• zen palate in nyc! and meet this.charming.man

    June 18th, 2010more restaurants (not LA), NYC

    hey guys, qg here. today is an exciting day, because our very first field reporter is now an official quarrygirl writer. i’d like to introduce you to this.charming.man! from now on, i won’t preface his entries. so sit back and enjoy his brief, honest, and often hilarious posts…the first being this one about zen palate in nyc.


    zen palate. nothing cray cray to rave about this place besides how great the food was and how quick it came. convenient and true vegan “fast food.” QG has already posted one of these dishes, the tofu delight, so i chose to try that myself yet opt for the fresh moo-shu rolls instead of fried taro roll which more fits my “palate.” after walking 50 some blocks from the upper west side, exploring where we now will call home, 2 iphones in hand: one with google maps blazin and the second with QG.com screaming, we choose ZP to cure our craving for chinese food….

    tofu delight with peanut basil moo-shu rolls, brown & red rice: soft tofu with zucchini & tomatoes in a black bean sauce.

    the menu is not 100% vegan but all options are clearly marked so we did the damn thang, no complaints.

    before placing my order for the ‘tofu delight‘ came out of my mouth, coco’s “sweet and sour sensation” was already being served to the table….

    sweet and sour sensation with taro spring rolls, brown & red rice. battered soy protein in sweet & sour sauce on a bed of blanched broccoli.

    talk about fast… this was fast, fuck jimmy johns fast.. apparently this is the way zen palate rolls.

    done and done, like clockwork.

    zen palate
    663 Ninth Ave. (at 46th St)
    New York, NY 10036
    (212) 582-1669

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  • I love Zen Palate and have eaten there many many times. Used to be one on 78th and Broadway, which ended up closing. Sucked because it was by our place…75th and Amsterdam. So we started going to the one by Union Square.

    This is one place that I wish would open a LA location.

  • Love it.

  • I live in L.A. and haven’t been to Zen Palette in years. I dream about the Sesame Medallions. One of the best vegan dishes I’ve ever had.

  • That dish with the broccoli looks so colorful and appetizing!!

  • Avatar issues sorted out (should always be the pink lotus flower.)

    Thanks for the review and welcome to all the new writers these days!!

  • Hi There!

    Your Blog is my FAVORITE!
    Hands Down!

    I just wanted to say that, Ive been 99% Vegan for a while now and I am working on the 1% which is generally just me screwing up, eating things without thinking like when my friend made cookies and I ate one and then thought-oh crap. :o)~

    Blessings to You!

  • FOR YEARS, the Zen Palate website listed a PASADENA (!) location as COMING SOON. Then, they started closing a bunch of the tri-state locations (Union Square, Princeton, Broadway) and the Pasadena Zen Palate dream fizzled.

    Good, fast, Japanese Vegetarian was LA’s vegan Achilles’ heel, until SHOJIN rode in from the skies. Still wish for a convenient place to get some curry noodle soup around here…

  • oh man. i so miss the union square location. I crave Zen Palate all the time (now i’m in la)

  • I love Zen Palate – the sweet & sour delight is one of my favorites. Great photos and welcome aboard this.charming.man! Looking forward to more NY reports.

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