public: FROSTING PARTIES!

    from the invitation…

    “These events will be held for Bachelorette, engagement, birthday or graduation parties. (Basically, any adult party you could imagine). People will buy out our bakery space for a night. Included in the total will be baked goods, the use of our employees, access to our frosting and frosting lessons from the best (our counter girls). We will provide champagne and other cocktails to liven up the party a bit! This will be a unique party idea for the entertainment industry, the chic and the innovative citizens of Los Angeles.”

    of course i couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with frosting and drink free booze with other vegan cupcake enthusiasts, so i hit up the party with fellow quarrygirl writer brittany. the event took place just doors away from the downtown LA babycakes bakery, in a really neat huge space with exposed brick walls and a dance floor.

    in the center of the room (and center of attention), was the massive frosting station.

    there were buckets of creamy frosting along with shelves of naked cupcakes just waiting to be topped.

    there were even babycakes employees on hand, dressed in cute retro outfits might i add, in case anyone needed help with their frosting skills.

    brittany frosted a cupcake for us, and it was really awesome.

    our very own cupcake masterpiece

    in addition to the unlimited cupcakes, there were also other tasty sweets on hand such as cake balls…

    cake balls!

    and my favorite treat, the mini cookies!

    mini cookies!

    there were some celebrities from the vegan scene present as well, such as kim barnouin of skinny bitch and healthy bitch daily fame…

    kim barnouin frostin' it up

    and of course babycakes founder erin mckenna!

    erin mckenna chattin' with the crowd

    not to be a party foul, but i also spotted this chick in the crowd:

    before leaving, i was sure to grab a stash of cool babycakes goodies…including a sweet paper hat!

    overall it was a great night, and i hope frosting parties become the new cool way to celebrate in LA. babycakes promised the event would be “special, fun, and charming”…and i must say they delivered on all three of those things. i highly suggest you contact babycakes and arrange a frosting party of your own. right now there are 2 options: you can rent out the bakery space for a flat fee with a similar set up as the party above, or you can have babycakes set up the frosting station at your space.

    drinks, frosting, and music: you can’t go wrong. thanks so much to babycakes for hosting this awesome night.

    oh, and don’t forget to check out the babycakes bakery in downtown LA for vegan treats 7 days per week!

    130 East 6th Street (between S. Main Street and S. Los Angeles Street)
    Telephone: 213.623.5555
    Hours of Operation
    Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-10pm
    Sunday: 10am-6pm
    Monday: 12pm-6pm (or until we sell out!)

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  • serious LOL @ that better be faux, ho! this event looks awesome. i can’t wait to check out babycakes!

  • “cupcake frosting party” what a crock of shit. seriously, the world is falling apart and this is how you vegans spend your time?

  • I was there too! I loved those cake balls. So much fun!

  • You’re speaking my language!!Too bad I missed it.
    It looked fun. I wanted to frost some cupcakes too! and some cookies!
    BabyCakes = Awesomeness

  • Fantastic!! Now I suddenly must have a vegan cupcake with frosting of course 😀

  • i really wish i had more of those cake balls!! CAKE BALLS!

  • lolz at SPUD!… The whole world is falling to shit and no one fucking cares!. Yay to living!..

    However, once you tried Babbycakes frosting the world literally looks better, i know!!

  • Looks like you made up for the cake with this one 🙂 Thank you so much for coming and taking such lovely photographs. I’m just glad you were able to be there!

  • I’m not really a big fan of frosting, I prefer my cakes plain. Vegan cakes tend to be more moist, so they don’t really need it.

    @spud: Oh, wow, I didn’t know they had internet access in Darfur or wherever you’re obviously doing humanitarian aid work. How ever did you find the time to post this?

  • The frosting is the best part there, so I’d just take a mini cookie and pile it with frosting. Just sayin’.

  • @Spud- I’ve never really understood this sentiment. Are you saying that no one should ever have fun, out of guilt for what’s going on in the world? Some of us manage our time in ways that allow us to be activists and volunteers and still, you know, have a laugh now an again…

    It’s not like the combined powers of thousands of vegans REFUSING TO FROST A CUPCAKE will create an energy vortex that will plug the oil spill, dismantle all nuclear weapons, feed everyone on the planet, and melt every lock on every animal cage in the world.

  • LOL, I like the FAux, Ho! Sounds like terrible fun. I want to go to there!

  • Ok, I want to know if they LIMITED the amount of frosting u could put on a cupcake (or a cookie for that matter, Melisser!) Cuz Brittany, u were quite modest on the amount of frosting…that would not have worked for me. I need it PILED HIGH!! More frosting than cake, please! 😉 Gregalor, Ill take urs! PS to Cortney – well said.

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