• pure luck closing: it’s looking official

    May 2nd, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    time to bust out the tissues, because this shit is getting real. on friday we blogged about a rumor on blogging LA that one of our favorite vegan restaurants, pure luck, would soon be closing. well now the writing….er, sign…is on the wall as pure luck has posted an official public notice of application for ownership change.

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    eater LA looked into the issue further, and confirmed that pure luck as we know is “doneski”. it will shutter within the next 45 days and will indeed be replaced by a wine bar.

    this is really is a huge blow to the los angeles vegan scene, the biggest one since we started this blog. i can’t even put my feelings into words. get ready for a bunch of pure luck appreciation posts coming up soon. let’s eat there as much as we can while it’s still open. i will update the blog over the next month with a slew of ordering suggestions.

    stay tuned…


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  • fucked indeed. so sad to see it go.


  • i’m s u p e r depressed too 🙁 my waitress today told me, however, that the owner is looking into a space across the street apparently for a ~microbrewery~ that will have vegan pizza/cheap eats. but i dont think it’ll be entirely veg

  • My favorite spot in LA. One of the places that first convinced me I could be veg and still eat out happily.

    Seriously though – a wine bar? That’s really the wrong place for that.

  • You can protest it!

  • This is very upsetting as I live a few blocks away. Also, I went in on Saturday night and the place was packed. Not sure I fully understand why the change in ownership.

  • SUCH sad news! I’m glad we’re going to have to be over in that area at least one more time before they close, so that means at least one more lunch for us at Pure Luck. We will VERY much miss the jackfruit tacos and fried pickles, and of course there will be NOWHERE else to get them. So VERY, VERY sad! And of course we will also miss the delicious ice cream at Scoops. : (

  • I dream of Pure Luck’s Todd’s BBQ sandwiches… and the rosemary fries with the yummy sauce. Oh dear.

  • Aw, fuck no! I’ll never get to have their Jackfruit tacos again. I can’t even run over there and eat because I live so far away. Why Pure Luck, whyyyy?

  • Oh my dearest friend, my favorite vegan place to eat at. exceptional food, cool servers, cool atmosphere. such a shame that it’s closing. Pure Luck, you will be missed dearly. 🙁

  • I’m sure 5M Group LLC will do it justice. Right? Guys? No?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Aw shucks, I live all the way on the other side of town so I hadn’t made it over to even try this place yet.
    RIP PL 🙁

  • BALLS!


  • we should have bought that shit and made it better…..

  • I am SO glad I got a chance to eat there. Thanks for the recommendation. I had the potato pals and the jackfruit tacos and they were awesome. Definitely sad to see them go, even if I haven’t been in LA in so long…

  • I have eaten at Pure Luck only twice and both times were a real treat. If I wasn’t stranded in the UK, I would definitely hit them up a few times before they closed. Anyone feel like buying a few meals and freezing them for my arrival in August?!?! LOL

  • this place is really a great and special spot. business always seems good there too – there’s always a line. what gives?

  • I was just there for a plate of their great tofu tacos w/ spanish rice & beans. I wish it weren’t true that they’re closing shop.

  • Thank goodness, Veggie Grill, Truly, Green Leaves, and Bulan Thai won’t be closing down! Don’t know what we’d DO if THEY did! All the closings make me appreciate them even more!

  • I have had dinner at Pure Luck every single week for years now. I don’t know what to do with this news. I am just so sad.

  • Oh, and would a wine bar offer Two Buck Chuck? I really doubt it, and anyway, I’m able to get to Trader Joe’s.

  • i would just like to follow up on my original reaction with this:

    this is possibly the DUMBEST location for a wine bar. are you fucking kidding me?

  • Huge bummer. It always seemed packed for dinner. Someone else needs to take up the jackfruit mantle.

  • Silverlakerunner

    I’ve eaten there at least half a dozen times. I always order the BBQ Jackfruit sandwich with a side of potatoe pals. I’m gonna miss them. Where am I gonna get my jackfruit fix now?

  • You can buy canned jackfruit, you know. Go to any Indian market.

  • People who will miss the jackfruit sandwich:

    Sage Organic Vegan Bistro has a pretty darn good replacement.

    I’m super bummed about losing the potato pals, though.

  • I’ll be hitting it up on my birthday next week for the Kristen’s carnitas wrap. Their cesar dressing is to die for, IMO. Plus the jackfruit and avocado? Some of the best food in LA, for sure.

  • Maybe I should stop having favorite restaurants. First Madeleine Bistro and now this? FML

  • It certainly is!

  • Crash



  • I am so sad! This is my favorite Restaurant of all time! 🙁

  • The best bet for Jackfruit is Bawarchi in Culver City. Which is incidentally the best Indian food I’ve ever had outside of India. There were some tough reviews from Quarrygirl when they opened up a year and a half ago. But they have gotten their act together since then.

  • Gosh, I wish there were a Bawarchi in Hollywood! I’ve read some great things, such as the comment above, about this place!

  • Fuck Vegans! Yes to booze!!!! I can’t wait for another bar to get hammered at!

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