• one of the best sandwiches in LA is about to go away…

    May 16th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    …so go eat it ASAP. i’m sure you’ve already heard the news: pure luck is closing for good, and we are freaking out. there’ll be so much to miss about the vegan east hollywood eatery: the impressive beer list, the crispy potato pals, the deep fried pickle chips, and most of all….the jackfruit.

    Todd's BBQ Sandwich: BBQ Jackfruit “pulled-pork” with pickles, onions and vegan mayo on a rustic roll.

    if you haven’t tried a jackfruit sandwich yet from pure luck, you really need to get over there before it’s too late. the restaurant has some kind of magical method of transforming the asian plant into a meaty pork substitute that boggles the mind, and i reckon you’ve got around 2 weeks—maybe 3—until it’s gone forever.

    there are two sandwich options to choose from: the todd’s bbq (pictured above), which is stacked with southern “pulled-pork” style jackfruit….and the torta, which comes with mexican-style jackfruit “carnitas”. both are amazing. both need to be eaten.

    so go to pure luck and get your jackfruit on today, while you still can.

    PS: if you work at pure luck, feel free to leave the jackfruit recipe (or any other recipes!) in the comments section. please.


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  • it’s so sad!
    but i did find a recipe for it and posted it on my blog!

  • FYI- They have a very yummy BBQ Jackfruit sandwich at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in Echo Park if you are craving one when Pure Luck shuts it’s doors. My new favorite restaurant!

  • i still refuse to accept this. BULLSHIT!

  • Pure Luck’s jackfruit is awesome. Bawarchi in Culver City also has amazing jackfruit. Apparently they are opening a sandwich bar in the next few weeks featuring grilled jackfruit sandwiches.

  • I wouldn’t miss it. I can make everything off their menu.

  • I never had their sandwiches much. Their torta has great flavor, but way too messy. Beans flying everywhere. They should’ve put it in hollowed-out bread instead. But maybe that’s just me.

    I think their sides were honestly the best part. Yea the jackfruit is good, but the entrees haven’t always been prepared consistently (due to lack of a head chef). So in this context a gastropub makes sense — focus on the appetizers and amazing beers. I’m surprised it’s only going to be “vegan-friendly” according to the rumor; I always assumed the owner was vegan.

    I sure hope he hires a real chef and better waitstaff for his next venture. There have been some really nice servers, but there have also been some real jerky jerks.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh about PL. It somehow is better than the sum of its flawed parts. Frankly I would have rather seen the owner revamp the menu and get a real chef in there than just close the place down. It’s not only a loss for vegans, and a loss for craft beer lovers, but also a loss for the local area. Wine bar? Yea right, I give it 9 months before the place is vacant.

  • Looks good. I’m going go to Pure Luck tonight with my friend and then we are going to see this one-woman play called “I’m Sorry” about how a “people-pleasing apologist became an animal-loving activist.”

    The play runs until May 22 in case anyone is interested:


  • I’m so so so sad about this! I always stop by Pure Luck and get the Kristin (the jackfruit carnitas w/ caesar salad wrap) so stinking good, I crave it all the time and may have to go to counseling to get over it. BUMMED TO THE MAX!!!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Re-open somewhere soon please!!

  • i was going to mention this too since i saw it on the menu at Sage a couple weeks ago. I’m not a big fan of jackfruit so i didn’t get it but I was wondering how it compares to Pure Luck.

  • Who is opening a sandwich bar in the next few weeks featuring grilled jackfruit sandwiches?

    Pure Luck or Bawarchi?

  • I had their Jack’s Super Burrito Wrap
    (A large flour tortilla stuffed with Jackfruit “carnitas”, sweet potato fries, pinto beans, BBQ sauce and fresh cilantro).

    It was good and it was very filling, but it was very dry. It needed some salsa and/or guacamole in it.

    I got a side of their Potato Pals. They were very chewy. They were good though, especially with the dipping sauce.

    My friend had their Torta with the jackfruit
    (Sauteed jackfruit “carnitas” or grilled tofu, plus pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, tomatillo salsa, sliced avocado and vegan mayo on a grilled rustic roll).

    I ate a small piece of my friend’s Torta and I liked that better than the burrito.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा


  • Pure Luck should put out a cookbook!

  • IF you’re going to compare that sandwich to the Pure Luck BBQ Sandwich, you’re going to be disappointed.

  • i asked one of the servers and she said that next saturday will be their last day open . so sad to see it go

  • I went there today (Friday, June 3) and got a Torta with jackfruit, and a Todd’s BBQ Sandwich (to go). It was very good. I also had their spicy garbanzo curry soup which was also very good.

    They told me that tomorrow (Saturday, June 4) is their last day.

  • I think it would be awesome if you did a jackfruit roundup blog entry — where to buy it in LA, links to recipes, restaurants you can get it at. I never heard of it before a year or so ago (Seabirds was my first) and now I’m trying to track it down to cook it myself. Tried 99 Ranch Market but they only had it fresh and in syrup, not in brine.

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