• hell yes! vegan sliders at tony’s darts away!

    November 17th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, tony's darts away

    if there is anything on this blog deserving of an enthusiastic “hell yes!”, it would be these brand new vegan sliders from tony’s darts away in burbank.

    i met my parents at tony’s for lunch yesterday and was all set to chow down on a vegan beer brat, when i noticed a new menu item on special: “WHEATLOAF” SLIDERS! oh yes. i often find myself sitting in various bars around town next to customers who are drinking beer while wolfing down plates of miniature burgers, and i always think to myself, “damn, i wish someone would make a vegan version of those.” tony’s darts away has officially answered my prayers, and the result is delicious…

    wheatloaf sliders: three little vegan meatloaf sandwiches with basil aioli, house ketchup, and grilled beer onions on wheat bread with fresh potato chips. $8.75

    we got a plate to share between us, which was perfect because it came with three little sliders and a generous helping of russet potato chips. in addition to the fact they’re vegan, tony’s sliders differ from traditional ones in that they are more like little sandwiches than burgers. instead of patties, they are made with seitan-based meatloaf; and instead of buns, they are served on bread rolls. after just one bite, i was smitten these little guys, and i hope they become a regular item on tony’s menu.

    the sliders were all around awesome, starting with the meat itself. it was thick, hearty, and greasy in a good way…absolutely perfect bar food. i can’t be certain, but i’m pretty sure it was made with the field roast meatloaf we’ve raved about in the past. the toppings were excellent as well—each sandwich was stacked with grilled beer onions and slathered in house ketchup and basil aioli. it’s a perfect combination: the salty juicy wheatmeat and the cool creamy sauces. and not just the sliders were great, but the potato chips they were served with rocked as well. homemade and freshly fried, top notch!

    my omnivore parents loved this meal as well, although my mom thought the amount of bread was a tad overwhelming. my dad had no complaints, and enjoyed his little sandwich so much that he asked me twice to give the sliders a glowing review on the blog. i know i will be back to eat the sliders at tony’s while they are on special…and i hope they stay around for a long time.

    i’ve always wanted to sit in a friendly pub with a pint of beer and a plate of sliders. thanks, tony’s, for making my dreams come true!

    tony’s darts away
    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91506
    (818) 253-1710

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  • Um, HELL YES.

    The last vegan special at Tony’s I had was the mexican themed brat. It rocked my world. But I’m ready for less-brat more other-bar-food-stuff. Tony, you rule.

  • That is rad. I would love a real “White Castle” style vegan slider…although I suppose it’s probably not to difficult to make yourself.

  • Oooh, yes please.

    Tony’s should totally carry that Fox Barrel cider that was at the Vegan Beer Fest, just because they (should want to) love me.

  • i had these yesterday, FUCKING DELICIOUS

  • Hey Greg, the sliders that Kumar ate in “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” were vegan! Somewhere out there, there’s a recipe…

  • I go to Tony’s at least once a week with 10-15 people from my office. We go there enteriely due to Quarrygirl’s posts, and becuause Tony has vegan options.

    Thanks so much, Tony, for such a great place that caters to us vegans!


  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा


  • Yuummm! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Can someone forward this to Mani? Oh forget it, his company can’t even answer a simple e-mail I sent weeks ago.

    Look forward to going to Tony’s soon…

  • hell yes! i’m cleanin the floor, my beat is correct.

  • Tony’s freaking rocks. I’m new in town and checked it out based on one of your earlier review, and I can indeed confirm that this place is amazing. The food is DELICIOUS, the beers are outstanding, and the people are packing the place on the weekends.

    If you build it, they will come!

  • God damnit! Every time I try to quit gluten cold turkey Tony has to have some great addition to the menu…….

    Looks like beer and bread will stay in my life a little while longer. Oh, well 😉

  • Oh my god, I can’t wait to go get these.

  • Went yesterday…. so great! The wheatloaf was moist, the grilled onions were sweat and the aoili/ketchep combo was perfect. Hope this becomes a regular menu item!

  • The word “slider” is right up there with “Orangina” for “most disgusting-sounding food names”.

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