• i am thankful for whole foods!

    November 27th, 2009quarrygirlproducts, stores

    vegan thanksgiving feast from whole foods

    actually, make that: i am thankful for whole foods, gardein and field roast. although i’ve got holiday/family celebrations going on throughout the weekend, my meal on the actual evening of thanksgiving came from the prepared foods section of whole foods west hollywood. and boy, what a feast.

    our meal consisted of 2 excellent main courses by gardein and field roast, as well as some creamy mushroom gravy, vegan mashed potatoes and sweet pumpkin puree. it was awesome, because it all came straight out of the whole foods chef display case…and we didn’t have to cook any of it!

    vegan gardein stuffed turk'y from whole foods

    we started off with the gardein stuffed turk’y roast, a highly anticipated holiday product that definitely lived up to our expectations. the roasts were smallish (individual portions, not meant to serve several people) and were stuffed with a delicious blend of cranberries, rice and vegetables. the stuffing was wrapped in a hearty layer of moist fake meat, all coated in a tasty crispy breading. this is a sure bet if you are looking for a winter roast. we loved it, and slate.com named it the best vegetarian turkey!

    field roast vegan stuffed hazelnut cranberry roast at whole foods

    next up, we ate several slices of field roast’s hazelnut cranberry roast en croute. wow, wow, wow…this shit was off the hook! if you think the celebration roast is good, you need to get into whole foods and try this out. i have never seen the field roast en croute for individual sale anywhere, so i may have to go stock up on more of this while it’s around. on the product website, they describe it as “a sumptuous, rich grain meat seasoned with toasted hazelnuts and rosemary stuffed with a sausage style mixture of field roast, cranberries, apples and crystallized ginger. wrapped en croute with a rich vegan puff pastry.” need i say more? dude, a couple slices of this are a sure-fire way to send me into a food coma.

    to be fair, it wasn’t just the artisan meats that made this thanksgiving meal amazing. the creamy mashed potatoes and deep-flavorful gravy were hands down excellent. not to mention the light and fluffy pumpkin whip. exquisite!

    the lesson of the day is, when in need for a quick meal (holiday or otherwise), whole foods can easily and deliciously save your ass.

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