• June 5th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    tiramisu by vegan bake sale. drool over it.

    this isn’t just any tiramisu, it’s INSANELY AWESOME TIRAMISU. recently one of us (mr. meaner) celebrated a birthday—and instead of a cake, we had these adorable dishes by vegan bake sale. the popular italian dessert is traditionally made with espresso-dipped biscuits, egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, sugar and cocoa…and we are always on the lookout for animal-free versions of it. it’s been mr. meaner’s favorite cake in the world since way back when he was a vegetarian—so if we ever see a vegan tiramisu on a menu, no matter how full we are, we have to order it. i’m happy to report that vegan bake sale has taken the tiramisu crown!

    i don’t know how she did it, but this layered dish was better than any tiramisu we’ve eaten (vegan or otherwise). pure genius, i tell you! it was pretty to look at, and it tasted AMAZING. i made a futile attempt to only eat half of the dish, and save the rest for later…but it was just too good to resist.

    vegan bake sale is not taking orders at the moment, but maybe if you have a really special occasion and offer her millions of dollars, she will make an exception. ; )

    until then, just be jealous. and enjoy the pictures.

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  • December 15th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, meet market (closed), vegan bakers

    so…i’m sure you’ve already heard that it’s national cupcake day. what better way to celebrate this special time of year then with some of THE BEST vegan cupcakes los angeles has to offer?

    vegan bake sale cupcakes at meet market

    that’s right, trusted quarrygirl friend and favorite vegan bake sale now has cupcakes available to the public in silverlake. all you gotta do is head over to the meet market on sunset at descanso, and these babies are for sale individually!

    the meet market is open on weekdays from 11am-4pm and weekends from 10am-8pm. i know, i know, that means it’s too late to grab a cupcake fix for tonight. but seriously, you should head over there tomorrow before they run out. a vegan cupcake this good that you don’t have to order by the dozen is very hard to come by.

    right now, the meet market is offering pumpkin spice (pictured above), as well as peanut butter and cookies & cream (pictured below). i have never tried the peanut butter flavor, but i can tell you that the pumpkin spice and cookies & cream are MADLY DELICIOUS.

    cookies and cream by vegan bake sale

    get to silverlake. get to the meet market. get some cupcakes. this is stuff that you usually have to order loads at a time. so take advantage.

    the meet market
    3206 W Sunset Blvd (at Descanso)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    mon-fri 11am-4pm
    sat-sun 10am-8pm

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  • September 22nd, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers


    hey everyone, today we have a winner for last week’s cupcake giveaway from vegan bake sale! thanks to everyone who participated, you guys all came up with some delicious flavors. we used random.org to generate a random number and choose the winner…and out of 166 commenters, it selected #34.

    that means the winner is…nadia! yay! here is nadia’s original comment:


    so there you have it! congratulations nadia, you are the proud winner of 1 dozen cruelty-free delicious cupcakes from vegan bake sale. we will email you today and discuss how you can collect your prize.

    for those of you who didn’t win, i highly suggest you put in an order of your favorite flavor with vegan bake sale anyway. i can say without a doubt these are the fluffiest, tastiest cupcakes i’ve ever eaten. so don’t miss out, we can all be winners here.

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  • September 15th, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers

    update: we have a winner for the vegan cupcakes! yaya! thanks to vegan bake sale for doing such a wonderful giveaway!


    FREE. VEGAN. CUPCAKES. do i have your attention?

    that’s right, you have a chance to win a whole box of delicious cruelty-free cupcakes. and these aren’t just any old vegan cupcakes—these are rich, decadent, sinful-tasting cupcakes made by vegan bake sale. alix, the mastermind behind the los angeles-based baking company, has been kind enough to offer quarrygirl.com readers the chance to to win one dozen cupcakes by commenting on this blog post.

    this is quite an amazing gift, because i have eaten loads of vegan bake sale cupcakes…and there is nothing vegan-tasting about them. as alix says on her blog, “These aren’t the healthy, crunchy, cardboard vegan desserts you find at health food stores, they’re the decadent, delicious treats that could fool any non-vegan.” And, she’s right. I have fed her desserts to unsuspecting omnivores, who gave them tons of praise without even knowing they were vegan. heh heh heh.

    here’s what you need to do for a chance to win some of these lovely cupcakes:
    1.) you must comment on this blog post with your favorite cupcake flavor.
    2.) you must leave your real, valid email address when you submit your comment. (the public won’t see this, just me…so i can contact you if you win!)
    3.) you must be in los angeles.

    that’s it. super easy. the winner will be picked at random and announced on the morning of tuesday, september 22. they will receive one dozen free cupcakes from vegan bake sale, hopefully of their dream flavor. if you need some help thinking of your favorite flavor, check out vegan bake sale’s menu.

    i’ve tried several of vegan bake sale’s cupcakes, and while i love them all, the one that haunts my dreams the most is pumpkin spice. the creamy spiced frosting atop moist fluffy cake invokes such warm fuzzy feelings of autumn—this one would be my first choice.

    vegan bake sale pumpkin spice cupcake

    vegan bake sale pumpkin spice cupcake

    and to those of you who don’t win, please don’t let that stop you from trying out some of vegan bake sale’s cupcakes anyway! they are some of the best vegan cupcakes around, and you won’t be sorry. plus, they are so damn pretty.

    for more info, check out:
    @veganbakesale on twitter

    now get commenting! THERE ARE CUPCAKES TO BE WON!



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  • April 9th, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers, vegan stuff

    move over kids, there’s a new vegan baker in los angeles and the goods are amazing. vegan bake sale launched just a few weeks ago and specializes in beautiful and tasty cakes and cupcakes, but cheesecakes and cookies are also in the works. alix, the talented baker behind all of this, has been teasing los angeles vegans with her treats for quite awhile on her blog cute and delicious…i was so excited when she announced that she was making them available to the general public.

    coincidentally, alix launched vegan bake sale just 5 days before my dad’s birthday. what better way to celebrate than to get him a huge vegan cake…right?!?! mwahahaha.

    vegan bake sale double layered chocolate cake. $45

    vegan bake sale double layered chocolate cake. $45

    when i contacted vegan bake sale to place an order, alix wrote back and said she could make any flavor i could dream up. that sounded like quite an opportunity, but i still went with basic old double chocolate. i mean, who doesn’t love that, right? when i picked up the cake i was shocked at the size…it was much bigger than i imagined! it was also beautifully decorated with gorgeous piping around the edges. seriously, too pretty to eat. even the smell of it in the car on the way to my folks’ house was so sweet and tempting, i am shocked i made it all the way there without stealing a finger full of frosting.


    i think everyone would agree the cake was a huge hit. my non-vegan parents loved it, and so did my husband who usually won’t go near sweet foods. on her blog, alix says her baked goods “aren’t the healthy, crunchy, cardboard vegan desserts you find at health food stores, they’re the decadent, delicious treats that could fool any non-vegan,” and she is absolutely right. the cake itself was sinfully tasty, and so was the rich luscious frosting.


    after eating just one slice i went into an epic food coma. i left the cake with my parents and kept getting emails from my mom about how great the leftovers were. total success.

    so if you are looking for a vegan birthday cake in los angeles, or a load of vegan cupcakes, definitely hit up vegan bake sale for treats that will impress. i got an amazing vegan birthday cake from real food daily last year, and i can tell you this thing topped even that…which is saying a lot! plus, alix can not only bake “any flavor you can dream up,” she’s also a total frosting artist and your cake is guaranteed to look amazing.

    check vegan bake sale’s website, blog, and twitter for more info.

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