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    March 5th, 2010quarrygirla taste of life, farmers market, LA restaurants

    you gotta love the a taste of life booth at the hollywood farmers market. as if the breakfast sandwich (one of the top ten vegan items to eat in los angeles) wasn’t enough to get you out of bed early on sunday…

    vegan chocolate chip cookie. $1

    now you have their homemade chocolate chip cookies to tempt you as well.

    these things are baked freshly, are super fluffy and moist, and will only set you back $1. this is the kind of cookie that you bite into and it starts immediately melting all over…in a good way! it’s cakey and juicy all at once and just oozes with rich creamy chocolate. mmmmm.

    and while you are at the taste of life stand, you would be a FOOL to leave without buying one of their breakfast sandwiches. i know i go on and on about these, but they are WORTH THE HYPE.

    vegan breakfast sandwich. $5

    moist biscuit, melted cheese, succulent sausage, grilled tofu…all smashed together, ALL VEGAN. like an egg mcmuffin but way better and tastier. oh, and as you know a taste of life also makes the best vegan soul food in town…so stock up on some mac and cheese and bbq tofu while you are there as well.

    see you sunday!

    a taste of life
    hollywood farmers market
    cross street of ivar and selma
    every sunday
    8:00am – 1:30pm

    PS: thanks to @havingmysay for telling me about these awesome cookies!!

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  • I’ll be there on Sunday, as usual. Missed the cookies last time and I certainly won’t this time!

  • Everytime you post a picture of that sandwich I check flights from JFK.

  • You are so fortunate to have so many choices available. They all look good.

  • The cookies and sandwich both look awesome!

  • They have those sandwiches for sale at Locali, too. Wrapped and in the fridge.

  • Im taking the kids EARLY! i’ve been wanting to try this for too long. Ms. Quarrygirl & Mr. Meanie(that’s my alias for Meaner) What time are y’all going?

  • They have those sandwiches at the Co-Op too. And mac and cheese!

  • today, i ordered 7 breakfast sandwiches and 6 cookies. i got 1 sandwich and 1 cookie for free because KIDS eat for FREE! the sandwiches were very delicious and very filling. i love the texture. McShit better recognize!

  • Shucks, woke up too late! Will have to try another weekend.

  • My hubby and i went a few weeks ago for those little breakfast samis. We were really excited but ended up feeling let down. The biscuit and the patty were dry and old tasting, and the whole thing lacked any kind of real flavor. We got them at about 9am. I got the impression that they were made the night before and had been kept under a heat lamp ever sense. Sad really.

  • Question:: do they have other food aside from the breakfast sandwich? and is there anywhere to sit at the farmers market?

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