• haiku contest! win a dozen free cupcakes from babycakes!

    May 19th, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants

    UPDATE 5/26/10: we have a winner! the dozen cupcakes go to sampson, congratulations! check out sampson’s winning haiku:

    downtown lights abound
    cupcakes, loaves, and cakes astound
    babycakes is here

    thanks everyone for playing, and a HUGE thanks to babycakes for donating cupcakes! even if you didn’t win, you must go get some of there delicious treats from their downtown LA bakery!

    FREE CUPCAKES! that’s right, it’s time for another giveaway! today’s contest comes courtesy of babycakes in downtown los angeles. our city’s only brick and mortar vegan bakery opened early this year and specializes in delicious organic treats, free of animal products and allergens. if you haven’t had a chance to try babycakes yet, this is a great opportunity.

    this one is gonna be a lot of fun, because instead of just picking a winner at random, we are having a haiku contest! get creative and come up with haiku poem about babycakes, for the chance to win a dozen cupcakes. babycakes founder erin mckenna and i will be judging the poems, and picking a winner within a week.

    here’s exactly what you need to do to win…

    1.) you must write a haiku about babycakes bakery and leave it in the comments section.
    2.) you must leave your real, valid email address when you submit your comment. (the public won’t see this, just me…so i can contact you if you win!)
    3.) you must be in los angeles.

    that’s it! erin and i will pick the winning haiku, to be announced the morning of wednesday may 26th. the winner will receive one dozen free cupcakes from babycakes in the flavor of their choosing, mailed to them in the form of a gift certificate. check out babycakes’ menu for all the flavor options.

    good luck! and even if you don’t win, you should check babycakes out asap. i am madly in love with their frosting.

    130 East 6th Street (between S. Main Street and S. Los Angeles Street)
    Los Angeles, CA 90014
    Telephone: 213.623.5555
    Hours of Operation
    Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-10pm
    Sunday: 10am-6pm
    Monday: 12pm-6pm (or until we sell out!)

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  • I like cupcackes
    They are very nice
    I eat them
    In my face

  • Babycakes I want to try
    Lots of cupcakes I have eaten before
    Will Babycakes be the best?

  • How sad this time is
    my boyfriend broke up with me
    Babycakes helps pain

  • i love haikus! i can’t help but submit more than one..

    loving fresh cupcakes
    that is what matters the most
    make my dream come true

    cupcakes smell so sweet
    vegan and gluten free, yes!
    basking in the sun

    babycakes is fab
    store filled with love and caring
    feel happy and free

  • excellent contest idea! i have to submit a few:

    I waited so long
    just for a lovely desert
    babycakes, you rock!

    Fluffy, sweet, divine
    pillowy cakes of goodness
    my glad mouth waters

    driving to downtown
    traffic is an effing mess
    cupcakes! so worth it

  • want, need, has to have
    babycakes bakery now!
    so satisfying

  • Spelt and agave
    Then add dashes of love, too
    Voila! Babycakes


  • Babycakes is good
    vegan and delightful looking
    would love to try now!

    What a fun contest! Would love to try your cupcakes 🙂

  • Haikus are easy,
    but some dont make sense,
    yummy, babycakes.

    haahahaha thats all i got.

  • A lovely cupcake
    Sweet like spring, free of cruelty
    BabyCakes loves us

  • This gray May morning
    I must go to Babycakes
    and calm my mean reds

  • On my bicycle
    Twenty-four minutes each way
    To babycakes yum

  • the most beautiful
    like summer and love combined
    your sweetness i crave

  • Sad and cupcake-less
    Then Babycakes came to town
    Now L.A. rocks socks

  • Om nom Babycakes
    Veg, cute and delicious too
    Get in my belly

  • a tiny delight,
    this cake is sans animal.

  • Animal Friendly?
    And yummy for me!
    Must be Babycakes!!!

  • I’ve never had babbycakes upcakes; would be epic to try em!

  • Babycakes is here!
    Stuffed cookies, cupcakes, and more.
    Tasty treats await.

  • Right down on 6th Street
    More sweets than the eye can see
    hope spelt ain’t fat’ing

    cause I’m trying EVERYTHING, lmao!!

  • ooops forgot part of my haiku

    Animal Friendly?
    And yummy in my tummy!
    Must be Babycakes

  • Cupcakes,doughnuts,loaves
    BabyCakes its where they’re at
    Saving my behind

  • My goodness I love writing haikus, thanks for this!

    I walk through the door,
    The city buzz-chaos calms;
    Cupcakes promise peace.

    A sigh of relief
    as cupcakes clear the fog in
    my head; enter Bliss.

    This dainty cupcake –
    it deserves to be eaten
    with a dainty fork.

    Each bite I take tells
    a singularity of
    purpose: heal thyself.

  • pleasant rich divine
    tidbit of toothsome delight
    darling cupcakes i love you

  • i have two for this glorious contest!

    dreaming of cupcakes
    slather me in icing, please
    sweet yummy goodness

    i am not vegan
    but cupcakes are my passion
    cupcakes are meat free!

  • pleasure bliss comfort cupcakes
    pleasing to my taste buds, yum
    ecstasy to me

    gems of baked goodies
    indulgence of treasure treats

  • baby cakes, j’adore
    your yummy flavors entice –
    cookie sandwich me

  • exquisite cupcakes
    scrumptious heavenly goodness
    cruelty free treats

    delectable treat
    appetizing delightful
    compassionate snack

    indulge in sweet goods
    tenderheartedness yummies
    luxury nectar


    pleasant rich divine
    tidbit of toothsome delight
    darling cupcakes love

  • pleasure comfort sweets
    pleasing to my taste buds, yum
    ecstasy to me

  • Frosting fingers, yum!
    Heavenly sweets in my mouth
    Cupcakes in my tum


  • BabyCakes, no need
    for your sweet agave smile . . .
    you had me at “spelt.”

    BabyCakes takes the
    cake, the cupcake, the cookie,
    the muffin . . . and me

    BabyCakes, darling,
    you give me a wonderful,
    all-natural high

    BabyCakes, there is
    no alternative to you.
    Heaven in each bite.

    Free of gluten, egg,
    dairy, soy, refined sugar?
    Love you, BabyCakes!


  • cupcakes of heaven
    tiny frosted taste of joy
    babycakes is love.

  • My mind,heart,body,soul….
    All the better with BABYCAKES…
    Can I ask for anything more?

  • Stumptown and cupcakes
    A perfect combination
    Thank you, Babycakes

  • Cupcakes are delicious,
    Cookie sandwiches I crave.
    Pick me, BabyCakes!

  • Do something nice for
    Animals AND your tummy:
    Mm Mm… Babycakes

  • monica melgoza

    oh babycakes
    you make me feel alive
    after working for hours
    no guilt in eating away
    happiness you cause
    so here is to you
    my stomach and I thank you

  • My birthday this May
    With Babycakes treats to share
    Joyful I will be

    My birthday next week
    Babycakes please please pick me
    Vegan cakes I seek

    Yummy, Healthy, Sweet
    Delicious cupcakes free of
    Dairy, egg and wheat

  • Vegans with sweet tooth
    Babycakes will rescue you
    Quarrygirl approves

    Cruelty-free baked goods
    Can be delicious and kind
    Babycakes is proof

  • I know I’ve entered three others, but Babycakes is inspiring! Here are two more…

    Vegans in LA
    Enter Babycakes and think
    “This must be heaven”

    Naysayers are shocked.
    Dairy- and egg-free and great?
    Kneel to Erin, bitch!

  • Spreading love not war
    Sweets that are fun and guilt free
    Thank you, Babycakes

  • bad days get better
    when you have yummy baked goods.
    please cupcake me…stat!

  • Yummy and Vegan
    Animals aren’t harmed in these
    Babycakes we love.

  • Tastey little cakes
    no sugar and no remorse
    make my mouth happy

  • lol! this is awesome. I didn’t write one of my own but I nominate Rachel’s second haiku:

    Fluffy, sweet, divine
    pillowy cakes of goodness
    my glad mouth waters

    (this last line made me smile)

  • I just found out about your bakery and was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you have gluten and wheat free cupcakes and desserts!! My birthday is coming up and I was just assuming I’d had to pass on cake, or live with a stomach ache. But now I can have my cake and eat it too thanks to you! Thank you so much!!

    Here are a few haikus I wrote in your honor 🙂

    Stomachs everywhere
    Giving thanks to babycakes
    For cake they can eat

    Birthdays once a year
    Should be celebrated with
    Only Babycakes

    Please send me cupcakes
    May thirtieth is the day
    That is my birthday!

  • frosting so creamy
    milk the imagination
    dream of babycakes

  • I agree babycakes helps when getting dumped by your bf and making the pain go away:(

  • Michelle Henricks

    Beautiful sweet treats
    Made with goodness and kindness
    So grateful for you

  • The chickens won’t suffer
    The cows won’t, too
    To make Babycakes- so they’re better for you

    OK, not really a Haiku, but I wanted to get in on the poetry action. 🙂

    Very cool contest, at a VERY cool site! 😉

  • Frosting on my chin;
    White peeled wrapper draped with crumbs.
    One is not enough!

  • Indulge in kind treats,
    Vegan sweets for all seasons.
    Yummy Babycakes.

  • I just found out about your bakery and was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you have gluten and wheat free cupcakes and desserts!! My birthday is coming up and I was just assuming I’d had to pass on cake, or live with a stomach ache. But now I can have my cake and eat it too thanks to you! Thank you so much!!

  • No haiku from me, just wanted to say I adore vegan cupcakes and the ones pictured above look delectable!!

  • Like babycakes cupcakes themselves, this haiku was inspired:

    not another one
    could take your place, babycakes
    cause I fell in love

    cutest babycakes
    you sure have started somethin’
    my heart is jumpin’

    Baby face, I’m up in heaven when I’m in your fond embrace
    I didn’t need a shove, ’cause I just fell in love
    With your pretty baby fa

  • Tiny cakes taste good,
    Devour twelve in a row,
    I’m satiated.

  • Welcome Babycakes!
    L.A is happy you’re here!
    Rock out lil’ cupcake!

  • downtown lights abound
    cupcakes, loaves, and cakes astound
    babycakes is here

  • L.A. welcomes spring
    Babycakes are joining us
    Oh my happy days

  • They’re egg- and soy-free,
    And refined-sugar-free too!
    But Oh-so-love-FUL.

  • Enlightenment’s path
    Be kind to all animals
    Eat at Babycakes

  • Jennifer Girsky

    healthy treats,
    cupcakes and sweets
    BabyCakes is my savior

  • cute lil’ Babycakes
    like big cakes! only smaller…
    get in my belly

  • Frosting so delish
    Cake is yummy too, for you
    Babycakes, the BOMB!

  • babycakes opens!
    just as we’re leaving l.a. 🙁
    I’ll be back for you!

  • Sweet, fluffy, delicious, tasty treat
    cupcakes I want more
    Babycakes, LA can’t be beat

  • Sweet sweet babycakes
    You’re killing me with kindness
    In a dozen ways

  • lovely pretty cakes
    that do no harm a creature
    taste even sweeter

  • argh! typo.

    lovely pretty cakes
    that do not harm a creature
    taste even sweeter

  • ah i couldn’t decide. i love writing haikus!

    baby cakes cupcakes
    cute, vegan, and gluten free
    of course, delicious!

    baby cakes baked goods
    cruelty and allergen free
    come try one today

  • IDK what haikus is
    IM so far in Puerto Rico
    i wish this is not a fake
    im dying for getting that cupcake

  • I so wish I could
    eat all the babycakes makes
    a smile on my face

  • I’m making another one. (If only 1 entry is accepted, my first haiku entry was the first one below)

    BabyCakes is where they’re at
    Saving my behind

    Vegan, Gluten- free
    at BabyCakes-NYC
    frosted happiness

  • so pink and pretty
    frosting swirls drive me crazy
    Crazy, crazy good

  • Jackie Mutschler

    Vegan is the way
    To end a perfect spring day
    Babycakes Hooray!

  • Jackie Mutschler

    To brighten your day
    In the city of L.A.
    Go to Babycakes

  • Jackie Mutschler

    Soy free made with spelt
    Gluten and dairy free too
    Babycakes L.A.

  • Da Data Monkey

    need a vegan cake
    but, damn, no time to bake…
    delivered, then gone.

    ps I can’t win but thought I’d throw in some old style Haiku too, 5,7,5, UK STYLEE! Poetry in motion…

  • BabyCakes LA
    Fun, friendly, yummy and sweet
    Everything great to eat

  • Is that a cupcake?
    Yep, And it’s vegan too, dude.
    Can I have a bite?

  • Cane sugar sweet
    Melt lusciously in my mouth
    Oh, my sweet cupcake

    Ach!! Best I got 😛

  • Cake isn’t vegan!
    Wait, it might be! If it’s a
    Babycakes cupcake!

  • Vegan perfection
    in the form of a cupcake
    (Babycakes is bliss).

  • BabyCakes frosting
    Cupcakes and doughnuts galore
    You’ll keep wanting more

  • No need to suffer
    BabyCakes is here for you
    Fun, sweet, what a treat

  • uppin’ the ante
    i think you just flashed me
    your new pink panties

    -whoops, wrong haiku contest! :O

  • Oh Babycakes you
    Deliver sweet treats to

  • To indulge in bliss
    With respect for all beings
    Vegan Babycakes

  • Only in my dreams
    Did I ever know such bliss
    Until Babycakes.

  • persnickety taste?
    babycakes has got your back.
    bye bye, allergens!