• ronald’s donuts! time for a vegan donut field trip!

    June 21st, 2009quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA), vegan bakers

    los angeles vegans: take the day off, pack your bags, fill up your tank, and head to las vegas asap.


    it turns out sin city has a lot more to offer than cheap beer, false promises of wealth, broken down hookers and all you can eat shellfish buffets—vegas is also home to the best vegan donuts in the world. i shit you not. ronald’s donuts are so delicious, nobody would ever be able to tell they are vegan. not to be confused with ‘fancy’ los angeles vegan vendors, ronald’s is a typical low brow donut shop. located miles off the strip in LV’s china town, the unassuming hole in the wall opens early, lacks ambiance and charges very little for its treats. it’s an insane experience, going into ronald’s which is exactly like a normal donut shop in every way, and being able to order a box full of classic flavors for just $6. stuff like this in LA would be three times the price and wouldn’t taste nearly as good.


    at ronald’s donuts, there’s two big display cases and everything on the top two rows is vegan. my eyes were bigger than my stomach and i went a little crazy ordering, luckily these things keep pretty well in the refrigerator. i highly suggest if you go here, you stock up as well. you aren’t ever gonna find donuts this good again.


    my favorite by far was the soy cream filled donut. the round squishy white cake was injected with thick vanilla cream and topped off with a layer of chocolate frosting. i can’t stress how much this tastes like the donuts i remember eating as a child. a cheap, normal, decadent donut in every way….except this one was vegan!


    i also filled up on other spiffy treats like the apple burrito thingy pictured above, a fried pastry filled with fruit and topped with crunchy cinnamon. the classic chocolate frosted donut was also delicious…


    …as were the glazed donut holes.


    and you can sit back and enjoy your pastries with a hot cup of coffee in the traditional donut shop atmosphere. seriously, i never thought vegans would be able to do this kind of thing.


    the three and a half hour drive to las vegas is well worth it just to experience ronald’s donuts. if you live in los angeles, i suggest you start planning your trip now. i hear from friends that the thing to do is stay up all night then get to ronald’s at 5am when they open for fresh donuts. not even i am that hardcore, but who knows, maybe i will give it a try next time. get your asses to ronald’s now…and bring some donuts back to LA for me.


    ronald’s donuts
    4600 Spring Mountain Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
    (702) 873-1032

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  • i am still so pissed i miss eating my head off here when I was last in LV but I tell myself its okay cuz I’ll eat a dozen vegan donuts in PDX in 2 wks.

  • dude i need caffiene. clearly. sorry for the whacked out comment.

  • i’m going back in a month, i’ll bring you some of that cream filling in an IV bag. love the soy cream filled and the maple glaze (thank you!)

  • so jealous i may cry.

  • I was there a few weeks ago and finally tried vegan donuts. Wowza! Was everything everyone said it would be. *sigh* Yet another good reason to move to LV. Does Ronald have a brother or something he can send to LA who can make his wonderful donuts for us?

  • OMG! I have been wanting one of those Bavarian cream donuts from Ronald’s ever since I first saw a photo of one of them. I have got to take a vegan donut roadtrip. It is so overdue! Thank you for making me salivate all over again.

  • Quar (as @tranquilmammoth likes to say), it would really help my bikini diet if you wouldn’t post about awesome pizza and donuts all the time. *sigh!* I’m dyin’ here. Judita’s party didn’t help either. There was a TRAY of vegan twinkies at her party. *sniffle*

  • Oh, my goodness! These look fantastic!! How do they do it? Now Homer Simpson has no excuse not to go vegan! Oh, wait I keep forgetting he’s a fictional character not a real person, lol. But I still think that if he went vegan, the whole world would too!

  • These look fabulous! I can’t wait to try them out. Thanks for the review, I got to Vegas far more often than LA & never would have found this place on my own. You rock!

  • My favorite are the soy cream filled, too! Second place is the maple glazed. 🙂

  • I might need to hop on a red eye flight for some of these donuts! I love the lack of kitsch and pretense. Your pics do them justice 🙂

  • Oh yeah… So glad I ate the other half of the apple fritter.

  • Geez, I haven’t had a doughnut is many years, these look so good, I’m contemplating which hand I’d be willing to give up just to have one. I don’t live anywhere near Vegas *sigh*

  • Thank you so much for the article! After reading it yesterday afternoon I called some of my friends and we decided to go. We left the South Bay at 1:30 am and had fresh, delicious donuts at Ronald’s at 6 in the morning, then drove straight back. So again, thank you for inspiring a wonderful summer adventure. I’m happy to say my first trip to vegas was just to get vegan donuts. I am very tired.

  • Oh man, they’re so so so good! Thank you for hooking me up with a Fritter! xo.

  • I am so jealous! I live in Massachusetts but if I ever go to Vegas I have to try this place!

  • how can you make sure they are vegan? i ate them one time, and asked and he wouldn’t show me any ingredient list. we got burned one time by a place in glendale called sesame donuts. that claimed to have vegan donuts, and we would bike there and eat them years ago. one day a friend asked to see the donut mix and it had whey in it, the owner said you couldn’t make donuts without it. so, how do you know? i would love to go back!

  • miss anthrope

    addressing the concern that these donuts may not be vegan…. i am looking into it.

    i will fucking get to the bottom of it, stay tuned.

  • miss anthrope

    it’s looking like a reviewer on happycow.net had the donuts tested and they came up negative for eggs and dairy.


    look for the review called “tested”

  • My friend brought me a dozen vegan donuts back from LV to LA… I admit, I begged him to drive off the strip to bring them back. And they rocked. We stood around the open pink boxes, dozens of every kind–bear claws, cinnamon somethings-or-other, plain, sugar, glaze… I would like very much to make the 5 hour LA-LV drive to get them. And I probably will. Delicious!

  • I’ve haven’t gone to Ronald’s Donuts in over 20 years, even though I lived a few blocks from them for over 15 years. Now I eat all organic, so they won’t be seeing me unless they go organic…speaking of which, I hope they use organic sugar for their donuts or they’re not officially vegan. Regular sugar uses animal bones in the processing.

  • I’m with Kim on this one. I went there awhile back and they C&H sugar packets for the coffee so I could only assume they use the same for the donuts.

  • This is not a 100% vegan restaurant, that is why they have refined sugar packets available for your coffee. As far as the sugar in donuts, a review on happycow testified that they were told they currently use a vegan sugar.

  • I just went there this morning on my trip to Vegas.
    I hate to disappoint anyone, but I don’t think the cream filled donut is vegan. I am highly lactose intolerant and after eating one of those cream filled donut, I had side effects (I will spare you the details here). So although some of the donut may be vegan, I suspect some are not. It was tasty but not worth the trip.

  • And I wanted to give readers a good idea of what they could expect to find inside my books. ,

  • A vegan friend brought these to a bowling tournment in LV and I had them for the first time! Ended up taking home two dozen to my Vegan Kids, then came back two weeks later with a request for another 2 dozen! They are great!

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