• Great British food with cold beer in Barcelona (BCN)! The Cat Bar rocks.

    September 10th, 2010quarrygirlbarcelona, more restaurants (not LA)

    hey everyone! time for another barcelona vegan field report by dadatamonkey. i gotta say, this is by far my favorite one yet…and it seems too good to be true. it’s about an ALL VEGAN CAT -THEMED BAR that serves fast food-style cuisine! go on, read all about cat bar!

    Good British food and cold beer. What more could a man want?

    Strolling around Barca, I came across a bar with a sign outside saying vegano. And its called.. The Cat Bar! Given I love beer, food and cats I kinda had to go in! It’s a normal bar that just happens to serve vegan food! Here’s what they say about the food: “All the food made in the kitchen is 100% vegan. Any food not made by us, ketchup, mustard etc., is served in the original package with the list of ingredients which can be read by most under 30 years olds but few older than that..” So add in a sense of humour and this place is well worth a visit!

    Meow. Meow. I do love cats! This place is cute and slightly shambolic. I like that.

    All over the bar the Cat theme continues! The owner Roy is a good Northern geezer with a sarcastic sense of humour. Add in Geraldine (co-owner) and you really do have a mix here! Roy also knows how to make damn good vegan food (he’s a vegan). He should do, he is a trained veggie (Cordon Vert) chef! The menu is simple bar food done very, very well. All the food is made from scratch in the bar, except for the Heinz baked beans. Yes, real Heinz baked beans with chips. And beer. Heaven!

    Simple but great menu! Chips ‘n’ beans!

    The menu is simple but well tasty. As I said, Heinz baked beans are all over it and I love them to bits. I even eat them straight from tin, or even better very, very cold from the fridge. Marmite is hard to find in BCN, but it’s here on toast! And the hummus is great, served with either homemade pitta or dense bread and a salad. But it’s the chips ‘n’ beans dishes that float my boat.

    The best Burger, chips and beans I’ve eaten yet! 5 Euro NB The burger now comes with salad and is much better for it!

    I have to be honest and say that the chips are the real reason I love this food. They are perfect. Not the crispy thin, fat laden version, but decent chunky chips with the skins on, cooked so they are still slitghtly gooey inside but nicely browned on the outside. Perfecto!

    The burger appears to be made using the Alternative Stores mix, which is much like the original protoveg mix, and is my all time fave burger mix! Roy makes the burgers then freezes them. He’s got it spot on as far as I’m concerned. This burger is the best so far in BCN. Even better than Redwoods version! That’s saying a lot! I’ve also seen a fair number of meat eaters not realise it was vegan and thoroughly enjoy the food. That’s the best bit. If only they then got some info about veganism.. But that’s not the Cat Bars job I guess.

    Yummy sausage, chips and beans 5 Euro

    Another fave of mine is the classic sausage, chips and beans! I even got a few fried mushrooms too. This is just plain munchable. It’s a decent size and really does fill you up. At this price it’s a steal. But don’t be putting the prices up now!
    So, the conclusion? Well. I’ve eaten here more times than I should have. It’s one of my fave bars in BCN. The people are friendly. You get some great music (both live and recorded). The beers good, the cocktails spot on, and the food is a total cure for not being in London! Marks out of 10? 10. Pop in if you are here. I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed and visit Cat Bar more than once!
    They only thing I ask is that they use Heinz tomato ketchup!!! Go on. Make my day. Or maybe I’ll leave a bottle there just for me…. ;~)

    c/ Boria 17
    Barcelona, Spain, 08003
    Tel: +34693584700

    Mon – Thurs:13:00 – 00:30
    Fri:13:00 – 02:30 or later
    Sat:18:00 – 02:30 or later
    Sun:04:00 – 23:00

    Metro: Jaume

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  • CATS! VEGAN! ‘Nuff said. Who’s starting the collection for plane tickets?

  • I WANNA GO HERE SO BAD!!! and that cute cat on the wall is looking like a clockwork orange character. OMFG. best place EVER.

  • I like the looks of that vegan burger, chips and beans stuffs.

  • This is the best field report I’ve ever seen on this site. I am down with Aj, let’s start a collection.

  • Thank you @Jacqui. WWell actually thank you Cat Bar and Roy! I’ll put a couple of bucks into the pot… Enough to get a No8 bus…

  • OMG! This is awesome!!!
    I went to Barcelona when I was in Culinary school because of their amazing Gastronomy. I found no Vegan places then though.
    LOVE THIS PLACE! Looks cute as Hell!!! Clockwork orange kitty!!! OMG!

  • looks fucking amazing. I have to get my ass back to BCN ASAP

  • Awesome! I need to get back to Barcelona, it’s been 12 years!

  • How did I miss this place? It’s on the list for the next visit.

  • DAMN, I am considering going to Barcelona next week and this makes me REALLY want to go!

  • Melisser: Come to Cat Bar. I’ll be there on the sofa munching!

  • Ok, Monkey you beat me with this one!
    I’m going this week for sure!

    Btw, i don’t know if you know this place but right now it’s the best place for buying veganr elated stuff in Bcn and people there it’s awesome


  • We Monkeys try our best Marc! Yeah Vegania is good. Say hi to Roy and Geraldine for me if I’m not there. And if you see an old Iraqi guy with a pot belly, wearing cool “weird” clothes and a braided beard, have a chat with “Baba.” He’s a very interesting and cool guy. Enjoy!

    ps post when you are going and I might pop in if time etc always. Always good to meet vegans here!

  • Very A Clockwork Orange-esque decor.

  • WOW. 78 people have shared this. Thanks peeps. Appreciate it. Chips. Beans, and love! xx

  • Why is there a guinness sign? I thought guinness was not vegan friendly…. am I wrong? *confused*

  • p.s. i wanna cuddle that clockwork orange looking cat on the wall!!! CUTE!

  • They do serve Guinness (which isn’t vegan in any country) Mary: as a bar run by one vegan and one non-vegan with a need to be profitable, to survive they have to serve alcohol that isn’t vegan. They also serve cows milk. The other beers are vegan,so that’s pretty good I think! My guess is this place is 90%+ vegan in total. I’ll take that for now!

    ps. You should see the other cat picture on the opposite wall. I’ll post to twitpic and then post here shortly.

  • Et voila!

    Cat Bar Cat No.2!


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