• cruzer vegan pizza under new mgmt: now even more awesome!

    July 1st, 2011quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    this is good news by any measure. one of our favorite vegan restaurants in los angeles, cruzer pizza, is under new management….and the food is even better! they’ve completely redone the place and the menu, with improvements all around! don’t worry, they still have a pizza named after me—but it’s even tastier now (if you can believe it)!

    the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the new and improved cruzer, is a stylish chalkboard menu that has taken over the left side of the counter. new items include starters like potato skins, inventive pasta dishes, a chicken cheesesteak sandwich…

    they’ve even got mexicoke…

    and several flavors of luscious organics cupcakes

    now, let’s get down to what we ordered. we ordered a lot. first up, who can resist potato skins…

    potato skins: marinara and daiya inside potato skins. $5.99

    these were fantastic!! beautiful carbs filled up with juicy marinara and melty vegan cheese…where can you go wrong?! also, where else can you get vegan potato skins in los angeles? TRY THESE ASAP. we also got a couple lots of cheese breadsticks…

    cheese breadsticks: stuffed with daiya cheese, rolled in garlic and olive oil, served with a side of marinara. $5.99

    so awesome. one of the best vegan appetizers in this town, these breadsticks were all kinds of melty and cheesy. here’s a shot of the innards:

    next up, the caesar salad. one of our friends is an vegan caesar connoisseur, and this passed her test with high marks. the leaves were fresh, and the dressing was deliciously creamy.

    caesar salad: romaine lettuce, daiya, croutons and vegan dressing. $5.99

    and now for the pizzas! we started with the new “indian kima pizza”…

    indian kima: vegan ground meat, indian herbs, lots of jalapenos, daiya cheese. medium: $15.99

    good god, this was epic. i don’t know what the new cruzer people did to change the recipe, but the pizzas are now like 500% better. everyone present went crazy for this thing. it was extra spicy (beware!), but totally worth the pain. we also ordered a pesto…

    gourmet pesto: pesto sauce, spinach, artichokes, garlic and daiya cheese. xtra large for $24.99

    insanity. pesto sauce, artichokes, garlic…it’s all the best things in life rolled into one. i highly suggest you give this pizza a whirl. and of course, we ordered a quarrygirl pizza for good measure…

    quarrygirl pizza: olive oil and garlic base, mushrooms, portabella mushrooms, vegan sausage, basil, daiya. xtra large. $24.99

    the QG pizza was better than i remember it being—covered in garlic and oil, and stacked with field roast sausage and 2 kinds of mushrooms. i’m all jazzed about the new cruzer pizza! the food is tastier, it has a cooler atmosphere, and the menu is bigger…they’ve even extended the opening hours!

    go check out LA’s only vegan pizza joint ASAP.

    cruzer pizza
    4449 prospect avenue
    los angeles CA 90027
    monday-saturday 11am-11pm
    sunday 11am – 10pm

    PS: here’s a copy of the new menu!


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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks good!

  • any updates on the cruzers pizza in glendale??

  • The potato wedges are delish too and that Jamaican Chicken pizza sounded delish. Was there last week.

  • Silverlakerunner

    Lovely. Just a few blocks from my house.

  • i tried many times to like the old cruzer and eventually gave up. but the new cruzer is AWESOME!!! cruzer is now some of the best pizza (and best caesar) in town.

  • THANK GOD they got their shit together

  • Yeah, I couldn’t put my finger on it – but the last few times I went there, it was extra good!

    The gourmet pizzas are really special, especially if you’re just in the mood for something different. The Jamaican is really good…it’s got kind of a sweet kick to it. The Pesto is really great too – at first I thought I wouldn’t like it because it doesn’t have red sauce…but the flavors are so nice…sauce would cover it all up, I think.

    The sausage they’re using is AMAZING…it’s Field Roast? Makes sense…they make great stuff. Tastes so good on these pizzas. Very authentic, IMO.

  • I enjoy Cruzer very much, so know this is not a knock on them, but I bought the PriceWave coupon last year for them and when I tried to use it they said PW had never paid them so it wasn’t valid. I’ve been trying to reach PW for a refund, but they appear to have gone under (website down, etc.) or bankrupt. It’s not a huge amount of money, but is there any recourse for those of us who paid PW and now are just out that amount?

  • Yeah, I’m in the same boat, bought a Pricewave coupon and they refused to accept it.


  • Whoaaaaa, awesome! Haven’t been there in ages, can’t wait to check it out again. If the QG pizza wasn’t covered in fungi I’d totally eat it…maybe I can have them switch them for bell peppers 😉

  • i can totally healthy vegan hack about a dozen orders of those potato skins!

  • I was there two weeks ago and had the QuarryGirl.com Pizza and it was very good. I shared it with 4 non-vegetarians plus 1 vegetarian, and they all really liked it and were surprised that a vegan pizza could taste so good.

    I went back there yesterday and had their Vegan Margareta Pizza and that was good too.

    I really want to try everything on their menu, but that may take me awhile because I’m only in that neighborhood every couple of weeks or so.

  • That’s right. No fungi, add bell peppers. I hate fungi. Nasty. Bell peppers rule.

    Can’t wait to try the potato skins. I haven’t been there in a long time. I wasn’t that thrilled with the pizza but it sounds like I will be now. Thanks for the update.

  • I think I tweeted this, but that quarrygirl pizza is a serious rival for Blackbird’s (philly) funghi pizza, which I previously thought was the best in the world. Seriously awesome stuff.

  • Are you nuts? Mushrooms are perfect on pizza. I think I didn’t like them until I tried them enough, maybe at about age 10?

  • Do they still have the PETA pizza? It had eggplant so maybe it’s like the ratatouille one.

    I still haven’t tried the Quarrygirl. I’m glad they’re still open until 11 since I always eat pretty late and almost nothing is open.

  • today after seeing this post i had to go in for a caesar salad, i’m obsessed.
    anyway i thought i’d mention that the owner told me he has a booth at the upcoming los feliz street fair on july 24. i’m not sure what he has planned but the street fair is always fun and it’s another way to check out cruzer. http://www.losfelizstreetfair.com

  • WHAT?! I bought two of those coupons and haven’t used them yet.

    WHAT THE HELL?! This aggression will not stand, man.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    The pictures in this blog post look very appetizing!
    I have a non-vegan friend who’s up for going to this place with me but she’s not a fan of Daiya…I will call them and see if they offer some non-Daiya dishes. Or perhaps I’ll see if they can make a substitution on one of the menu items (some places are more open to that than others.)

  • I’m looking at their menu and I don’t see the PETA pizza.

  • Vegan in Vegas

    Anyone know if they’ll be open on the 4th?

  • Does anyone know what’s up with the Glendale location? It’s so much closer to where I live, and since you can’t actually sit down at Cruzer’s in LA, the food would be freezing cold and ookey by he time I got it home 🙁 The last 3 times I called or dropped by their Glendale location during normal business hours they were closed w/o explanation. They also gave us a real pepperoni and cheese pizza instead of a vegan pizza the one time we actually caught them when they were open, so I’m hesitant to ever go back there.

  • I am all over those potato crisps

  • I had an XL BBQ Chicken pizza last night, and it was insanely delicious…
    I was a little concerned about the price (even though it’s standard for a vegan pizza), but it was by all means worth it! Staff was super friendly too.

  • Had a big, loaded pizza plus two salads yesterday. Let me just say that both the spinach salad and the Caesar salad are simple yet DELECTABLE! Highly recommended.

  • I’m glad they redundantly specify that they’re 100% vegan… because 95% vegan just wouldn’t be vegan, ya know? It’s like being pregnant… you either are or you aren’t. This pizza is either vegan, or it isn’t.

  • I got a pricewave coupon as well. I found that pricewave charge on an old online statement and hit “dispute this charge” button, explained the situation and Mastercard refunded the amount.

  • thanks quarrygirl for leading me to the best vegan pizza ever. i went not that long ago and had the bbq chicken pizza and it was unbelievably amazing!!!! can’t wait to try the other pizzas. I love what they’re doing and I totally support it

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