• December 15th, 2010quarrygirlfarmers market, LA restaurants

    not sure if you’ve been keeping track of the dramz, but the hollywood farmers market (home of the beloved taste of life breakfast sandwich) is being threatened.

    la film school is trying to shut down the market, and we CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. seriously, this would be a huge blow to the vegan community considering how many vegan-friendly stands and vendors operate there.

    check out the article on LAist.com about how you can help TODAY, before the meeting with city officials tomorrow. PLEASE DO YOUR PART!

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  • July 10th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    you already know about the killer breakfast sandwiches that a taste of life sells every sunday at the hollywood farmers market, but now you have yet another delicious reason to visit their booth. PEACE TREATZ!

    almond spice and strawberry vegan cupcakes

    peace treatz is an all vegan bakery that has been taking private orders for a while, but now their treats are available every week at the taste of life booth at the HFM. i had a chance to try their cupcakes, and they were tasty beyond belief. if you are in town this weekend, you gotta go pick some up…

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  • March 5th, 2010quarrygirla taste of life, farmers market, LA restaurants

    you gotta love the a taste of life booth at the hollywood farmers market. as if the breakfast sandwich (one of the top ten vegan items to eat in los angeles) wasn’t enough to get you out of bed early on sunday…

    vegan chocolate chip cookie. $1

    now you have their homemade chocolate chip cookies to tempt you as well.

    these things are baked freshly, are super fluffy and moist, and will only set you back $1. this is the kind of cookie that you bite into and it starts immediately melting all over…in a good way! it’s cakey and juicy all at once and just oozes with rich creamy chocolate. mmmmm.

    and while you are at the taste of life stand, you would be a FOOL to leave without buying one of their breakfast sandwiches. i know i go on and on about these, but they are WORTH THE HYPE.

    vegan breakfast sandwich. $5

    moist biscuit, melted cheese, succulent sausage, grilled tofu…all smashed together, ALL VEGAN. like an egg mcmuffin but way better and tastier. oh, and as you know a taste of life also makes the best vegan soul food in town…so stock up on some mac and cheese and bbq tofu while you are there as well.

    see you sunday!

    a taste of life
    hollywood farmers market
    cross street of ivar and selma
    every sunday
    8:00am – 1:30pm

    PS: thanks to @havingmysay for telling me about these awesome cookies!!

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  • November 20th, 2009quarrygirlfarmers market, LA restaurants, vegan bakers

    c'est la v vegan cupcakes at hollywood farmers market

    since you will probably already be up on sunday morning to buy the best breakfast sandwich in the world at the hollywood farmers market, while you are there be sure to head over to cosmo street for some vegan baked goods from the c’est la v booth. created by kim garr, one LA’s most popular vegan bakers, c’est la v specializes in treats that taste just like traditional decadent baked goods…but with no refined sugar or animal products.

    C'est La V Bakeshop Table

    c’est la v has been offering their amazing animal-free desserts at the hollywood farmers market for a while, but now that the weather has cooled down a bit, they have finally started selling the most beloved vegan treat ever—cupcakes! and these aren’t just any old vegan cupcakes, these are seriously some of the best.

    do you guys remember leda’s bakeshop in sherman oaks? they shut down a while ago, but back in the day they used to have the most delicious cupcakes in town—seriously worth a drive to the valley for. well kim garr was the original vegan baker at leda’s, so the fact that her vegan cupcakes are available to the public once again is quite a big deal!

    C'est La V Bakeshop Cupcakes

    last sunday when i dropped by the c’est la v booth, they were selling 2 flavors of cupcakes—chocolate chocolate and velvet with cream cheese. both of them were excellent.

    velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. $3.25

    velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. $3.25

    the velvet one was moist and delicious, topped with a dollop of incredibly rich vegan cream cheese frosting. it was basically like a red velvet cupcake but without the food coloring, so if you are a RV fan, you will LOVE this.

    chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. $3.25

    chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. $3.25

    and the chocolate chocolate…wow! this flavor was my personal favorite. i am a huge chocolate fan, and this thing did not disappoint—the cake was packed with amazing sweet flavor, and the frosting was so fluffy. i’m glad i was pretty far away from the c’est la v booth when i started eating it, because i would not have been able to resist going back for more.

    whatever your plans are on sunday, you should figure out a way to work in a trip to the hollywood farmers market and pay c’est la v a visit. sure, you can always order their stuff online…but you usually have to order like 12 cupcakes at a time. here you can go grab as many things as you want, and try a variety of their goods! i know i will be back again on sunday.

    c'est la v's vegan booth at the farmers market

    C’est La V
    Hollywood Farmers’ Market (Sundays)
    Cosmo Street near Selma Avenue
    Hollywood, CA

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