• February 10th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    remember the vegan twinkies that los angeles was obsessed with a while back? well they aren’t available anymore…but the mastermind behind them, jennshaggy, has recently released a cookbook called veganize this! where she divulges the twinkie secret, along with 199 other amazing recipes from surf and turf to ice cream pie.

    if you are in the bay area, you have the chance to meet jenn and her lovely wife jane this friday, when they’ll both be signing copies of their books. (yep, jane is a published author as well!) here are the details:

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  • November 16th, 2010quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    it’s field report time! this one is written by i dream of greenie, who recently took a trip to cinnaholic in berkeley. we blogged about mail order cinnamon rolls from the all vegan bakery last week, and now i am dying to visit the shop even more. be warned, this post contains graphic imagery including cookie dough, dandies, and offensive amounts of frosting. YUM.

    cinnamon roll with macadamia nut frosting and cookie dough chunks

    I have a full set of sweet teeth so when I heard about Cinnaholic, a bakery in Berkeley that boasted custom ordered vegan cinnamon rolls, I knew I needed to visit this spot next time I was in the Bay Area. After drooling over the photos on their website, it became evident that Cinnaholic was the first place I needed to stop upon getting into town.

    En route I began to worry that I was about to suffer from a classic case of the letdowns. There is a major difference between enjoying eating something and getting a full sensory gratification and I was definitely hyping it up to be the latter, which from my experience is a rarity. After having been there multiple times, Cinnaholic is simply THAT GOOD.

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  • November 11th, 2010quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    cinnaholic is an all vegan cinnamon roll bakery (yeah, you heard me right) that opened in berkeley earlier this year. they have gotten rave reviews from many trusted blogs…and i can finally confirm that this place is WORTH THE HYPE!

    just think about it. an all vegan cinnamon roll parlor with “build-your-own” options that range from root beer flavored frosting, to pie-inspired rolls, to toppings like cookie dough and vegan marshmallows. there is just one word for it: INSANITY! i can’t even believe that a place as wonderful as cinnaholic exists.

    while it’s sad that cinnaholic is located a whopping 6 hours away from los angeles, i’m happy to report that they can ship cinnamon rolls to hungry vegans around the nation! recently on twitter, i was tweeting bummed out messages about how i hadn’t tried cinnaholic yet. within like 30 minutes, they replied to me and offered to send me some of their goodies. of course i said yes!!! damn, i was so excited to try these rolls, and they ended up being even better than i imagined.

    cinnaholic sent me two rolls with two different frosting flavors, maple and caramel. they came with easy to use instructions, and after just a few minutes in the oven they turned into warm mounds of gooey goodness.

    seriously, i have never had cinnamon rolls this delicious…vegan or not. the frosting was so sweet and melty and the rolls were moist and flaky. i can only imagine how wonderful these things would be right out of the oven. and if plain rolls with just frosting are this good, they must be crazy delicious with added toppings! i am contemplating taking a trip to berkeley soon just so i can eat a vegan cinnamon roll drenched in vanilla frosting and covered in cookie dough and brownie chunks.

    if you are anywhere near northern california, get over to cinnaholic ASAP. if you live far away, you can order cinnamon rolls by the dozen as well as frosting shots online. 12 may seem like a lot of cinnamon rolls, but trust me, i could get through a dozen of these in a couple days. oh, and they freeze well too!

    i am still getting over the fact that an entirely vegan cinnamon roll bakery even exists. damn, this is such an exciting time to be alive! thank you, cinnaholic!

    2132 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA
    (510) 647-8684 ‎

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