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    November 5th, 2008quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    what self-respecting, sweets-lovin’ vegan doesn’t go nuts over the thought of VEGAN CUPCAKES!!?? i know i do. and since leda’s bakeshop in los angeles has practically shut down, i’ve been fiending for my next vegan cupcake fix. that’s why when in nyc, i absolutely had to check out manhattan’s famous vegan bakery, babycakes! i sure wasn’t disappointed.

    cookies 'n cream frosted cupcake: $3.95

    cookies 'n cream frosted cupcake: $3.95

    for my cupcake choice, i went with a chocolate cake topped of with cookies ‘n cream frosting. it was out of this world. the cupcake sure wasn’t as pretty or daintily decorated as the ones over at leda’s, but it tasted even better. the frosting was by far the best part, being rich, creamy, and full of little chocolate chunks. the cake was moist and decadent as well…i seriously could have eaten like 5 of these. so friggin’ delicious.

    best frosting ever.

    best frosting ever.

    i happened to be at babycakes on halloween, so they had a selection of ghoulish goodies for sale as well. i decided to buy a variation of the chocolate chip cookie sandwich with orange frosting and the word “BOO” written on it.

    chocolate chip cookie sandwich, halloween style! $4.25

    chocolate chip cookie sandwich, halloween style! $4.25

    the cookie sandwich was even more scrumptious than the cupcake and filled with so much sticky-gooey frosting. i loved every last bite. seriously, i can’t figure out how they get a frosting with no eggs and no dairy to taste so damn rich and creamy.

    the cookies themselves were incredible as well. crunchy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, and littered with almost-melting chocolate morsels. by far the best cookie sandwich i’ve ever had. now if only they sold a version with soy ice cream in the middle. mmmm.

    i can’t wait to get back to nyc and eat at babycakes again and again. rumor has it they are even gonna open one in los angeles, right here in our very own weho! i hope that happens sooner rather than later. i don’t think i can wait.

    everything i tried at babycakes was off the chain and worth raving about. although their treats are pretty expensive, they make up for it with healthier, natural, organic and VEGAN ingredients along with a tastiness that is unmatched. yum. yum. yum.

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  • I can’t wait for babycakes to open in LA! Did you know that Jamaica’s Cakes in west LA makes vegan cakes/cupcakes/cookies/brownies/mousse/some other stuff? They are really good, though they don’t have all the creative flavors that Leda’s and Babycakes have.

  • I’m in so much trouble when they open here… Kristin will have to post my picture on their register with a note saying “DO NOT FEED HIM MORE THAN 1 CUPCAKE PER DAY”

  • ooooh! I was working the day AFTER Halloween. How strange would it have been to know I actually met the writer of a blog I read!!!

  • cam – i have heard about jamaica’s but haven’t checked them out yet. i need to get over therefor some cakes!

    lex – seriously, me too. leda’s wasn’t really a threat because it’s pretty far from my house. but babycakes in weho! that’s so close, i could totally justify going there everyday.

    chelley – DAMN! too bad i missed you! i was back in that area on saturday and was tempted to go back to babycakes again, but decided to save myself for red bamboo. would have been nice to meet you. 😀 i don’t know how you do it, work next to those irresistible cupcakes all day! i’d go crazy!

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  • […] i reviewed the babycakes nyc location awhile back on this blog, so i speak from experience when i say, these cupcakes are FUCKING AWESOME. i got the cookies and cream flavor which was great, along with a creamy cookie and frosting sandwich. babycakes was originally set to open in weho, but tomorrow they are opening in downtown LA. their menu is epic, and they will also be carrying donuts…just what los angeles needs, if you ask me. […]

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