• Vegan Field Report: Cinnaholic in Berkeley!

    November 16th, 2010quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    it’s field report time! this one is written by i dream of greenie, who recently took a trip to cinnaholic in berkeley. we blogged about mail order cinnamon rolls from the all vegan bakery last week, and now i am dying to visit the shop even more. be warned, this post contains graphic imagery including cookie dough, dandies, and offensive amounts of frosting. YUM.

    cinnamon roll with macadamia nut frosting and cookie dough chunks

    I have a full set of sweet teeth so when I heard about Cinnaholic, a bakery in Berkeley that boasted custom ordered vegan cinnamon rolls, I knew I needed to visit this spot next time I was in the Bay Area. After drooling over the photos on their website, it became evident that Cinnaholic was the first place I needed to stop upon getting into town.

    En route I began to worry that I was about to suffer from a classic case of the letdowns. There is a major difference between enjoying eating something and getting a full sensory gratification and I was definitely hyping it up to be the latter, which from my experience is a rarity. After having been there multiple times, Cinnaholic is simply THAT GOOD.

    The cinnamon bun itself is soft on the middle and on the exterior kinda resembles a soft pretzel (sans the salt) and there is an enormous, succulent, gooey cinnamon ribbon in the middle.

    You can choose your own frosting from a list of about 25 and on my most recent visit, I found out you can even pick 2 flavors (either swirled or half and half)…they also offer frosting shots, which is essentially a condiment container full of a frosting of your choice…genius!

    The maple flavor is by far my favorite, though I also like it mixed with butter pecan. Other flavors I’ve tried include pumpkin spice (it’s got a bit of a kick to it, almost a chai tea like taste), hazelnut, coffee and caramel.

    If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, don’t even get me started on the toppings. I am a big fan of the cookie dough chunks, Dandies, chocolate sauce and need to try the brownie chunks next time I am there.

    Here’s just a few pictures to whet your whistle:

    cinnamon roll with 1/2 maple, 1/2 caramel frosting, cookie dough chunks, and dandies marshmallows

    cinnamon roll with butter pecan frosting and gingersnaps

    *Disclaimer, this topping is described as gingerbread cookies, so I expected it to be a little different. It still worked though. Also, ignore the bite taken from the corner ☺*

    cinnamon roll with maple froting and cookie dough chunks

    If that isn’t enough to get you on the next plane to Berkeley, Cinnaholic now ships their treats nationwide. Plus everybody that works there is super helpful, laid back and you can tell they all love working there. Oh and did I mention they serve hot chocolate too?

    2132 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA
    (510) 647-8684 ‎

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That looks scrumptious and marvelous and delectable and splendid. Words cannot express how much I long for them to open up a location down here in Los Angeles!!!

  • Good grief that looks so good.

  • I’ve seen the future, and it’s a box of cinnamon rolls in my mailbox. 🙂

  • wow! I’m eating one right now. My sister lives in bay area and always send me box when ever she get the chance. Yesterday I got six including the marshmallows one. They really good.

  • I think this page just gave me the diabetes.

  • Had a roll with maple frosting and hazelnuts. Yeah, it was pretty much awesome.

  • oh dear, is that maple frosting or did i just wet myself with happiness? i cannot wait for an excuse to head up north so i can try these! and cinnaholic…open a location here!

  • holy geez qg that is the most awesome/dangerous idea for a bakery i’ve EVER heard of! i’m actually pretty glad it’s not anywhere near me, i can guarantee i would gain about 6 pant sizes in a week if i lived near an all-vegan, all-cinnamon roll bakery!

    &thanks field reporter 🙂

  • It really is that good. Every time.

  • YAY Cinnaholic! I had a box of these shipped to me a few weeks ago and they are even more ridiculous than this sounds! They are CRAZY good. And that’s saying a lot since they traveled all the way to Pennsylvania from Berkeley and still tasted fresh out of the oven!

    Small disclaimer: One of my best friends works there. But that doesn’t make me biased. It simply goes to show how rad the employees are 🙂

  • Guess where I’ll be Thanksgiving weekend?!? 😀

  • These cinnamon buns are just simply dangerous. Please keep them in Berkley. My dreams of having a beach body would be over.

  • I had a vanilla frosted one with brownie, cookie dough, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce. Heaven! Just go. Drive, fly, whatever it takes lol

  • Jack Bee Garland

    i went there over the summer. ah-ma-zing! although it was a bit sweet for my taste it was still awesome to have a vegan cinnamon role.
    the restaurant was super clean and the staff was really nice.

  • Went here this weekend – it was delicious! And such a cute little shop!

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