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    as you probably already know, the club club is an ongoing series of blog posts where we ruthlessly attempt to seek out the best vegan club sandwich in los angeles. so far we’ve hit up follow your heart, flore, casa de tree, and mani’s bakery…all of which boasted quite impressive double-decker sandwich offerings. tonight’s sandwich comes to you from m cafe, and i am pretty sure if we had to declare a winner right now, this would be it.

    california club: a triple-decker of savory tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, carrots, sprouts, and soy mayo on your choice of bread. comes with one deli salad. $11.25

    granted the m cafe club is a bit on the expensive side, and clocks in at over 11 bucks…but the taste and quality of this thing can not be beat. it’s much lighter than the other clubs but comes packed with the finest and most memorable ingredients. the avocado is always soft and creamy, the carrots are paper thin, and the other vegetables are fresh beyond belief. add to that some completely spongy yet lightly toasted bread and the best tempeh bacon i’ve ever had….whoa!

    plus each sandwich comes with a side of your choice (not pictured), and the deli salads at m cafe are amazing. depending what’s in season, there are usually tons of good options, but i can never stray from the epic peanut kale (ask anybody who has tried it—-it is insane!).

    as you can tell, i’m a little blown away by the m cafe club sandwich…..and i have been since the day i’ve tried it. but this contest IS FAR FROM OVER! leave your favorite vegan club in the comments section and we will be sure to review it. it’s a tough job, but that’s why i’m here.

    m cafe de chaya
    check them out on melrose, in beverly hills, and in culver city!

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  • Alright – I am a HUGE, I repeat HUGE fan of FYH’s club. I think it is the most amazing sandwich I have ever had, and god knows I am picky! Sadly, I have never tried the M Cafe club but it looks AMAZING! I will try it this week and report back 🙂

  • I had it for lunch today with the peanut kale. It’s my favorite club. It’s worth the money. Sometimes I get it with fries. Sooooo good.

  • DAMN, I love M Cafe. I can’t wait to go on the 15th. NOM.

  • the club at rfd better be next! , trust me .. it rules!

  • M Cafe has great sammiches …the BBQ Seitan is amazing, and my favorite – The Melrose Mufaletta is unlike any sandwich anywhere!

  • Seriously, those carrots may be thin, but stacked together like that it’s like trying to tear a phone book in half.

  • Love M Cafe, though I am bigger fan of their rice bowls and salads then sandwiches.

    Check out Nite Moon Cafe’s Club!

  • This is quite possibly my favorite meal on earth. Try it with sourdough instead of whole grain bread sometime. And when it’s in season, the lentil side dish is phenominal.

  • i had this for lunch a few weeks ago and i’m STILL thinking about it. DEEE-LICIOUS!

  • This is by far my fave club in town. The carrots really add a special something and I love how you get 3 thin slices of bread instead of 2 giant slabs that mask the taste of the other ingredients.

    My fave M Cafe side are the scarlett quinoa and the wasabi potato salad, yuuuuum.

  • I want to love M Cafe, I really do, but the food has been outright awful the last few times I’ve been to the WeHo location (the lone exception being the mac and cheese special – YUM!). I had the club a month back and instead of the “best tempeh bacon I’ve ever had” I got thick, greasy slabs of tempeh that tasted like they’d been soaked in soy sauce all day. I don’t know if I just happen to have visited on a series of “off” days, but with so many other great vegan places in the area, it’ll be a while before I give M Cafe another shot.

  • Oh that looks phenom. Also, did you know that M Cafe now sells their spicy kale with peanut sauce (along with some other sides) at the Co-Op in Santa Monica? It’s like, $3.39 or something. Neat-o.

  • Funny there are different opinions about the presence of the carrots.

    I am not a fan, personally. Rest of the sandwich is really good, tho. And the fries a M Cafe are sooo good.

    Kale, too 🙂

  • Miel – Nice! I also saw some pre-packaged M Cafe salads at Erewon the the other day..

  • I love M Cafe’s club! Real Food Daily’s club is also amazing.

  • I’ve only been to M once, and this is what I got. While the filling was great, the bread was a bit stale and way over-toasted. It was almost impossible to bite into. Obviously this was a unique experience, since everyone else seems to have loved the sandwich, so I guess I’ll have to give it another shot.

  • Wow. I could not disagree with you MORE. I just wasted eleven bucks on this thing. Sheered carrot, lettuce, sprouts, tomato (on one side only), FAR LESS fake bacon than shown in your photo and limp (not crisp like Cafe Flourish has perfected) and trace of avocado. Uh…last time i checked bacon lettuce and tomato was a BLT not a club sandwich. HUGE disappointment. Not even close to Real Food Daily’s. And now you only have 15 minutes to park or they charge $3.50! I’m over this place.

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