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  • One World Vegetarian Cuisine makes reallly good chili fries as an appetizer, and if you ask for it, they’ll add daiya cheese to it.
    It’s about 75cents more to add it, but it’s worth it! They’re fries and chili are amazing to begin with anyways.
    Speaking of Daiya cheese at one world, they make realllllly good spinach & cheese quesadillas as an appetizer. :]
    They recently started using daiya within the last few months. :]

  • p.s. The frysmith fries look/sound yummy, too!

  • Hi — I am loving your blog! I’ve been subscribed for the past few weeks and, despite living outside DC several thousand miles away from you, this blog seriously makes me want to move to LA. Obviously the weather and atmosphere would be a welcome benefit, but the abundance of vegan fare is just RIDICULOUS! I’m very jealous and can’t wait to visit.

  • !!!

    This is awesome.

  • Saints and Sinners tomorrow FTW

  • who is going to artwalk??!?!

  • this is the kind of vegan food im talking about.

    give those to me NOW!

  • you couldnt wait til morning like i predicted??

    honestly i think the daiya is gonna eff these up. they were good enough already!

  • @scott, then get yours w/o the daiya you crazy fool! why you wouldn’t want VEGAN CHILI CHEESE FRIES is beyond me. everything is mo bedda w/ daiya chedda.

  • hahaha! mo bedda with daiya chedda! I love what you did with the picture of the chili fries, BTW. Get me some of those! Our vegan wish has been granted by the influence of quarrygirl.com! Pretty awesome 😉

  • How awesome. Just how spicy is this chili?

  • The Frysmith truck will be at Sacred Fools theater this Saturday night after the late night show. Vegan fries at midnight! (And, hopefully, no rain!)

  • just had these last night. SO GOOD. thanks for the tip!

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  • […] You’ll know that we’re on the brink of a vegan world when every town has a truck dispensing gooey vegan chili cheese fries. Great photo here from QuarryGirl, who never fails to make me feel like an idiot for not moving to LA. Link. […]

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