• san diego: vegan pizza field report

    November 7th, 2009quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san diego

    vegan daiya cheese pizza

    our trusty quarrygirl operative who us evidence of vegan pizza in las vegas is now stationed in san diego…and guess what? there’s vegan pizza there as well!

    pizza fusion, a national chain, is serving up massive vegan pizzas and now some locations have daiya cheese! our operative ordered a pie with olives, onion, jalapenos, and daiya on whole wheat crust…and his one word review of it was “Nom.”

    vegand daiya cheese pizza

    we have written about the santa monica pizza fusion in the past, and gave it a less than glowing review because at the time they were using follow your heart cheese. well, since then it looks like both that location and the san diego one have switched to daiya, which is far superior. so vegans, rejoice!

    i know i will be checking this place out next time i am in san diego. special thanks to our secret operative!

    pizza fusion in san diego

    pizza fusion
    3827 5th Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92103
    Phone: 619-278-005

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  • I love Pizza Fusion, but I have only been to the San Diego location. I was so happy when they finally switched to Daiya.

  • stephanies bakery in sd has the best vegan pizza ive EVER had

  • Hi-

    This is Barry from Pizza Fusion San Diego. Thanks for the kind words about our pizza.

    Just some commentary about the Daiya and Follow Your Heart cheeses. We are offering both and have found that each has their strong loyalists. However, the Follow Your Heart cheese does outsell the Daiya by a margin of 3-1 at this point so it will be interesting to see how this goes over time.


  • Barry: booooo to FYH cheese. Seriously you should stop selling it so people will actually like your vegan pizzaand come back for more.

  • daiya mozzarella isn’t perfect, but follow your heart tastes like my asshole.

  • I just clicked on this from Twitter, and anyone who thinks Follow Your Heart is better has obviously never eaten Daiya.

  • Follow Your Heart doesn’t melt. If we are gonna be putting a vegan cheese up against Daiya, it should be Teese.

  • Follow Your Heart Cheese definitly melts. You just have to shred it thin and cook it hot. I like Daiya and FYH cheese and Teese. My girlfriend likes Teese and Fyh but won’t eat Daiya at all. She hates it and she’s not a picky eater.

  • I would eat FYH over Daiya *on pizza* any day.

    However, I would probably eat Teese over FYH.

  • I like the way Daiya melts, but I think I like the way Teese tastes better. That said, I called up Daiya to talk to them about their ingredients list, and they said that they’re still tweaking it, so the Daiya I tasted might not be the Daiya y’all tasted. I’ve had pizzas at Fellini in Berkeley that use Follow Your Heart cheese and they’ve been great. I believe that Stephanie’s Bakery in SD that someone above said is the best pizza ever also uses FYH. That said, my own experiences cooking with FYH haven’t turned out as good, so recently I’ve only bought Teese and Daiya for home use.

  • Hey all-

    I think this thread perfectly illustrates why our store has decided to carry both vegan cheeses :-). Customers deserve a choice. Vegan pizzas comprise over 15% of our business and it has continued to grow very nicely since we opened the store just over a year ago.


  • Barry, carry Teese!

  • I tried Daiya on the pizzas they were handing out at ExpoWest last March. They used a blend of 70% Italian style and 30% Cheddar style and it was the best pizza vegan cheese I’d ever tasted and better than some real cheese I can still remember. Maybe you guys should give that a try too Barry. I liked the fact that they didn’t use any other toppings to mask the flavor – a good sign. I don’t like FYH’s cheese nearly as much as Daiya but Vegenaise is amazing.

  • Barry is right. Lol We all have our preference. I personally prefer FYH on my pie. I love the mild mozzarella taste. Brings out the flavor of sauce, toppings, and crust. I LOVE the strong taste of Daiya with my Mexican food 🙂

  • Interesting! I like the TASTE of FYH pizza better but the TEXTURE of Daiya kills most other vegan cheeses! (If only someone could combine the taste of FYH w/the melting properties of Daiya!:):)
    Btw, Native Foods uses FYH on their pizzas & SOMEHOW, they get the buggers to m-e-l-t!! It’s SUPER expensive for an individual pizza (I think I spend like $16 by the time I’m out of there w/tax & everything for a basic margherita) but it’s pretty good & pretty melted…NOT as much as Daiya…but close, & the favor, for me, is a little more like authentic pizza! YUM 🙂

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