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  • Noooooo!!!!

    I just moved within walking distance of Pure Luck this month after living in the wilds of Burbank for too long. I love Pure Luck – it can’t close now!

  • Wow, this is sad. I ate there a couple times and it was always good.

  • Please, stop! First Madeline’s and now this?? I’m gutted. Sigh…

  • Nooooo!!!! Must consume mass quantities of fried pickles and potato pals now to make up for this. Please don’t close Pure Luck!

  • When this closes, the only decent place in the area will be Faultline… yes, you read correctly.

  • How am I ever going to lose weight if I have to eat at all these places before they shut down? This is horrible!!! QuarryGirl, we may have to make a date!

  • I do not accept this. This is my favorite restaurant. O_O

    Everyone go and nom like crazy so they change their minds! Bring your friends!

  • dude – this is seriously fucked. the place is always packed.

    don’t know if any of this is true, but i’m particularly bummed that the place wasn’t just sold outright, as opposed to converting it to a whine bar.


  • That sucks!

  • noooooo! i love pureluck soooo much for this to happen. is there something to be done to save them?? maybe like an save Pureluck event?? 🙁

  • The “PURE UCK” sign should be preserved as a historical monument.

  • NOOOOOO!!!! I need my steady fix of high potency beer, fried pickles and carnitas. Plus it’s the only veg place that’s open late.

  • I’ve never been to Pure Luck so I’ll try to hit it up Sunday. What are your favorite items there?

  • they’re closed Sundays!! but you gotta try Jacks super burrito wrap! and the sweet potato fries are soooo good!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Too many closure notices today! Not a great day for Los Angeles vegans 🙁

  • Say it ain’t so! I love their carnitas burrito! One of the few places in LA that has such a tasty vegan burrito (at least one that I like).


  • I’m addicted to the tofu pesto sandwich (add tomato and avocado), the garbanzo salad sandwich (and I don’t normally like garbanzos) and the pickle chips. The plantains with cream is really good, too.

    I’m just waiting for my friend to show up, then we’re heading over there tonight.

  • Maybe there is no market for vegan restaurants?

    I always hear about them closing.

  • Potato pals (deep fried gnocchi with dipping sauce)

  • The food is good, but the inept employees make me never want to go there. I blame the “rotation of jobs” system, where one day you’re the dishwasher, one day you’re taking orders, one day you’re the goddam cook.

    The customers, too. First time I was there, fucking freevans descended on any uneaten food as soon as we got up. Yeah, you heard me.

  • i’ve always had surprisingly good service there, but the food has been somewhat inconsistent.

    still, i’ve totally been supporting them for two years. this sucks.

  • Gosh, this really IS horrible news! I sure hope they won’t really close! WHERE else can one get fried pickles and scrumptious jackfruit tacos? AND be able to go to Scoops afterwards for dessert? PLUS, Pure Luck is not an Overpriced! We SO hope they won’t close!!!!!!

  • I don’t get this!! I live right by Pure Luck, and it is ALWAYS packed, even on weeknights. And I don’t understand why anyone thinks a WINE BAR is going to flourish in that location if a vegan gastropub didn’t. LAME

  • I honestly think the service is fine, all things considered. I mean, based on my knowledge of the organization, it could be much worse. I think closing on Sundays is what’s killing them. I mean, there were THOUSANDS of people participating in CycLAvia a few Sundays ago which ended at Melrose and Heliotrope, since it’s such a biking mecca. Scoops was open and was mainstreaming the orders by having 4 flavors only (including one vegan) with a fixed price/serving. Pure Luck? Closed. They could have made a killing offering maybe 3-4 prix fix sort of meals (carnitas wrap plus salad or fries, pesto sandwich plus salad or fries, tofu tacos plus salad or fries, and potato pals or pickles for appetizers).

    They aren’t closing because their food is bad – it’s perhaps the best and most unique vegan food in LA. They just have no idea how to run a business.

  • “They aren’t closing because their food is bad – it’s perhaps the best and most unique vegan food in LA.”

    The food’s not bad, but that’s a bit of a stretch. It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to throw some jackfruit in everything.

  • I have to wonder if SOME of the customers are hurting their business. We’ve only been there 4 or 5 times, and while MOST of the customers on those visits were okay, I do remember that once there was a party of two at the one large indoor table that kept laughing and talking VERY loud, and on another occasion there was a large party sitting out on the patio who STARED at my partner and me as we were leaving and burst out in loud laughter the second we stepped out the door. These types certainly wouldn’t keep us from returning to enjoy the FANTASTIC food, but at the same time, they can’t be very helpful to the restaurant, either.

  • I’ve only seen one or two other restaurants that use jackfruit, and none to the extend of Pure Luck. I also appreciate that they don’t use traditional mock meats, just the “carnitas” and tofu.

  • Listen up: There’s a nefarious reason Pure Luck is closing. End of message.

  • i hope they’re still open at least past this friday, i’m going to try and get my last potato pals fix then

  • They supposedly have a month or so. My birthday is Monday, and I’ll be going then.

  • Sad to hear of vegan restaurants closing 🙁
    In happier news, to try and offset these closings a bit – did you hear of the new Vegan Joint opening up? in Woodland Hills, Target shopping center, announced on their Facebook page…

  • Calm down folks…I chatted with Pure Luck owner Ben Ling in late April and he told me he was planning to move Pure Luck across the street to Pizza Paul’s storefront AND expand the microbrewery operation in the form of an onsite brewery. He told me he was going to apply for the proper City permits for all that.

    So it looks like their closure will be more of a hiatus. In all likelihood, Pure Luck will be back.

  • Nooooooooo!!!!

    They have the best tofu pesto sandwiches, gnocchi and plantains!

    What are we going to do?!

  • Anybody have any updates regarding the resurrection of Pure Luck? I’m missing them =(.

    On a side note, Thank You Quarry Girl for hosting this forum and always keeping us informed. You help me and my girlfriend out tremendously!

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