• a meal of sides at pure luck

    May 8th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    let us take a moment to honor pure luck’s side dishes.

    since the news broke that the restaurant is shutting down, i’ve been eating there like it’s going out of style. have you been yet?! get over there before this amazing restaurant is closed for good.

    all the sides! avocado, jackfruit carnitas, rice and beans, fried plantains! $9

    if you’re having trouble deciding what to order, may i suggest a side of everything? trust me, it makes for a great meal. check out my plate above—it’s all the sides! jackfruit carnitas for 2 bucks, avocado for a dollar, plus rice & beans as well as plantains for $3! plenty of food for under ten bucks.

    all the sides are absolutely delicious. pure luck’s carnitas are probably my favorite meat substitute on earth…and they’re made from freaking jackfruit. how on do they do it? the fried plantains are also the best in town, and their green salsa is killer.

    pure luck rules. go eat there while you still can.


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  • You left out the two best sides — rosemary fries with crackpipe garlic sauce, and the fried pickles (best when dipped in tomatillo sauce). We have about a month left… 🙁

  • i’ve got the secret recipe for the jackfruit carnitas!

  • That plate of sides looks FABULOUS! And for such a REASONABLE PRICE! It is so sad when a reasonably priced restaurant with excellent food goes out of business! Wish we at least knew the reason WHY!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That looks very appetizing I must say.

  • As frustrated as I sometimes was by Pure Luck, man am I gonna miss it. I wish we could get the recipes for some of their specialties, especially the garbanzo salad, jack fruit carnitas, and potato pals w/dipping sauce. I went out of my way (literally & figuratively) to support this restaurant, and it would be a fantastic thank you from the restaurant to it’s customers to pass them along.

  • I was there this weekend, and our server confirmed they are indeed closing, and told us to check out vegan blogs for news on what the owner will be doing next… do you have any inside scoop? DO TELL!

  • Silverlakerunner

    No more potato pals and BBQ jackfruit sandwiches 🙁 . I’ll try to eat there this week and complain.

  • We were there this weekend. Our server told us that the owner is looking to open a new microbrewery that will be vegan-friendly, but not vegan. Apparently he/she has not found a new location yet. As you already mentioned, the current location will be a wine bar that is not affiliated with the Pure Luck owner.

  • I was there on Friday for lunch and I’ll most likely be there again at some point this weekend. And many more times before they close. They are going to get so sick of me, but I don’t care. I have to get my Pure Luck fix while I can! And I think I need to try a meal o’ sides – I love the plantains!

  • I’ve NEVER had the plantains.

    But I am going there in just a few short hours!

  • I went there for the 1st time a month ago and am so surprised to see that there closing :((

    I went there last week and I said are you guys closing for good or going to be opening up anytime soon somewhere else? He said, Im not sure when, but we will be opening up in a new location…

    So theres still hope!

    Ima need my jackfruit fix, hopefully sooner than later.

  • Do share!!! I love that stuff.

  • do they have a closing date yet?

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