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    May 3rd, 2010quarrygirlcowboys and turbans, LA restaurants

    hey LA, we have some great news! our favorite indian/mexican-inspired food joint has added a slew of new animal-free dishes to its menu!

    that’s right, cowboys and turbans has had a total face-lift, and their new menu includes even more delicious vegan items than before. not just that, but they now DELIVER (literally, not just on taste) to the silverlake area.

    i have been a fan of cownboys and turbans for ages, but i tried out the new stuff last week and was thoroughly impressed. first off, the tofu samosa was awesome. unlike most omnivorous-indian-restuarants, c&t offers an array of vegan samosas to choose from. not just your potato pea variety, this place has selections like cauliflower, tofu, and spinach selections. we ordered a tofu samosa to share, and it was fantastic…

    tofu samosa (vegan). $5

    not only was it ENORMOUS (see it pictured with an iphone to get an idea of the size), but it was delicious as well. soft and thick tofu in a medley of delicious indian flavors, all mixed up with peas and tomato. so good!

    for our entrees, we ordered exclusively off of cowboys and turban’s new menu, starting with the aloo gobi…

    aloo gobi: cauliflower and potatoes sauteed in tomatoes, garlic, and ginger. $8

    this was pleasant, although a little too sweet for me…and quite small, considering the $8 price tag. i definitely enjoyed it, i just could have done with a little more spice and a few more florets. next up, we have the daily dall…

    daily dall: black lentils cooked withh onions, tomatoes, coriander, cumin, and tumeric. $7

    this dish was probably the highlight of the night, it was extremely thick and flavorful with an array of unusual spices and ridiculously fresh vegetables. i loved it, and will definitely order it again. lastly, the channa saag…

    channa saag: garbanzo beans cooked with fresh, chopped spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and curry. $8

    this was very tasty as well, with a large portion of succulent chickpeas and leafy spinach. the beans and greens combo was a great one, and i’d highly recommend this dish. we also got some plain basmati rice to mix in with everything, which was quite pleasant…

    basmati rice: long grain white rice. $2

    and if you live in the silverlake area, cowboys and turbans will now deliver to your door for just a $15 minimum!

    here’s a peek at the new menu, and please note that the side dishes aren’t that expensive, it’s just a typo…

    get over to cowboys and turbans to try their new stuff ASAP! my favorite dish is still their massive tofu burrito, though…

    cowboys and turbans
    2815 Sunset Blvd.
    Everyday: 11AM – 10PM


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  • That samosa looks amazing. Would be a meal in itself.

    I can’t believe you paid $8 for such a small portion of aloo gobi. The Samosa House stuff is way, way better value.

  • Still haven’t stopped in here, I’m so behind on my list of vegan places to visit in LA.

  • This place is fantastic! Can’t wait to try the new menu!!

  • I wish breakfast weren’t the hardest meal of the vegan day. So hard to get a nice, hot breakfast.

  • I’d kill for that channa saag right now! 🙂

  • I first read about this place on your blog, and I’ve seriously been going here at least once a week. I love it. Thanks so much for posting about it!

  • You have fired up my Indian Food Taste Buds. Indian Food is a “Must Have” for tomorrow night!!

  • Was there about 7 hours ago. Went with a couple of carnivores and they ended up ordering only vegan food. We loved it all! And the owner was such a sweetheart! Gave us hats with the logo on it, and came by to converse with us a few times. My first time there and already can’t wait to go back.

  • “I wish breakfast weren’t the hardest meal of the vegan day. So hard to get a nice, hot breakfast.”

    I agree, it seems every vegan place in town opens at 11am or noon. We need good vegan breakfast places in Los Angeles (as well as an all-vegan ice-cream parlor :D)

  • Those entrees look tiny! 8 bucks for those? How do the flavors stack up against Samosa House and Bawarchi? They’d better be a party in the mouth at those prices.

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