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    June 5th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    tiramisu by vegan bake sale. drool over it.

    this isn’t just any tiramisu, it’s INSANELY AWESOME TIRAMISU. recently one of us (mr. meaner) celebrated a birthday—and instead of a cake, we had these adorable dishes by vegan bake sale. the popular italian dessert is traditionally made with espresso-dipped biscuits, egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, sugar and cocoa…and we are always on the lookout for animal-free versions of it. it’s been mr. meaner’s favorite cake in the world since way back when he was a vegetarian—so if we ever see a vegan tiramisu on a menu, no matter how full we are, we have to order it. i’m happy to report that vegan bake sale has taken the tiramisu crown!

    i don’t know how she did it, but this layered dish was better than any tiramisu we’ve eaten (vegan or otherwise). pure genius, i tell you! it was pretty to look at, and it tasted AMAZING. i made a futile attempt to only eat half of the dish, and save the rest for later…but it was just too good to resist.

    vegan bake sale is not taking orders at the moment, but maybe if you have a really special occasion and offer her millions of dollars, she will make an exception. ; )

    until then, just be jealous. and enjoy the pictures.

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  • Oh that looks delicious 🙂 An hour away from midnight is not a good time to peruse vegan dessert photos, as you suddenly are in the mood for sweets and everything is closed!!

  • The sad part is that normal tiramisu is dead easy to make once you buy the ladyfingers and mascarpone. It’s one of my favorite so I’ve tried making it a few times but haven’t really been happy with any recipe yet.

    I still haven’t tried the M Cafe version that you reviewed.

  • beautiful!!! I am a sucker for any dessert that is eaten out of a little dish with a spoon. I love the M cafe version too.

  • That looks very impressive! I had some vegan bakesale cupcakes once and they blew my mind.

  • i’m so glad you guys enjoyed the tiramisu. it was definitely fun to make. even thought vegan bake sale is away for the moment, i’ll be back i promise 🙂

  • This not something to be dangling in front of me when I’m trying to study for finals. Just thinking of the sweety-goodness stresses me out by its absence.

    Thank you. I want.

  • I miss tiramisu so much, and I can just never be bothered to make it, but that looks amazing! I bet it was awesome!

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  • Oh shit, this looks amazing!

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