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  • What a wonderful union!

  • गौरी राधा

    Oh what a glorious magnificent splendid marvelous photo of a vegan cupcake!!!! I will die to have that right now with a soy-latte for afternoon snack. Wow Amazing & Fantastic.
    [I am starving in case you can’t tell. Haha]

  • I went to pick up some of these beauties at the Culver City location tonight, but they were all sold out and they told me the goods went *fast*.

  • Aw, but I already love the fruit tarts and the chocolate banana thing so much. How will I decide now?

  • I freaking love M Cafe!

  • oscar silverman

    Alas, the Babycakes items at M cafe are disappointing. I tried the carrot cake cupcake and the chocolate macaroon. The stuff M cafe makes themselves is better, especially that killer “fudge cake” slice.

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