• the whole foods holiday case launches today! stock up!

    November 9th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, stores, whole foods

    man, i really love the prepared foods section at whole foods. they are always coming up with new delicious restaurant-quality items that are inexpensive and easy to grab on the go. for somebody like me who doesn’t love to cook, the prepared food section is a godsend. last year they provided our thanksgiving dinner, and over the summer they supplied everything needed for a vegan bbq.

    i’m happy to announce that as of today, whole foods locations around los angeles are unveiling their holiday display case, and it’s absolutely packed with all kinds of tasty seasonal foods.

    they’ve got everything you need for an animal-free holiday feast including a new wild rice cranberry and fig field roast en croute, gardein stuffed turkey, vegan stuffing, vegan mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, and a wide selection of vegetable sides. the west hollywood branch of whole foods was kind enough to hook me up with a sample of some of their new offerings, and i know i will be back to get more before the month is over.

    wild rice cranberry fig roast en croute

    field roast is probably my favorite fake meat ever, so i was super excited to try their new wild rice cranberry fig roast en croute. holy wow, it was so good. take their already amazing wheat meat and shove it full of rice, barley, quinoa, figs & cranberries…then bake it in a rich puff pastry, and i’m in heaven. after eating field roast en croute, i don’t think i can ever to back to eating plain celebration roasts at the holidays. seriously, field roast has out done themselves with this one.

    whole foods vegan stuffing

    i also got a chance to try whole foods’ new homemade vegan stuffing and vegetable sides such as chickpeas & squash and marinated beets. the stuffing was some of the best vegan stuffing i’ve had yet, made with chunks of whole foods’ own vegan burger patty and lots of holiday spices. hearty, meaty, and full of thanksgiving flavor. the vegetable dishes were top notch as well, i have got nothing but great things to say about these prepared foods.

    two items i am looking forward to stocking up on before thanksgiving are the vegan mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. they blew my mind last year, and i’ve been thinking about them for 12 months.

    seriously, don’t wait until thanksgiving to get over to whole foods and try this stuff out. make the holiday last all november with loads of field roast slices, gardein turkeys, and festive sides. you won’t be sorry!

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  • Oh YUMMMM!!! I was just about to head over to Whole Foods to get something for lunch…now I’m hoping that they have some of these!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks very good!!

  • Is it all Whole Foods or specific ones? The Brentwood Whole Foods never got the BBQ items 🙁

  • Ooh, I’ve never tried one of the celebration roasts, but this is too enticing for me to resist. Besides puff pastry being the general bomb, it certainly visually beats the lumpy exterior of the previous holiday roasts.

  • Hai!
    I just sent you guys a link to a review of mine, but I’m not sure if I sent it to the right email address (the only one I could find was the “tofurobot” one =p) Erm…help pleez? =p Thanks! ^_^

  • I was gonna say that the roast portion of the field roast looks paper thin, but then I realized that’s just the puff pastry over the roast.

  • I’m super excited that gardein launched the stuffed turk’y roast with gravy in the freezer section! The Long Beach Whole Foods didn’t have any last year in the deli. I got one for dinner tonight and it was super delish! And the gravy is soooooo good!!!

  • This just made me sad. Will Myrtle Beach EVER get a Whole Foods? I love that store!! These items look wonderful!

  • I had this today in the Seattle area. That fig roast was something else! I can’t stop thinking about it!!!

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