• the club club: goodbye casa de tree

    January 17th, 2010quarrygirlcasa de tree (closed), LA restaurants

    as you probably know, we here at quarrygirl.com are on a mission to try every vegan club sandwich in los angeles and review them all for you fine readers.

    sadly yesterday was casa de tree‘s last day of business before shutting down, and we were able to get in there just in time to try their double-decker sandwich.

    Casa De Tree Club Sandwich: tempeh (organic soy protein), avocado, alfalfa, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo. $8.95

    the other two clubs we have reviewed (from flore and follow your heart) both contained some type of faux meat along with a layer of bacon. casa de tree’s, however, only came with tempeh bacon, no fake meat to be found. this club was also a lot smaller than the others, although it did come with some green leaves and a side of your choice from the salad bar. i went with the curried cabbage, which was excellent. everything was tasty and fresh, and while it wasn’t my favorite vegan club in LA, this sandwich was damn good. oh, and it got bonus points for coming with avocado (which is an extra charge at follow your heart).

    who cares though...it’s all academic, really, considering casa de tree has now closed down. 🙁

    while the club sandwich may not have been the best in town, casa de tree truly was an amazing restaurant with a 100% vegan menu as well as a pay-by-weight salad bar.

    we miss you already, casa de tree. hope you return someday. xo

    P.S. PLEASE COMMENT with your FAVORITE VEGAN CLUB in los angeles! i want to be sure to include it.

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  • M Cafe makes one awesome club. A must try.

  • i didn’t make it yesterday as my ride was lagging and we definitely couldn’t make it on time.. i had a dream about it though which is really weird since i have never been there.

  • M Cafe club: it’s the best

  • The vegan club at Nite Moon Cafe is one of the top sandwiches in LA… M Cafe’s is good, but the one at Nite Moon is tastier, bigger, and comes with a huge salad.

    My one experience at Casa de Tree was excellent. The katsu sandwich was awesome.

  • Definitely the M Cafe club, love it 🙂

  • dude . RFD RFD RFD

  • Real Food Daily’s with extra veganaisse! But Cafe Flourish’s BLT & A blows that away.

  • I have to say Real Food Daily is my #1 pick, but Måni’s comes in at a close second.

  • I’m with Kelly… RFD w/ extra veganaisse is pretty tough to beat.

  • Well i am the creator of the veggie club at Nite moon cafe so maybe this opinion is byes but!… I have had many of the clubs around town and as many of them are good ours at Nite moon cafe is the best and the most healthy! We use a ray bread so it is a wheat free sandwich and it is packed with veggies and tempeh bacon. No other fake meats! I am not a fake meat kind of gal so thats why but non the less it is pretty delish and huge!

  • I am heart broken to hear Casa De Tree closed. If Casa De Tree would like a new place to do business I would like to offer a store I am building rent free, or perhaps I could purchase some of the equipment and or recepies to help keep Casa De Tree alive. Feel free to contact me at rainbowwater007@yahoo.com. Warmest Regards, Tom Snyder

  • I love the club at Nite moon Cafe in Golden Bridge Yoga Studio. It is definitely my favorite around town and I have tried all of them.

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