• another reason to wake up on sunday: peace treatz

    July 10th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    you already know about the killer breakfast sandwiches that a taste of life sells every sunday at the hollywood farmers market, but now you have yet another delicious reason to visit their booth. PEACE TREATZ!

    almond spice and strawberry vegan cupcakes

    peace treatz is an all vegan bakery that has been taking private orders for a while, but now their treats are available every week at the taste of life booth at the HFM. i had a chance to try their cupcakes, and they were tasty beyond belief. if you are in town this weekend, you gotta go pick some up…

    the almond flavor was my favorite, with moist crumbly cake and the perfect blend of nuts and spices whipped into unbelievably creamy frosting. the strawberry flavor was incredible as well, luscious and topped with fresh fruit.

    peace treatz also sent me home with a bundle of chocolate chip cookies to try, and they really hit the spot. soft and chewy, with crunchy nuts and melty little chocolate chips. i am definitely a fan of this bakery.

    so if you are feeling the urge for a vegan cupcake that will totally knock your socks off, head on over to the hollywood farmers market on sunday and get yourself some peace treatz! you can also contact them through their website to place an order, and follow them on twitter!

    peace treatz at a taste of life
    hollywood farmers market
    cross street of ivar and selma
    every sunday
    8:00am – 1:30pm

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  • I’m gonna have to check out the Hwood Farmer’s Market sometime, it seems to have a lot of good stuff. The trouble is getting up that early. We need a Farmer’s Market for people who enjoy sleeping a reasonable amount on weekends.

  • I want those cupcakes right now with my soy latte! Especially the strawberry one. Though the almond spice one looks delicious too. So many vegan cupcakes, so little time. Shucks!! 😀

  • mmmmmm breakfast sammies and cupcakes. perfect combo!

  • Don’t miss our Vegan Extravaganza next Wednesday, July 28th from 12-2 pm. We’ll be introducing new Vegan items & having a party….that’s how we do it in Venice:)

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