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    here at quarrygirl.com, we do our best to scour the los angeles restaurant scene and report back on all the vegan pizza that’s available. recently, one of our secret operatives was relocated to las vegas for a couple months, and within the first 4 hours of his arrival, he sent us evidence of vegan pizza in the desert.


    it turns out the massive vegan-friendly whole foods on la vegas blvd is serving up vegan pizza in their prepared food section. and like a handful of whole foods stores in southern california, the vegas location is now using stretchy, melty daiya vegan cheese to cover their pies. if ronald’s donuts wasn’t enough, it looks like there is another amazing cruelty-free option in sin city. seriously, if you haven’t had daiya yet, you need to try it and see what all the fuss is about.

    12 inch vegan pizza with daiya, tomato, basil and fresh garlic. $8.99

    12 inch vegan pizza with daiya, tomato, basil and fresh garlic. $8.99

    of course our operative ordered the vegan pizza and sent us his findings, as well as all the awesome photos throughout this post. here is some of the vital information we gathered from his report.

    – the girl making pizza was super nice and friendly.
    – operative questioned the employee about the brand of cheese. she said it was new and went to get the box. she returned to the counter with a “big ass box” of daiya cheese.
    – vegas whole foods offers a large pizza, as well as 12″ and 8″ versions
    – operative was told the large pizza “would take about 30-35 minutes because they had to clean the oven because of not having over spill from normal pizzas infect the vegan pizza” but the 8 or 12 inch are quicker because “they put it on a pizza pan and they don’t have to clean the oven because the pizza cooks on the pan.”
    – operative ordered the 12″ which cost $8.99.
    – toppings ordered were daiya, tomato, basil and fresh garlic. the cloves of garlic were so huge, they looked like pearl onions, but were not over powering on any level.
    – the vegan pizza is available on white or wheat crust. operative chose wheat. “delicious.”
    – the pizza crust was more than satisfactory, operative could not tell that the pizza was cooked on a pan, described it as “super crispy, yet chewy in the middle, not to thin not to thick.”
    – PBR tall boys are $1.99 at whole foods, and go great with pizza.

    vegan pizza and PBR tall boy ($1.99)

    vegan pizza and PBR tall boy ($1.99)

    so next time you find yourself in vegas, be sure to get off the strip for some high-quality vegan pizza. this whole does a great job at making tasty pizzas, as well as putting time and care into cleaning/separating vegan cooking utensils. and of course, most importantly, they have daiya cheese! special thanks to our secret operative for sending us these great pictures and info. hopefully he will find many more tasty things during his stay in las vegas.


    whole foods
    6689 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89119-3215
    (702) 589-7711‎


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    I have no idea who that could be~

    Mmm daiya. I need to get myself another whole foods pizza from Irvine, stat!

  • That pizza looks so good! I wish they made 12 inch versions at my Whole Foods, the only ones we have feed like 10 people.

  • whatmoonsongs

    i’m not really a pizza junkie like ya’ll, but yesterday i had a slice of Flore’s Tomato Basil Pizza. they use a soy mozzarella and a spelt cornmeal crust. i’m not sure what brand of cheese it is, but personally, i liked it more than the daiya pizza i had from Cruzer.

  • I am having that for dinner tonight. HOLLA!

  • Um, your “secret operative” looks “totally hot.”
    Jus’ sayin. What what.

  • Add another location to the list of places selling vegan pizza with Daiya cheese. Here are two photos of me enjoying myself at Whole Foods in Torrance at the Rolling Hills Plaza location…



  • As with any pizza joint (other than 100% vegan), you know they don’t change gloves between the meat & veg bins when making pizzas, right?

    And PBR… why not Sterno?

    Vegas WF has to carry organic Eel River or something better than Po’ Bro’s Rotgut.

  • See…$8.99 for a Daiya pizza on whole wheat crust sounds like the perfect price. Desert Rose needs to take note! I’m happy to know there are great vegan options in Vegas. Maybe I’ll go back there someday after all. 😉

  • And to add to the Vegas vegan pizza frenzy, I was there this past weekend and ordered a large from the same location. Follow the link to see mine. It had daiya, pineapple, Spanish onion and Field Roast!!!!!!


  • Agreed… Daiya WAAAY better than all the rest… Especailly Teese… I’m just sayin’

  • Thanks for the Whole Foods heads up – after establishing the don’t have Daiya at my local store (the big fancy Pasadena one) we went to 3rd & Fairfax for takeout and it was amaaaaazing. Also, the woman behind the counter brought out the bag and showed it to me even though I hadn’t asked, which I thought was very kind.

    Now I just have to plan a trip to Vegas!

  • They have Daiya at the Whole Foods on Arroyo in Pasadena.. were you referring to that one?

  • holy shit that looks amazing!!!
    i’m glad that vegas is slowly but surely having more vegan options popping up all over the place. not nearly enough, but still.
    too bad i’m stuck at work craving pizza and beer! damn!

  • My boyfriend and I picked up a Daiya cheese pizza from the Venice Whole Foods last night and we were kind of disappointed after reading this review! The cheese was too creamy and not stretchy at all. I still ate a butt load of it though, don’t get me wrong, it’s still pizza. 🙂

  • oh, and we had PBR with ours too. ha 🙂

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