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  • “where am i gonna get my vegan shwarama from now?!”


    Be warned, they keep orthodox hours, which I can never remember what those are.

  • I talked to an employee about a month ago and the person told me that they were moving to Santa Monica.

  • That’s a shame. Their location was just awful, though. Strip mall that’s totally dead all the time. Also, the hours were rough, but that’s their thang. I was really unimpressed by the falafel itself. The shwarama was delish, but it took FIFTEEN minutes between my boyfriend getting that dish and me finally getting my pitawich. Hopefully their new location is better and they do well, because their hummus and shwarama really are awesome.

  • i loved their falafel!

  • I’m really picky (okay, snobby) about my falafel! It was ok, but not my favorite.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Shucks, why are so many places with vegan options closing this summer? I hope new LA establishments (offering vegan items) open up later this year to balance things out a bit.

  • yep, i heard the same thing. at least it’s not closed for good (though it will take serious motivation for me to make the journey that far west haha)

  • i agree with jessica that the falafel wasn’t the greatest, but the several varieties of hummus and the loads of food that came with each order were awesome.

    i supported this place at first, but it was a long drive and i’m sad to say i haven’t been there for a few months.

    please move to SM!!!

  • I really hope they are just moving. Hummus King and Madeleine are both places that would THRIVE if they were in different locations. I can see Hummus King booming in Culver City area.

  • OH well, i make a really amazing hummus on my own… and maybe this will motivate me to learn how to make my own falafel balls, and sauteed instead of fattening deep fried

  • You’re welcome to try, but I don’t think that sauteed or baked falafel would really be falafel.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    If the rumor of re-opening in a new location is accurate, then that’s great and I’m thinking QG will most likely write about it when it happens. [Which, can I say again how much I adore this blog?!! I’m such a huge clueless nerd but I feel like I am never out of the loop with respect to vegan options in Los Angeles due to the frequently updated and comprehensively researched posts on here. THANK-YOU QG!!! :D]

  • Hey there,

    I heard Hummus King closed over a month ago. I mean, I heard about it then.

    For a good veggie (might be vegan you’ll have to go and find out) shwarma you can try Nagilah Pizza located on Pico near Doheny I believe. The pizza place has a meat side and a dairy side because it’s kosher. The dairy side is obviously all vegetarian and from what I can tell that shwarma may just meet your requirements 🙂


  • They also have fake pepperoni pizza (though not vegan; cheese is still okay on that side). It’s pretty cool to see a long line of people ordering vegi-roni pizza slices.

  • Sunnin is a really good option for lebanese food. They serve meat but their menu clearly indicates which dishes are vegetarian and which are vegan. I’m super picky about my middle eastern cuisine and this place is probably the best in L.A.

  • Went by there yesterday and they were gutting the place. Hummus King is officially closed

  • NOT a big loss: Hummus King had THE WORST FELAFEL I ever tasted. I told the owner it was much too salty (and I happen to like salt)and he told me that is how his customer’s liked it. I tried it a second time and it was still too salty and tasteless.

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