• amazing vegan bbq at whole foods!!

    June 29th, 2010quarrygirlstores, whole foods

    summer is here, and if you live in los angeles, whole foods is going to be your one stop shop for EPIC VEGAN FEASTING. that’s right, this week stores in the area are rolling out a completely vegan bbq case for the month of july in the prepared foods section, and it’s ABSOLUTELY INSANE.


    the case is already set up at whole foods weho, and will be at other stores in the region starting on thursday, july 1st. i hit up the west hollywood store yesterday to check out the goods, and i was beyond impressed.

    it featured various gardien and field roast items as well as vegan potato salad, tempeh salad and a number of vegetable offerings. everything you need for a bbq, picnic, beach or pool party!

    check out all the crazy stuff i tried…

    vegan bbq at whole foods: cutlets, burgers, gardein salad, and potato salad!

    first up, there was a new product i’ve never even seen before: porcini dijon cutlets by field roast.

    field roast porcini dijon cutlets

    these babies were delicious with a blend of porcini mushrooms, wild mushroom grain meat, and zesty dijon mustard dredged in bread crumbs.

    vegan burgers by whole foods

    there were also some homemade vegan burger patties, made at the whole foods commissary, which were wonderful. these were a mix of wheat meat, vegetables, lentils and rice. very tasty and substantial.

    gardein vegan curry chikn salad

    there was also some gardein vegan curry salad by whole foods that was fantastic! thick chunks of vegan chicken mixed up with vegenaise, currants, and mango chutney.

    vegan bbq at whole foods: mini meat loaf, grilled mangos, tempeh salad, and quinoa!

    i was happy to see whole foods is also now offering field roast mini meatloafs, these things are amazing! they are so freaking hearty, and taste so much like classic meatloaf, i can’t believe it. whole foods whips them up perfectly as well…no need to ever cook again!

    field roast vegan meatloaf

    i also tried the grilled mangos with raspberry coulis, which were fresh and extremely flavorful…

    grilled mangos with raspberry coulis

    refreshing tempeh salad mixed with vegenaise, relish, and vegetables…

    tempeh salad

    and some light lemon cranberry quinoa…

    lemon cranberry quinoa

    everything was just terrific! oh, and a trip to whole foods is not complete with out grabbing a slice of fresh daiya cheese-covered pizza.

    black garlic fall harvest pizza: daiya cheese, aged black garlic, apples, cabbage

    they usually have at least one vegan pizza out and yesterday it was black garlic fall harvest. this is one of my favorites, as it comes with the unique combo of black garlic, apples, and red cabbage.

    whatever your plans are this 4th of july weekend, they should definitely include a trip to the whole foods prepared foods section. the vegan spread is just phenomenal, and i am SO HAPPY to see so many animal-free options in a major store. please go stock up, and show them that the demand for vegan food is high!

    all this stuff is available NOW at whole foods west hollywood, and it should be all over town starting thursday july 1st. eat up!

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  • i know where I’m shopping for my july 4th bbq! i love wholefoods.

  • All of that looks amazing! I’m dying to try that porcini dijon cutlet, but I’d be happy to eat all of it. Grilled mango? Yes, please.

  • Oh man, the whole foods near me barely understands what vegan means. *sigh*

  • Damn, that’s the Whole Foods with like, 2 parking spaces.

    Was hoping it’d be the 3rd St. one.

  • that grilled mango looks amazing! and i 2nd kim’s comment on the porcini dijon cutlet. and the quinoa… I WANT!

  • gregalor – agreed. i *hate* that whole foods parking lot. hate hate hate.

    the 3rd street whole foods does have sunflower and hazelnut cutlets in its deli case. i think those items have flown under the radar for some people.

    that said, i’ll probably make my way over to the weho location! this food looks dope as hell.

  • It would be really nice if the Whole Foods here did that! (Plano, TX)

  • the porcini dijon cutlet is AMAZING. great flavour and texture. mmmmmm…

  • does anyone know of any vegan july 4th festivities going on?

  • I like their vegan potato salad, haven’t tried some of these other items.

  • I am so jealous of all the vegan love on the westcoast!

  • Da Data Monkey


  • i just wanna re-iterate that this stuff is available now at the weho whole foods…but should be available ALL OVER THE REGION on thursday!!!!!!!! so go get it.

  • candace- Animal Acres is doing a special 4th of July event. details on their website!

  • Candace, check out the Vegan Events calendar if you haven’t already. They’re on twitter and facebook too.

  • OMG! Why can’t other Whole Foods have such awesome stuff?

  • I noticed quite a few new vegan salads “to go” at The Whole Foods at 23rd and Wilshire in Santa Monica today . They looked pretty good for $5.00
    I didn’t check out the prepared foods . Tomorrow.

  • just had a bbq “chicken” pizza from the long beach store the other night! love it!!

  • Holy shit. It all looks amazing! I’ve tried the gardein chickn curry salad before and it’s delicious, but that meatloaf made me
    salivate!! I can only hope the whole foods on
    Vegas will have some of those options, I’ll be out there till the weekend & my hotel room is fairly close to whole foods (I planned that intentionally. Lol)

  • oh, that’s awesome. must check the nyc stores…

  • Park on the street or in the public lot, I think the street is Orange Grove. It’s all of .75 per hour and if you show your receipt from the Iot you get reimbursed I think. But it’s .75 cents big whoop. It is loads easier that way and a small price to pay for your sanity! I’ve purposely avoided that lot for years! Don’t tank your good feeling from all that great food by not parking and walking a bit. Go down Orange Grove off of Fountain unless you are heading west on Santa Monica Blvd. You can’t turn left on SM Blvd if you are heading east.

  • Would the meatloaf, burger, and cutlet taste good cold? Thinking of taking them on a picnic but wouldn’t be able to heat them up.

  • hahah! have fun with that nasty shit pussies. Real humans eat meat, because it tastes good and we’ve been doing it for over a hundred thousand years.

  • the lemon cranberry quinoa is the best thing!


  • OH MY GOSH IM SO EXCITED! This looks so good looks like I’ll be spending all my money there this summer haha! While you’re at WF you should definitely check out some Tastybite too – a lot of their stuff is vegan and cheaper too so you won’t go crazy spending all this money. Just a thought. Oh yeah and I love WF 2 for 5 packs of food. They make my day (and lunch). Bon appetit!

  • The homemade Vegan burger is the Mediterranean Burger developed by Chef Philip at Whole Foods Commissary. It uses Eco-Cuisine’s vegan Gr. Beef Mix. If you want to inspire people to go vegan on the vegan products tell them it is lactose free (larger market segment than vegetarian categories combined) and heart healthy (heart disease is the number one cause of death). And tell them how good the products taste. Inspire Americans to go vegan at least a few times a week at Whole Foods Deli.

    Eco-Cuisine is the first full service vegan food service company in the US and is happy to be working with Whole Foods in S. Cal.
    Ron Pickarski

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